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A German keyboard that can be used for retirement: Cherry (CHERRY) MX2.0S red axis wireless three-mode keyboard

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, everyone knows the name of CHERRY. Anyone who has been in contact with it will want a German CHERRY. For a long time, he has been synonymous with mechanical keyboards.

I remember that many years ago, when I first started planting mechanical keyboards, I was thinking about CHERRY. However, I was still a poor student and didn’t have much money in my pocket. I could only drool when I saw the 1000+ original CHERRY.

After graduating and working, buying a car, buying a house, getting married and raising a baby, I have no money, but I have never forgotten it. Recently, I have become more relaxed, and I have picked up the unfinished dream back then.

A few days ago, the German Cherry MX2.0s wireless three-mode version had a discount of 95% on 3.3 and 3.4. So, I made a decisive purchase and made my dream come true.

Let me share my experience with this keyboard.

The model specification is MX2.0S wireless XM red axis white.

The German design and the German original CHERRY shaft body are assembled and produced in China. This feels like the BBA German troika. After the domestic production line is also used in the form of domestic assembly of original components, it is also like a car. Prices are also dropping year by year.

The packing configuration is relatively simple, and a keyboard and Type-c data cable are provided.

The layout is relatively compact, using a relatively unique 104+5 solution to meet the needs of wireless, the overall layout is very regular, simple and elegant.

There are 4 multi-function media keys in the small keyboard area. In addition to conventional multimedia playback, it also supports three-mode switching, which can quickly switch devices with one key.

There is also a "CHERRY" key between the ESC key and the F1 key. The logo of the cherry is very vivid, and it is also a recognizable brand LOGO.

The function of this button is to enable/disable the "win" button, and press and hold for 3 seconds to open the CHERRY assistant software.

The input experience of the actual key position is no different from that of a keyboard with a normal layout, but the cherry key is indeed easy to accidentally touch when pressing ESC, but the accidental touch does not have much impact, because the function trigger is the FN combination key and long press for 3 seconds, It will not affect the game.

In contrast, the 109-key compact layout can save about 1cm of space compared with the conventional layout, which meets the exquisite and compact portability requirements of the three-mode keyboard.

As a three-mode keyboard with its own battery, the CHERRY MX2.0 three-mode has some trade-offs in thickness and weight control. It adopts the CHERRY narrow-edge steel-free structure. There are no reinforced steel plates that many structures like to use, which can reduce the feel. The "hard" feeling brought by the steel plate is more soft, the comfort is higher, and the sound is smaller.

In terms of design, the thickness is increased at the front end, which is equivalent to having a support leg, which improves the inclination angle, but also just forms an ergonomic input angle.

At the bottom, you can also see a magnetic receiver storage compartment, anti-lost design, the receiver can be firmly adsorbed in the storage compartment, so it is convenient to stuff it in the bag and go out for use.

The keycaps are made of ABS engineering plastics, with a curved concave design, and the surface is treated with skin-like fine lines, which is delicate to the touch, not easy to oil, and also very wear-resistant.

The most attractive part of CHERRY is the shaft body. For a while, the MX shaft body encountered a situation where it was difficult to find a shaft body. It is as delicate and delicate as German industrial products, and it really brings an extraordinary German feeling. .

The entire MX switch system uses 99.99% pure gold contacts. After disassembly, you can see that the switch has a very high gold content. The lifespan of 100 million times is outstanding among many keyboards, and it also has the characteristics of the German system.

The overall input experience is very good. The red switch has a moderate key travel of 2±0.6mm, straight up and down without a sense of paragraph, and the trigger force is 45±15cN. It is suitable for FPS gamers who need to press the WASD key for a long time. It will not be as laborious as the black switch. It is also very suitable for code words.

At the same time, the red switch is also a "retirement switch", and "leaving a red switch for retirement" is the ultimate destination of the mechanical keyboard party. With a lifespan of 100 million times per second, you can press it non-stop day and night for 31.69 years. It is not a joke to use it until you retire. This life span is enough even for family heirlooms.

Of course, as a gaming keyboard, this CHERRY MX2.0S can also reach the e-sports-level polling rate of 1000Hz from the parameter level, which is already a professional e-sports level. It also supports software one-key macro commands. In addition, the official data is in the wireless Ultra-low wireless latency of <1ms can also be achieved under 2.4GHz, which can easily meet the needs of games.

In general, this CHERRY MX2.0S three-mode keyboard belongs to the kind of "big factory" civilian-priced products. The MX series, which was once hard to find at the price of 1,000 yuan, is now available at 500. It is still very worthwhile. It is a good choice for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who like to collect or beginners, and it is very cost-effective.

At present, the MX3.0 RGB wireless three-mode version also has a good price, 999 yuan for the 3.8 activity, which is worthy of attention.

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