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A good choice for a mechanical keyboard around 100 yuan ——Talk about ciy68 and RK R87.

Let me talk about the conclusion first: if ciy68 is the beginning of customized keyboards, then r87 is the terminator of mass-produced products at a price of 100 yuan.

ciy68 may be the beginning of customization for many novices, with a low enough price (only 69 on a certain shopping platform), full-key hot-swappable, dry battery power supply, and simple hull structure. It can give you a keyboard experience like building blocks. Install the switch body carefully, then install the keycap, check whether the key position is triggered, and a customized keyboard with a small array is assembled.

Although ciy68 is cheap, it uses a silicone positioning plate + a piece of bottom cotton. Although the filling is not excellent, it is enough for beginners to get a general understanding of the structure of the keyboard. If you want to pursue "customization must be filled", you can stuff the pearl cotton that comes with the package into the bottom case.

milk can keycap

The disadvantage is that although it is a dual-mode keyboard, it is Bluetooth + 2.4g dual-mode, and the wireless return rate is slightly lower. Under Bluetooth, there are only 6 keys with no impact, and under 2.4G, 19 keys with no impact. It may not be a keyboard that is perfectly suitable for gaming scenarios, but for home office, this keyboard is good enough. But what is more difficult for many people to accept is that it lacks a keyboard backlight and the casing is relatively cheap.

If there is only a ciy68 kit, there is no cheap and large bowl of shafts to match, and it is impossible to achieve a roll king kit, but it just happened to meet a sufficiently good low-priced shaft-Ashwood v3.

Ashwood v3 is the king of the new generation of low-priced switches. As a silver-like switch that bottomed out early, it can take both games and codewords into account. Compared with the burgundy that requires lubrication and spring replacement, it is easier to use. Ashwood v3 gives sufficient lubrication. Although the lubrication effect is average, it has a good enough smoothness compared to other unary shafts. It has a good sense of hearing at the same time, it can be said that it is a low-priced acoustic axis body

Install the 0.55 ash wood v3, and make some padding appropriately, this is the entry-level keyboard that can be accepted by the top handle. The cheap one can be matched with the rk disassembled keycap (8 yuan), the moderate one can be matched with the honey milk xda height of 33 yuan, and the minimalist white original factory height of 35 yuan. If you are pursuing quietness, you can choose a one-piece peach shaft, which can achieve a good enough noise reduction effect.

If the most beggar version of the keycap is used, the total price is around 115 yuan. If you use a better keycap, it will be around 140.

Before the appearance of RK R87, there was no major manufacturer that could squeeze enough excellent shafts and satellite shafts into a finished product worth 100 yuan. Among the low-end mass-produced keyboards, the most common ones are Gott's basic switches or other low-end switches. In terms of smoothness and feel, it is not as good as ordinary customized kits with better shafts. RK R87 has made a breakthrough. For the first time, he brought the main axis body into mass production of 100 yuan.

rk's own k-axis series can be called the replacement of Jiadalong's G series shaft body. For example, the K yellow shaft has a good smoothness. Although it cannot compare with the g yellow pro, it can completely match the g yellow lubricated version. The K yellow axis is the axis body with relatively high trigger pressure (50gf). Long-term typing will be tiring. You can choose K silver and K white with lighter trigger pressure. The k white axis has the lightest trigger pressure and is more suitable for code words. K silver trigger pressure is moderate, more suitable for games. But on the whole, the k-series axis body is not as good as the gray wood v3.

What makes RK more outstanding is its overall texture. The whole keyboard is cool white, and its texture is slightly better than that of ciy 68. Compared with ciy 68, the shell design has two better points. First, the r87 has two-stage foot supports, which is convenient for adjusting the height of the keyboard. Secondly, there is an rgb light strip on each side of the r87, which can even change the lighting effect, and the r87 Features ice blue keyboard backlighting. The most commendable thing about r87 is that it has a very good satellite switch. There is no keyboard with such a stable and smooth satellite switch at a price of 100 yuan. But rk's keycaps are very poor, after all, they are only worth eight yuan in the second-hand market. It is highly recommended to replace the keycaps by yourself, such as Coral Sea, which costs more than 30 yuan, and soy milk keycaps, which cost more than 40 yuan.

In terms of connection mode, r87 only has wired single-mode, which is more stable than ciy's wireless connection. But it adds extra wires, which is not as convenient as ciy68. In terms of configuration, rk has more shortcut keys and F area, but it also occupies a larger area. The ciy 68 is smaller and more suitable for taking out.

In terms of price selection, r87 has three versions, which are the welded ice blue backlight version for 119 yuan, the hot-swappable no-backlight version for 169 yuan, and the hot-swap rgb version for 219 yuan. These versions use the same shaft, and there is no difference in feel. I only recommend the cheapest 119 yuan version. The hot-swappable version lacks cost-effectiveness, and the rk's independent shaft body is not easy to sell in the second-hand market. rk r87 is not worth much if you consider it as a kit. After all, you can buy a good three-mode hot-swappable rgb kit for more than 100 yuan. The lowest welding version only costs 99 yuan to superimpose coupons on some platforms.

Summary: rk r87 is a mass-produced keyboard that is sufficient for home use, and it is an excellent keyboard with a low price experience. The ciy 68 is an invincible starter kit for its cost performance. From the introduction of ciy68, you can learn about customization, configure your favorite switches, and experience the collision between different switches and different keycaps.

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