A good companion for mobile office! Get started with the Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard

With the price drop and the addition of various new functions, mechanical keyboards have gradually become an indispensable product for the pursuit of high-quality life. And when the localized switch body has gradually matured and developed into a state that fully crushes the original Cherry factory, the mechanical keyboard market has ushered in a blowout development. Most of the mechanical keyboard products on the market are designed for Windows, and there are few products optimized for MAC. But MAC users are more in pursuit of excellence in quality, so today I would like to share with you a high-quality mechanical keyboard specially designed for MAC—Keychron K3 Pro.

On the packaging, the Keychron K3 Pro adopts a heaven and earth box structure. The surface of the keyboard is printed on the black with the overall appearance and six selling points of the keyboard in the form of hot silver. People can know the characteristics of this keyboard at first glance:

QMK/VIA open source firmware, easy to modify

Bluetooth 5.1 protocol, lower latency

Ultra-thin design, more portable

Hot-swappable shaft body, higher playability

Two-color PBT keycap, beautiful and durable

The packaging content of the Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard is very rich. In addition to the keyboard body, there are quick start guide, multilingual manual, USB cable, 5 Windows supplementary keycaps, key puller and shaft puller.

Keychron K3 Pro is pre-installed with MAC version keycaps before leaving the factory. Users can easily use it after directly connecting to MAC. If you are a Windows user, you can replace it with supplementary keycaps. The classic 75% layout not only retains the Fn key area and direction keys, but also has page turning and HOME and END shortcut keys commonly used by office users, which can achieve more efficient work.

The Keychron K3 Pro keyboard has two connection modes, Bluetooth and wired, which can be switched through the switch on the upper left side. This keyboard can be well supported under the four mainstream systems of Windows / Android / MAC / IOS, and the system version switching button is also located on the upper left side of the keyboard.

The frame and the positioning plate are integrated into a whole, and the material is black anodized aluminum alloy, which is durable and can also provide a more stable bottoming effect of the axis.

One of the main selling points of the Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard is ultra-thin, which also conforms to the aesthetics of MAC users, and has an excellent performance in writing ability.

Although the Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard is very thin, it still has an ergonomic stepped structure, and you can get a high input feeling even after typing for a long time. Secondly, you can also define the keyboard function through QMK/VIA open source key modification, so-called customization The essence of the keyboard is also here.

The back of the keyboard is made of gray plastic material, and a total of 5 pieces of non-slip silicone material of different sizes are arranged around, which can firmly fix the Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard on the desktop without sliding easily.

The feet are an adjustable two-stage structure, and you can choose the most suitable one among three heights, so as to increase the comfort during use.

For the convenience of users, Keychron also equips this keyboard with a variety of shortcut keys and multimedia control keys in the Fn area, which can cooperate with the combination keys on the keyboard to achieve quick operation.

In order to achieve overall slimmer, the keycap is also a dwarf type. In terms of craftsmanship, a very high-quality two-color injection molding PBT material type is selected. The combination of black, gray and red retro colors makes the Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard visually very good. In terms of details, we can see that the keycap adopts a hidden nozzle design, no matter from any frontal angle, it is difficult to find the existence of the nozzle.

Jiadalong is a bright star of domestic switches in recent years. The Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard uses Jiadalong's short switch, and the wide axis performs very well in terms of stability. Out of personal preference, I chose the red axis version.

The Jiadalong short shaft is really short, only 12.2mm high, which is as much as 5.7mm shorter than the 17.9mm of the traditional shaft.

The Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard integrates all popular elements, and hot swapping is of course not a problem. SMD RGB LED beads can transmit light from the transparent shaft cover.

On the large key position, the Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard adopts a satellite shaft structure. If you look closely, you can see that there is a layer of grease on the satellite shaft sea map. It is also difficult to detect the difference between the large key position and the standard key position in the actual feel, and the adjustment of the large key position is really commendable.

As for the lighting effect, because the Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard does not use a transparent keycap, friends who expect to see the characters clearly in a dark environment may be a little disappointed. However, when the colorful lights flow out from the gaps in the keycaps, it is inevitable that you don't want to appreciate the flowing brilliant colors for a while.

In general, the appearance design of the Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard is very pleasing, and the black, gray, and red colors are very high-quality. With the anodized sandblasting positioning plate integrated with the middle frame, the texture is even more Reached the industry TOP. The hot-swappable Giadaron short shaft also has a very good performance in terms of hand feel. The slim shape is very suitable for putting in a backpack with a MACBOOK, and you can enjoy the pleasure at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. If you are a MAC user who pursues quality and values ​​efficient office work, then the Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard will definitely become your good partner.

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