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A good helper for "team building" after get off work, bloody ghost 3 player variable speed mechanical keyboard T98

With the passage of time, the post-80s and post-90s have become the main force in the office, and all kinds of overtime work has become the most troublesome thing for this generation of migrant workers. Back then, the generation of parents all went to and from get off work on time.

As working overtime has become a "popular trend", another problem faced by new workers born in the 1980s and 1990s is the uncertainty of off-duty hours. I think back to when my father played cards with his colleagues after work, and my mother went shopping with her colleagues after work. People of our generation had to hurry to eat after work and go back to work after work...Obviously, entertainment and social interaction have become fragmented. At this time, online games that can be played anytime, anywhere have become our first choice.

That's right, those post-80s and post-90s who skipped classes to go to Internet cafes had to return to the game after going to work. I am also unavoidable. If I take time to ask who plays games after get off work, I can often make friends with friends, and we prefer simple and direct competitive games-such as eternal robbery.

A very embarrassing question is that the gaming computer at home is often used as an office computer, but the gaming keyboard and mouse are quite different from the office keyboard and mouse. Is there a keyboard and mouse that can meet both gaming and office needs? ? I really found it—Bloody Hand Ghost 3 Player 3 Variable Speed ​​Mechanical Keyboard T98 + ES52Max Gaming Lightweight Mouse Set.

We will not do things like unpacking and counting words, and come up with some dry goods. The reason why we chose this keyboard and mouse set is to see some publicity on the Internet, such as 3 players 3 speeds, mechanical keyboards with shifting shafts, and eternal robbery. Uninterrupted joint names and so on.

Especially the joint name of Eternal Tribulation, it really touched my heart. There are two options, Ning Hongye and Tianhai. ). At present, the price of this keyboard is 699 yuan. Friends, you can wait a moment. Double Eleven is 649 yuan. It’s 50 oceans cheaper. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy clothes for your wife-.-

As for the keyboard, T98, as the name suggests, adopts a relatively compact 98-key layout. I personally like this layout method very much. It has a digital keyboard for office work, and its size is relatively compact and easy to carry. In terms of appearance, T98 is mainly red, gray and white, which reminds me of Mrs. Ning's frosty red leaf fashion. Sure enough, the designer still loves it.

On the space bar is Ning Hongye in red, unruly and unassuming.


Regardless of the appearance, this keyboard and mouse set also has a design that pokes my heart, that is, the trigger stroke of the shaft body is adjustable. In our normal office work process, the reason why most people like paragraph switches such as green switches or brown switches is because the feedback from the keyboard is very clear. But in the game, we want to get a fast trigger, so short travel is the king of the game keyboard.

The T98 keyboard of Bloody Ghost is different from ordinary keyboards. There is an extra LT button on the far right of the F area buttons such as F1-F12. By pressing this button, you can adjust the keyboard hair removal stroke.

If it is for office work, I recommend using 2.0mm key travel. At this time, the keyboard light is blue, and the hair removal travel is 2.0mm. This key stroke is more suitable for office work, or ordinary gamers, and the 2.0mm key stroke is relatively less prone to false touches.

Click the LT button, at this time the backlight turns yellow, and the trigger stroke of the button becomes 1.5mm. At this time, it is more suitable for ordinary e-sports players, and the 1.5mm stroke can trigger actions and skills faster.

Click the LT button again, and the backlight turns red. The red backlight is matched with the 1.0mm trigger button stroke, which directly makes the hand speed faster. At this time, the player becomes a super e-sports player. More than flexible.

The seemingly small trigger stroke of a button actually contains the unique patented technology of the Bloody Ghost. There is a cavity in the body of the LT shaft. When the keyboard backlight is turned on, light floods the cavity. The light flux passing through the cavity can be detected by the Light Turbo light sensor installed inside the LT shaft. When we press the button, the shaft body presses down to block part of the light from passing through, and the luminous flux decreases at this time. The Light Turbo light sensor can accurately record this light change, thereby triggering the shaft body switch to complete the input.

Whether the keyboard is easy to use or not depends on playing games. In the actual experience, the T98 really gave me a good experience. The travel is short, the trigger is fast, the full key has no punch, and the game's essential features such as quick lock win are a must. lack, the most comfortable is the keycap, using PBT keycap, more wear-resistant

The pressing feel of the buttons is relatively light, with an official nominal value of 45g. The relaxed pressing feel ensures that long-pressing WASD and other buttons in the game will not cause finger fatigue. In addition, there are TPE soft rubber at the rebound point and bottom point of the LT axis, which effectively eliminates the noise caused by the high-intensity use of the keyboard and solves the noise from the source. The interior of the keyboard also has a sound-absorbing structure sponge interlayer, which reduces the cavity on the one hand and absorbs sound during sound transmission on the other hand. The two-pronged approach of source and transmission noise reduction makes our games more quiet and will not disturb family members and colleagues.

The bottom of the keyboard is a non-slip foot pad, and the foot support has a two-stage adjustable design, which is convenient for choosing your favorite angle. In addition, there are wire grooves in three directions at the bottom of the keyboard. Regardless of how the keyboard and the chassis are accessed, the pluggable USB-C wires can easily lie in the wire grooves.

The T98 keyboard of Bloody Ghost is a very worthwhile keyboard. Through innovative patented technology, it solves the embarrassing situation that "games and office work cannot be combined" of mechanical keyboards on the market. The launch of the Eternal Tribulation version has injected deep gaming genes into this keyboard, and it is paired with the ES30Max gaming light mouse to help us fight.

Recommended buyers:

Friends who often work at home and combine games and office computers into one, heavy gamers, and gamers who like to play forever.

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