A good opportunity to get started with customized kits GK75 Kit

March 3rd is the Crazy Kit Festival of Little Nervous, and every year since the beginning of this year, today will be the brand day of Nervous - that is, all the kits on sale are unified at the best price and there are also preferential package options, and It is the kind that all platforms participate together.

The GK75 kit of the little nerd is a very cost-effective customized kit that I got recently. The accessories in the kit are relatively complete, including the kit, dust cover, manual, adapter, USB Type-C cable, If you buy a set that includes the shaft and keycap, the keycap shaft is also packaged separately, which is very convenient to store and looks good when placed

The kit adopts black-gray translucent color, and the golden metal positioning plate is very eye-catching

The space bar is fixed by screws here, and it is obvious that this piece can be replaced. Here is the most distinctive feature of this kit of the nerd - the exclusive patented split space positioning board.

Open the replaceable positioning board, and you can see that there are actually three keys on the PCB. The nerd divides the length of the original long space bar into three key positions, and each key position has an independent shaft body and keycap, so that through the control of the driver software, more functions can be realized on the same length.

On the back of the keyboard is a 3-mode switching switch, WIN/MAC switching switch, three-stage foot support and non-slip foot pad

The location where the 2.4G receiver is stored is more interesting, but this location is not easy to lose. There are also multiple routing locations reserved for data cables on the lower cover.

Let’s disassemble the kit. I want to say here that there are 2 screws under the keyboard feet and the keyboard cover is fixed. Don’t forget this when you disassemble, thinking that you can work miracles. From the structural explosion diagram of the keyboard, it can be seen that flicking the GASKET integrated cushion is also an interesting design.

On the basis of the Gasket structure, Xiaodu combined the under-shaft pad, the sandwich cotton and the Gasket support structure, and filled and supported the inner cavity of the keyboard with flexible and elastic silicone gaskets, so as to ensure the consistent feel of each area. In this way, the advantages of the Gasket structure, which is pleasant to hear and easy to use, are retained, and the stability of the overall structure of the keyboard has also been further improved.

As a customized keyboard kit, it is necessary to support keyboard hot-swapping. The shaft seat is supported by Jiadalong's three-hole and five-hole shafts.

There are 6 shaft seats in the kit that are different, and there are four more circular metal contacts-this is another patented design of the little nerd, which can realize the hot-swappable interchange between the shaft body and the knob. But the current hot track on mechanical keyboards. That is to say, the GK75 kit can be installed with up to 6 knobs, and each knob supports three modes of pressing and bidirectional rotation, which is considered full in terms of functional expansion.

The bottom cover is relatively simple, only a layer of sound-absorbing bottom cotton

The battery is 4000mA, and the battery life is guaranteed

In terms of RGB, the brightness of the lights is sufficient. Through the driver, you can also set various lighting effects by yourself.

After installing the shaft and the keycap, the work is done. This time I used ash wood shafts with a large carbon keycap

This kit also has a wealth of optional accessories to choose from—such as PCBs of different materials such as PC and glass fiber FR4, adding additional knob modules, and replacing split space positioning board modules. Beginner players can have a lot of fun. Don't miss the Goofy Kit Fest on March 3rd

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