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A good partner of OPPO Pad, BOW Hangshi Moonlight Box Bluetooth keyboard experience

I have been using OPPO Pad for a while. This tablet with a large screen design has been placed on my bedside, and it has become an excellent choice for me to watch movies, communicate, exchange data, and edit files. After entering the summer vacation, it has become a display platform for children's online learning. The larger and clearer screen is more useful than a mobile phone. In my daily use, I found that sometimes we need to input quickly to answer the questions raised by the teacher; sometimes we need to input continuously to complete and modify files; or communicate online to improve the communication effect. A keyboard that can improve the input effect becomes A good partner for this tablet.

My choice is this BOW Hangshi HB199 Bluetooth keyboard called Moonlight Box. The packaging is designed in an environmentally friendly carton with brand logos, product models and codes on it.

Inside the package are a flannel storage bag, a charging cable with an M-USB socket, a traditional paper manual, a warranty card, and a certificate of conformity.

The folded keyboard of BOW Hangshi Moonlight Box is 202.5mm long and 46.5mm wide. It can be easily put into the matching velvet bag. The overall design is very small and exquisite, and the portability effect is very good. After the keyboard is folded, its width is even narrower than that of a mobile phone, and its length is slightly larger than that of a mobile phone, making it very convenient to carry. At the same time, a fleece protective case is also included. When we are not using the keyboard, we can put the keyboard into the plush protective case to better protect the keyboard. Its overall weight is not very large, probably slightly heavier than a mobile phone.

In terms of color options, there are rich gold, silver white and classic black models. I chose the more eye-catching silver-white model. Its keyboard bottom shell is made of aluminum alloy. The exquisite clamshell design is very Have a sense of technology.

In the unfolded state, the size is 202.5mm long and 89.2mm wide. The alloy design on the entire back is thin and hard, and the edge details are closed, which looks delicate and delicate.

From a structural point of view, the keyboard adopts a specially designed inner folding scheme, which can better protect the keycap of the keyboard. And it also specially designed a stand that can be folded and stored, which is convenient for placing mobile phones or tablets.

From the design of the keyboard, the size is small, the key layout is relatively compact, and the key design is very rich in functions. The classic FN function combination key design, FN lock, and volume adjustment, playback pause, brightness addition and subtraction, home page return, switching design Wait for a lot of functions. The stand can be easily folded and unfolded to make it easier to use.

This side is the functional area of ​​the keyboard, with switch buttons, and device 1, device 2, and device 3 connection indicators. The M-USB charging port is located on the side of the keyboard, and it has a built-in 160mAh battery, which can be fully charged within two hours. Continuous use for more than 90 hours, continuous standby for more than 100 days, it can be said that you can use it without worry.

Bluetooth pairing is required for the first use. When using it, put the OPPO Pad on the keyboard bracket. The whole is very stable. You can adjust the viewing angle of the tablet by simply opening or closing the angle.

Just turn on the Bluetooth option on the tablet side to search for devices. The keyboard has a built-in imported Broadcom chip, which has better connection stability and feedback effects.

In addition to direct use, it also supports pairing and connection of three different devices and switching. In use, through the combination of the FN button and the three buttons marked in blue, you can seamlessly switch between Device 1, Device 2, and Device 3. And we can also intuitively judge which device is connected to at the moment through the indicator light in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

The OPPO Pad has been successfully paired before. At this moment, switch to the pairing function of device 2 through FN plus the combination button. Use the Bluetooth function of my OPPO mobile phone to search, and then click to pair the BOW keyboard.

We can connect this BOW Moonlight Box Bluetooth keyboard to device 1 and OPPO Pad through this operation. Or switch to device 2, OPPO phone. It is also possible to add device 3, a laptop. When we need to use this Bluetooth keyboard for input, we can directly and quickly switch between different devices.

When we need to perform text input or network communication, we can realize rapid and continuous input through the keyboard. The layout of the keyboard is basically the same as that of an ordinary keyboard, but the overall layout is a bit compact, and it can be easily used with a little adaptation. Multi-paragraph text and multi-line text can be input quickly and continuously, which is far more convenient than continuous clicking on mobile phones and tablets. Each button adopts a soft scissor foot structure, which is very soft to type without obvious noise. It is very quiet and natural in use and will not disturb the people around.

From my experience, this BOW Hangshi Moonlight Box Bluetooth keyboard adopts a compact folding storage design, which is very portable. The overall appearance is very good, and the connection is stable and the feedback is fast, the standby time and use time are long, the typing experience is low-noise and efficient, and it supports the connection of three different devices, which is very practical. Friends who like it may wish to try it like me.

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