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A keyboard over a thousand must be a pitfall, but my friend wants to jump, experience it with the SteelSeries Apex 7 red switch!

I have a friend who said that a keyboard with a value of more than 1,000 is a big pit, but he said no, but he jumped in. He even bought a nearly 2K Logitech Craft membrane keyboard, and a mechanical keyboard with a value of more than 1,000 I have bought several models. Today I will talk about the SteelSeries Apex 7. At that time, many people bought it around 1.7K in order to grab the first experience. Now that there is a national bank, the price has also come down, 1.3K You can get it, there is a discount if you buy it later, sincerely do not deceive my friend~

This is the packaging of the Haitao version. My friend has never seen the packaging of the Bank of China. If you have entered the Bank of China, you have worked so hard to post it and @我朋友一下~

Core Apex 7 uses the SteelSeries QX2 switch body, which is a new switch body derived from the design of the Cherry MX switch by SteelSeries. It is better than the Cherry MX switch in terms of experience, and the green is better than the blue. My friend has a red switch with a 2mm trigger key travel. The linearity is particularly good. The trigger is fast and sensitive during the game, and it is very light and quiet to use.

The red switch can be used for games and office work, and it is especially suitable for use as a keyboard for fever relief. Anyway, my friends are basically using the red switch now, and this one is also used more.

This keyboard has an OLED screen, which is more interesting. This should be an important reason for its popularity at the time. It can display the mode status. The keyboard has 5 sets of configuration files, and my friend has set them to different scenes. For example, configuration 1 is for office scenes, configuration 2 is for my friend playing CS:GO, and configuration 3 is for playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Some other gaming keyboards my friend has used also have mode switching shortcuts, but they are basically blind switching, but this one is different, and it can be displayed in real time through OLED. What's more, the onboard configuration file can be used when it is connected to a different computer, and it is very convenient to drive-free.

This screen can also display the PRISM lighting effects of the keys. Each key of the keyboard can be independently defined for backlighting. In different game configuration files, the frequently used keys can be set to a special color to identify them. Many people like to engrave their game IDs on their equipment, and this OLED screen can also display custom text or patterns.

Next to the OLED screen there is a metal scroll wheel that can be pressed and a multimedia button. The scroll wheel can be used to quickly adjust the volume and backlight brightness; the multimedia buttons are just like the wired controller of the headset, which can be used to play and pause music, quickly switch tracks, etc. These two are also very convenient to use.

The keyboard also gave a wrist rest with super conscientiousness. Don’t tell my friend that the wool comes from a sheep. Thinking about the lack of a charger for Apple mobile phones, my friend thinks this wrist rest is super conscientious! The experience of the wrist rest is super comfortable. It is designed with magnetic suction, and it is very firm after it is sucked. The surface is made of skin-friendly material, which feels super soft and non-sticky. Whether it is typing or playing games, it can provide protection to the palm and wrist. full support.

A lighted USB interface is designed on the upper left corner of the keyboard, which is a bonus item. Through this interface, some lightweight USB peripherals can be easily connected, such as wireless receivers for mice or headphones, such as U disks or U-shield and the like, so that you don’t need to bend over to find the USB port under the table.

By the way, there is another small detail that deserves 100 points. Cable management is really a headache, but this keyboard can be wired in the left, middle, and right directions. Although it is wired, the desktop does not look too messy. This is indeed the accomplishment of high-end keyboards~

To sum up, this keyboard is expensive because of the QX2 mechanical switch and anti-ghosting key design. It’s really not because of the brand LOGO bonus, and the small screen is not cheap, and the USB interface is also worth a lot of money. The last three-way outlet is worth blowing over. By the way, each of its keyboards can independently set the RGB lighting effect. Not to mention, my friend tried to get a little better~

A few final suggestions for you:

1. Keyboards with more than a thousand keyboards are all pitfalls, and the Shuangfeiyan keyboard and mouse set with 9.9 free shipping is YYDS~

2. You can always trust the friend who was born out of nothing~

3. Men remember to shield their family members and elders when they share their peripherals...

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