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A keyboard sells for 849 yuan, why is Dujia k610W worth this price?

I am a programmer. I have been typing codes since 2012. I have been typing for 10 years. I have used more than ten keyboards in my career. For keyboards, my consumption concept has always been enough. As a result, for a long time, I used the company’s standard lenvo wired keyboard. I usually didn’t feel it when I got used to it, but my colleagues came to help debug the code, and the most they said was “Why is your keyboard so hard to press?” After buying a hundred-yuan mechanical keyboard, I found out that the company’s standard keyboard is really difficult to use.

So at the current stage, I have become accustomed to the feel of mechanical keyboards, but the consumption concept still stays at "enough is enough". The most expensive mechanical keyboard I have ever bought does not exceed 299 yuan. For more expensive mechanical keyboards, I have always Take an "IQ tax" attitude. Knowing that I recently bought Dujia k610W, this mechanical keyboard priced at 849 yuan, the experience really shocked me. ▼

Let’s start with a simple unpacking, which includes keyboard, manual, key puller, shaft puller, replaceable keycap*3, 2.4G receiver, cable management belt, data cable, C to C converter, the whole is very rich. ▼

Now that the price has reached more than 800, there is a reason why it is expensive. Among them are the details of the workmanship and the sense of brand. Not only the keycaps are replaceable, but the shaft body is also replaceable, and two tools are also given away from the factory. ▼

The replaceable keycaps are Opt and two Cmd, which are mainly for Apple computer users. ▼

In terms of connection mode, this keyboard supports three modes of wired/Bluetooth/2.4G wireless, which can be selected according to your own usage habits. Personally, I prefer the 2.4G receiver mode, which is very convenient to plug and play. ▼

There is also a C-mount converter, which is compatible with the current new notebooks. ▼

Let’s take a look at the keyboard experience again. This keyboard has two versions of 87 keys and 104 keys. If it is a profession that uses a lot of small keyboards, 104 keys are recommended, so that data entry will be more convenient. If you are just a gamer, the smaller version with 87 keys will be more suitable. ▼

In terms of appearance, the color matching of Dujia k610W has a retro feeling. The color in the picture is more "fog blue", and the color matching of white/blue/gray blue is better than pure black or pure white keyboard. Feel a little more. ▼

In fact, the keycap has a little matte texture, and the overall design is matte. In terms of appearance, I think it is unisex, and it feels very comfortable to the touch. Among them, the functions of F1 to F7 and several other buttons are marked on the side. With the Fn key, you can do some shortcut settings of the computer. This way of side display is also more user-friendly. ▼

On the upper right of the keyboard, 5 LED indicators are designed to mark the current connection mode/charging status/case mode, which is quite convenient. ▼

On the upper left side are the shutdown button and the TypeC charging port. If you don’t use the keyboard for a long time, you can use the physical button to turn it off. And this C port can charge the keyboard, and can also be connected to a computer to change to a wired mode. ▼

Another thing to say is that this keyboard is very heavy, and the reason why it is heavy is because it is full of materials, and even a metal positioning plate is used inside the keyboard. Stable, very safe. The fixed parts at the bottom of the keyboard are all designed with anti-slip pads, so you don’t have to worry about anti-slip problems. Even the feet are also designed with anti-slip pads, and the feet have two modes, that is, this keyboard supports three height adjustments, which is very good. ▼

The receiver is also designed with a storage compartment. If you don’t need it, put the receiver in and cover it, which will not affect the use of the keyboard, and will not cause the receiver to be lost after a long time. ▼

In terms of appearance, Dujia k610W should be regarded as a relatively high class. Whether it is a home table or an office use, I think it is quite suitable. ▼

Finally, let’s talk about the feel of the keys. Both are mechanical keyboards. The difference between 800 and 200 is that this keyboard not only retains the smooth rebound feeling of the mechanical keyboard, but also uses sound-absorbing cotton to minimize the noise generated by tapping the keyboard. to the minimum. In addition, my keyboard has a silver switch, the trigger stroke is 1.2 (+-0.3) mm, the trigger pressure is very low, it goes down with a light press, and it is very comfortable to use. ▼

In terms of experience, the experience of Dujia k610W is indeed more than that of a mechanical keyboard with a price of more than 200. Maybe this is what you get for every penny. I feel that I can’t go back after using it. Finally, let me summarize the experience of using this keyboard: the biggest impression I have on this keyboard is that the key feedback is comfortable and the noise is low, and the overall brand sense is full. If you are a person who works at a desk for a long time, you must be kind to yourself and use a good one. Get more joy from keyboard work too, buy it!

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