A keyboard that allows you to do amazing things on the iPad, the original Magic Keyboard can only hold a candle to it!

If you want to turn your iPad into a lightweight laptop, then you definitely need a keyboard that works. There are many iPad keyboards on the market, and the most popular one is Apple's official Magic Keyboard. With features like an excellent trackpad, scissor-foot keys, magnetic connection, and floating stand, this keyboard lets you enjoy a MacBook-like experience. However, this keyboard also has many disadvantages, such as high price, heavy weight, limited angle adjustment, and easy bumping of the shell. Therefore, many people will look for some alternatives to meet their needs and budget.

Recommend a very cost-effective iPad keyboard - WIWU Bluetooth keyboard. This keyboard is specially designed by WIWU for iPad, and its function is not much different from the original Magic Keyboard, and it is even better in some aspects. I will compare these two keyboards from the following aspects:

connection method





battery life


connection method

WIWU Bluetooth keyboard adopts American Broadcom 5.1 Bluetooth chip, which has fast connection speed, strong stability and wide compatibility. You only need to turn on Bluetooth in the iPad settings, select the WIWU keyboard to pair, and you can easily connect. Moreover, the WIWU Bluetooth keyboard also supports simultaneous connection of three devices, and it is very convenient to switch between different devices through Fn+Q/W/E.

The original magic keyboard adopts the magnetic connection method, you only need to put the iPad close to the magnetic area of ​​the keyboard, and it can be automatically absorbed and connected. Although this method is simple and fast, it also has limitations. For example, only one device can be connected, and only models that support magnetic connection such as iPad Pro and iPad Air 4 can be connected.

The touchpad of the WIWU Bluetooth keyboard feels silky and supports a variety of gesture operations, such as single-finger click, two-finger slide, three-finger pinch, etc. The trackpad is sensitive and precise, allowing you to operate it as smoothly on the iPad as you do on the MacBook.

The touchpad of the original magic keyboard is also very good, and it also supports a variety of gesture operations. The size and position of the touchpad have been carefully designed to allow you to achieve the maximum operating range in the limited space.

The WIWU Bluetooth keyboard uses scissor-style keys, which are evenly stressed and have a comfortable rebound. There are 14 shortcut keys on the top row, which can realize screen brightness, volume, lock screen, search and other functions. The keys are well spaced and comfortable to type on.

The original Magic Keyboard also uses scissor-style keys, which have a strong sense of pressing and an excellent typing feel. However, the original Magic Keyboard has no shortcut keys, and some functions can only be realized through the touch screen or touchpad.

The bracket of the WIWU Bluetooth keyboard adopts a detachable design, and the protective case and the keyboard are connected by magnetic attraction. The back shell of the protective case can be opened to support the iPad, and the angle can be adjusted arbitrarily. The protective case also has a pen slot, which can hold Apple Pencil or other capacitive pens.

The bracket of the original Magic Keyboard adopts a suspension design, and the iPad is fixed on the bracket by magnetic attraction, and the angle can be fine-tuned. Although this design looks cool, it also has disadvantages: first, it is heavy; second, the range of angle adjustment is small; third, there is no pen slot.

The protective case of the WIWU Bluetooth keyboard is made of a fabric-like material, which is low-key and simple, and feels very comfortable to the touch. The protective case can wrap the iPad in all directions, effectively preventing scratches and drops. There is also a small detail in the protective case: the base can be tilted at 15°, which can improve heat dissipation and typing comfort.

The shell of the original Magic Keyboard is made of hard material, which looks more advanced and can also provide a certain degree of protection. But the case is prone to dust and fingerprints, and the edges are prone to bumps and flips.

The WIWU Bluetooth keyboard is powered by a built-in lithium battery, and it can be used for about 30 hours after charging for two hours. There will be a red indicator light on when charging, and it will automatically turn off when it is fully charged. When in use, a white indicator light will light up, and it will flash to remind you to charge when the battery is low.

The original Magic Keyboard is powered by the iPad itself and does not need to be charged or replaced separately. But this will also increase the power consumption of the iPad itself, and it will not be able to display the remaining power or remind you to charge.

The current price of the WIWU Bluetooth keyboard is about 278 yuan (different models may vary), which is much cheaper than the original magic keyboard of about 2399 yuan (different models may vary).

To sum up, there is not much difference between the two keyboards in terms of functions, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages in details. If you are price sensitive and don't mind using third-party brands and products, the WIWU Bluetooth keyboard is a good choice in my opinion. It allows you to enjoy a MacBook-like operating experience on the iPad, and it's also very affordable. Of course, if you have higher requirements for quality and appearance, and don't care about the price, then the original Magic Keyboard is also worth considering.

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