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A keyboard that made me give up Cherry MX 8.0, Dujia K610W hands-on experience sharing

For gamers and text workers, a satisfactory keyboard is a must-have device. A few years ago, I bought Cherry MX 8.0. Although it is expensive, it is very easy to use; now, because of the need to take into account work needs, I urgently need a keyboard device that feels good and can switch between multiple devices. I happened to see that Dujia newly released the three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard Dujia K610W last month. After using it for a week, I would like to share the experience with you.


The outer packaging of Dujia K610W is relatively simple, it is a simple carton packaging, the appearance of the product is printed on the front, and there is a three-mode logo in the lower right corner.

Open the box, the keyboard theme is protected by sponge + transparent plastic shell and protective bag to avoid bumps in transportation. On the accessories, there is a data cable, a replacement keyboard, a magic cable tie, a key puller, a shaft puller, and a Type-C to USB adapter.


Durga K610W uses a 104-key layout, and there is a corresponding 87-key layout Durga K620W. Considering that the Cherry MX 8.0 I used before has 87 keys, it is really not easy to use without a small keyboard in the office. This time I chose the 104-key Dujia K610W.

In terms of color matching, Dujia K610W provides two colors of "echo" and "island". The "echo" I started with is a fog blue color, which is composed of blue, white and gray; pack. The combination of this color makes the keyboard look more layered, and the visual effect is very good.

There are silicone non-slip pads around the bottom of the keyboard, so that the keyboard can be more stable; the supporting legs are designed in two sections, which is convenient for adjusting the height that suits you.

There is also a storage compartment for the 2.4GHz receiver on the side of the supporting feet. This is one of the more user-friendly designs of the keyboard in my opinion. After all, the 2.4GHz receiver is small and easy to lose if you don’t pay attention. This storage compartment solves this problem.

The top of Duga K610W is a switch and a wired connection socket. This socket can be used for Type-C data cable connection to charge the keyboard and as a wired connection mode.

As mentioned above, Dujia K610W supports three-mode and dual-device switching. The shortcut key for switching is hidden in the QWER letter case. Through the FN key and Q/W/E/R, you can switch between Bluetooth, 2.4GHz and wired modes. Quick switching; the two Bluetooth icons represent that the Dujia K610W can support recording of 2 Bluetooth devices.

In the indicator light in the upper right corner of the keyboard, Duga K610W not only has the basic number keypad lock, caps lock indicator light, but also Bluetooth, 2.4GHz and power indicator light. Through the indicator light, you can quickly know the current connection status and remaining battery.


Durga K610W uses PBT keycaps with injection molding process. The advantage of PTB keycaps is that it is more wear-resistant, and it is not easy to oil up after long-term use, and the feel is quite comfortable. Personal feeling is that the percussion feel of Durga K610W is not as delicate and smooth as Cherry MX 8.0 ABS keycaps, but the matte feel of Durga K610W is very addictive, and it is not easy to oil it. It is refreshing after a long time of use. . After all, the feeling of hand is more subjective, so just refer to it.

The shaft body of Dujia K610W uses Jiadalong custom crystal shaft, and I choose the red shaft. Jiadalong's switch body is well-known among domestic switches, and its reputation and reputation are quite good. The switch body feels good and the sound is relatively low. Personally, I think the whole is better than the current Cherry red switch.

The shaft body of the keyboard is hot-swappable. If there is a personalized use requirement, the shaft body can be replaced with a shaft puller. After pulling out the shaft body, you can still see the internal structure of the keyboard. You can see that there is a silicone plate between the positioning steel plate and the PCB board of Duga K610W, and there is a sound-absorbing cotton underneath, which can reduce the keyboard. noise when.

In terms of connecting devices, Durga K610W is very simple and fast. Take the Bluetooth connection as an example. After turning on the Bluetooth, search for the device of Durga K610W and perform corresponding operations to quickly connect; if you need to connect to the second connected device, you need to switch to After recording the two devices, you can quickly switch.

In terms of the feeling of use, Dujia K610W is more light and light, does not require too much tapping force, and the tapping feedback of the buttons is also very good. In terms of text input, the red axis lacks a little passion for typing because of the lack of paragraph sense, but for text workers like me, the red axis is more comfortable when high-intensity codewords are required.

In terms of battery life, the official data of Dujia K610W is that in the fully charged state, in the condition of 8 hours of use per day, the Bluetooth mode can provide 360 ​​days of battery life, and the 2.4GHz can provide 200 days of battery life. This battery life is quite strong, basically there is no need to worry about power. Of course, even if there is no power, there is also a wired connection mode, which can ensure safe use and charge at the same time.


As a new keyboard in 2022, I am quite satisfied with the overall Duga K610W. The appearance design is more in line with the aesthetics of today's people; the details include 2.4GHz storage compartments, silicone pads, and sound-absorbing cotton to reduce noise; various connection methods and fast Toggle for use with different devices. Coupled with a good feel and super battery life, this keyboard can be said to have almost no shortcomings. After a period of use, Durga K610W has become the main keyboard. As for the Cherry MX 8.0, it has been taken back into the "ammunition box".

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