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A must-have artifact for wireless desktops, Heijue AK966 three-mode gasket mechanical keyboard

More and more young people adopt the principle of "simplicity, wireless, and extreme" to build a desktop of one square meter. Among them, "wireless" is the first step. If it is not necessary, there should be no wires on the desktop as much as possible.

Recently, I received a new wireless three-mode hot-swappable gasket structure mechanical keyboard from Heijue peripheral brand - AK966. About what is "hot swap" and what is "gasket structure", we will talk in detail later.

Open the outer package, you can see the keyboard itself, the yellow-green color is particularly fresh, and the keyboard is also covered with a layer of transparent dust cover protection, which can be described as careful.

The keyboard is considered an electronic device, so daily protection is also very important. When the keyboard is not in use, it can be covered with a transparent dust cover to prevent dust from falling, which will affect the appearance, and the gaps are not easy to clean, so there is a self-contained dust cover .

I have seen a lot of traditional black keyboards, and I have to say that such a fresh color matching design is eye-catching and has a great visual impact.

My model is the "Senyu" color scheme. The white keyboard is like clouds in the sky, the green is like a forest, and the yellow is like sunshine, which fits the temperament of the name very well. In addition, AK966 also has two themed colors for Xingwan and Mengxia to choose from. Xingwan is off-white-yellow, and Mengxia is blue-pink-white.

The keycap is MAD height, comfortable to use, sublimated PBT material, it will not appear oily after long-term use, and it will not affect the appearance no matter how long it is used.

In addition to the keyboard body and transparent dust cover, the accessories in the package include: 4 MAC supplementary keycaps, 1 Kaihua new shaft tester, 1 replaceable metal knob, and a keycap for pulling the shaft body 1 tool and 1 braided data cable, it can be said that the accessories are rich and complete, very considerate, and the appearance is quite high.

Inside the box, there is also a thank you letter. The font design of the thank you letter is very beautiful, and the content is quite moving. Give me a thumbs up.

The data cable is braided, which is equivalent to wearing a layer of protective clothing on the ordinary data cable. It is durable, not afraid of abrasion and bending, and the flexibility of routing has been greatly improved.

The 98 column layout can be said to be the most popular layout design nowadays. Compared with the full-key keyboard, it can save a lot of desktop space, and compared with the small column keyboard, it has complete functions. It can be used immediately without adaptation, which is very suitable Daily office, or game.

The AK966 adopts a 98-like arrangement design, with a total of 96 buttons, plus a volume metal knob.

This metal knob is used to adjust the volume. Rotate left and right to adjust the volume. Press it to mute/play. It is within easy reach. It is very convenient to use in practice. In addition, this keyboard is also a thoughtful gift with the package. A spare knob is removable for replacement.

There is a three-mode switch on the left side of the keyboard. You can switch between different connection modes at will by moving your fingers. It supports wireless 2.4G, Bluetooth 5.0 and Type-C wired, and can be used with computers, notebooks, mobile phones or tablets; the transmission rate of wireless 2.4G It is 1000Hz, and you can rest assured that there is no delay in operation and continuous connection. In Bluetooth mode, you can connect 3 devices and switch between them to meet the input needs of different devices with different identities. It is a must-have artifact for slash youths.

By the way, do you often have battery life anxiety when using wireless products? In addition, this keyboard has a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh, let's play as much as you want!

On the right side of the keyboard, a wireless 2.4G receiver storage compartment is designed under the volume knob, which is very user-friendly. It is not only convenient to store and prevent loss, but also very convenient to extract and use. It is said that it understands very well and does not bother users, and it is well received.

On the back of the keyboard, there are two-stage foot supports, which can be opened and closed smoothly. There are 3 heights to choose from, allowing you to fully find a comfortable angle to exert your strength.

In addition, if your desktop needs to be routed, the design of this three-way outlet is very flexible, whether it is left, right, or in the middle.

Heijue AK966 three-mode mechanical keyboard uses MX Cream ice cream switch, the customized star switch body of Kaihua, a well-known domestic switch body manufacturer, all POM material, with the characteristics of "the more you use it, the smoother it is" when leaving the factory. The market price of the switch body is about 4 yuan. In this way, the price of the switch body equipped with this keyboard is more than 380 yuan. According to the initial price of 649 yuan, the price of other accessories is only about 270 yuan, which is very cost-effective. .

In addition, this keyboard also supports full-key hot-swapping. Users can use the shaft puller to remove the original shaft body for replacement according to their own usage habits, bringing more possibilities for the keyboard to feel. Be the designer of your own keyboard and make it unique.

The important thing to say is that this keyboard uses the gasket structure that has been very popular with key circles in the past two years, so what is the gasket structure?

Simply put, it is to set multiple small gaskets (or silicone or poron cotton) on the upper and lower cover shells of the keyboard to prevent the keyboard liner, such as the positioning plate or PCB board, from hard impact with the shell when knocked, so as to To improve the consistency of the keyboard and the purity of the sound.

When it comes to sound, I have to say that Heijue is very willing to spend money this time. All the internal gaps are filled with cost-effective poron sandwich cotton + shaft pad + bottom cotton to eliminate cavity sound, but it is still true. , I really didn't hear any noise when I hit the keys very hard.

Finally, make a summary.

The Heijue AK966 keyboard is full of both appearance and configuration. In terms of appearance, the color scheme is fresh and beautiful, the keycap characters are simple and attractive, and the 98 series design is exquisite and beautiful; in terms of configuration, a single customized top-flow MX ice cream shaft with a market price of 4 yuan is equipped with gasket gasket structure, three poron cotton blessing, three Modular connection, 10000mAh large-capacity battery, Kaihua hot-swappable axle seat compatible with three-pin/five-pin axles...all aspects are good, I believe it can bring you a pleasant experience!

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