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A must-have item for the table, perfect for both gaming and office work, Luofei Xiaoqiao Koi three-mode mechanical keyboard experience!

As a digital enthusiast, I spend a lot of time facing the computer every day. Because I like all kinds of digital devices, I also have high requirements for the product layout on the table. As the number of items on the table gradually increases, the space becomes more and more tense. Therefore, some equipment will be simplified and reduced, from a full-size 108-key keyboard to an 87-key keyboard, and now consider starting a 68-key keyboard. I recently saw the Luofei Xiaoqiao Koi three-mode Bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard, and was impressed by its appearance. It is small in size and looks good on the desktop. It also supports hot-swappable shafts and can be customized. Overall, it is very satisfying.

The keyboard design of Lofree Luofei is very good-looking, which is why more and more people like it now, and each of its models is very individual. Its co-branded series is also very popular among users. Whether it is a keyboard, a mouse, or a keycap, each product has very independent features and a unique appearance. This time, we bring you a unique three-mode bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard from Glover Xiaoqiao Koi. Let us find out below!

First of all, let's simply open the box. From the perspective of the outer packaging alone, the style of Xiaoqiao series has changed a little, becoming more colorful, brighter and richer in color, which is eye-catching! It feels like candies without opening it to see the real thing, very attractive. You can see a lot of accessories when you disassemble it. In addition to the main body of the keyboard, there are three AAA batteries, a power cord, manuals, cards and a metal iron frame.

Luofei is very good at color control. Both the packaging and the main body of the keyboard are customized with the theme. The gradient and the fusion of frosted glass make the whole look particularly beautiful! Xiaoqiao koi mechanical keyboard is red and lake blue. This color is very small and fresh, and it is also very attractive. This is also called the koi good luck color. Seeing it, I hope to bring good luck to myself when I use it every day. The 68-key simplified layout can better optimize the desktop space, allowing more other digital devices to be placed on the tight desktop. Compared with the traditional 104-key keyboard, it is 137mm shorter. The advantages of this size are obvious.

The overall appearance of the Xiaoqiao Koi mechanical keyboard continues the style of this series, and the design of this tilt is very representative and unique. Its bottom side is the battery compartment + 2.4G receiver compartment, which can be opened to install the battery. In addition, there are four foot pads, which can play a non-slip effect when placed on the table. The other side of the battery compartment is a knob-type gear switch, corresponding to wired mode, 2.4G wireless connection and Bluetooth 5.0, which mode you want to switch That's it, very convenient.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, Xiaoqiao Koi mechanical keyboard is very easy to type and feel, and you will not feel tired after typing for a long time. It shows not only the appearance of the outside, but also the inside. Whether it is the themed keycap, the interchangeable shaft body, or the portable and lightweight design positioning, it gives this mechanical keyboard a unique Charm. The metal iron frame provided as a gift can be placed next to the keyboard, and it is also very good for placing Longli doll ornaments, which makes the value of the product even higher.

The Xiaoqiao Koi mechanical keyboard has three modes that can be switched freely, and can be connected to PCs, tablets, notebooks, mobile phones and other hardware, allowing us to freely choose different devices to connect to the keyboard. This is not only convenient, but also saves a lot of cost. In wired mode, its performance is very stable, and wireless mode is also very smooth. Which mode to use can be based on individual needs.

Xiaoqiao Koi mechanical keyboard adopts the switch body of Jiadalong G Red Pro. When the keycap is removed, you can see that the workmanship and materials are very good. Typing use. In addition, its keycaps are made of PBT material, which is bright in color and the text on it is particularly clear. Compared with the common ABS material, PBT material is more durable, feels more comfortable, and is less likely to fade. It also supports hot-swapping, which means that you can freely replace the keyboard shaft body, which is very convenient and suitable for DIY players.

Xiaoqiao Koi mechanical keyboard can connect 3 devices in Bluetooth mode, and supports one-key switching, which is very convenient. It is compatible with mainstream systems such as Win, Apple, Android and iOS. It is suitable for office, home, business trip and other scenarios. The smaller body can be placed in backpacks and suitcases, and can be carried with you when you go out, so it can be used outside. Your favorite keyboard to boost your productivity.

Summary: Overall, the Xiaoqiao Koi mechanical keyboard feels very comfortable when typing, and each key is very powerful, and you can clearly feel the touch of each key. If you are a person who type for a long time, or a game lover, I still recommend this mechanical keyboard of Luofei, its experience and appearance are very good, we can choose according to personal needs. If you are also using similar products, welcome to share your experience in the comment area!

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