A new benchmark for inward rolling, the Hubatu F75 Hanjiangxue is at the forefront

The love for mechanical keyboards is uncontrollable, from the first one to the next N ones. Recently, I was lucky enough to get the Tiger Batu 75 equipped with the new F75 Hanjiangxue. It adopts TTC Neptune switch, Gasket, LCD screen, rotating scroll wheel, three-mode hot-swappable, RGB lighting effect. It can be said that the current mechanical keyboard elements are full. The overall appearance of Hanjiangxue is very good, with a unique appearance design and very elegant materials, giving people a light and luxurious texture as a whole.

"Lonely boat and hat, fishing alone in the cold river and snow", I don't know if the naming inspiration of this keyboard comes from this poem. Hubatu F75 Hanjiangxue is composed of blue and black color schemes, in which the blue is a gradient color, which gradually becomes lighter from bottom to top, showing a unique and unique beauty. The keyboard adopts the 75 arrangement mainly promoted by major brands at present, without the common number keyboard area, and some commonly used keys are rearranged to make the keyboard more delicate and compact, and realize rich functions through the combination of Fn + other keys.

You can see the size of Han Jiangxue. I used a notebook to make a comparison, and you can see that the overall size is not large.

At the bottom left corner of the keyboard, there is a very eye-catching LOGO Tiger and Eight Rabbits, which adopts a smooth electroplating rose gold process. The combination of plastic material and metal material is just the right combination, just like the finishing touch, making the keyboard look more high-end and atmospheric.

The PC material of the outer frame has a matte effect, and the overall frame is arc-shaped, which makes the keyboard feel softer, more refined and not rough.

The PBT material keycap adopts two-color injection molding process, which has become the first choice for the current mechanical keyboard keycap. It is not easy to oil, durable, good wear resistance, excellent hand feeling, very comfortable to use, and high color reproduction, so that Han Jiangxue can Shows varying degrees of color.

The switch interfaces are located on the left and right sides respectively, and the functions are similar to each other. After using it for a period of time, you can realize the function selection operation by blind pressing. The power toggle switch is located on the left side of the keyboard, and there is also a TYPE-C interface for wired connection and charging.

On the right side of the keyboard are switching system switches, which are Win and Mac systems, and channel mode switching switches, which are 2.4G, Bluetooth, and wired connections. Among them, the Bluetooth connection supports multi-channel, and multiple devices can be connected. You can switch freely through the shortcut keys Fn+Q, W, E, short press to connect, and long press to pair.

1.14-inch TFT color screen, capable of displaying date and time, currently selected system status, current connection mode, battery power, RGB mode, light brightness, and light speed. The most important thing is to support picture display and add more ways to play. At this time, it is time for the chicken brother to leave the factory. Embedded aluminum alloy volume knob, knurled surface, anodized plating process, texture and feel comfortable.

The back is blue as the main body, with 4 foot supports, and the bottom has non-slip silicone foot pads, of which the upper part is magnetically detachable and adjustable, and the angle can be adjusted. In the center is a magnetic nameplate, which hides the USB receiver just right, and can be removed with a light touch on the lower part of the nameplate.

The built-in magnetic kickstand on the fuselage, the magnetic kickstand is not a novelty, the novelty is that the front and back sides can be adjusted at different heights. The details are done very well. The short side is not easy to remove due to the force, and a groove is designed for removal, and the other side is not designed with a groove because it is slightly higher.

There is also a higher foot support in the accessory bag that comes with the box, which means that 3 heights can be adjusted. In fact, I personally think that there should be 4 angles, and it is also an angle without a foot support.

The actual situation of 3 foot supports with different heights installed behind the keyboard, as shown in the figure below, is suitable for people with different usage needs and usage habits.

The nameplate at the bottom is a flexible and removable keyboard back sticker. I have to say one of the innovations of the F75. This is the first time I have encountered such a USB receiver. The whole is magnetic, and the storage compartment can be opened by lightly pressing the lower area.

Gasket structure is the mainstream of the current mechanical keyboard. The design of Han Jiangxue is very good, and the internal filling is very substantial. In addition, the sound of the PC positioning board itself is small, the feel is soft and pure, and there is no cavity sound, which makes the keyboard very quiet when used.

The customized TTC Neptune switch hot-swappable switch is stable, smooth and smooth. The TTC Neptune switch is a linear switch body, straight up and down, linear feel, and supports full-key hot-swapping.

It adopts the square and round shape of the basement, and the surface of the upper cover adopts an alternating combination of glossy and frosted surfaces, as well as buttons with a rectangular outer frame. And it adopts the one-piece long track shaft cover design, no gap, no abruptness, micro-steps and jamming feeling, and smooth pressing. The sliders on both sides of the shaft core are extended from 5.2mm of the traditional mechanical shaft to 6.0mm, and the shaft core sliders penetrate to the top of the shaft cover to improve the contact stability with the track.

The trigger pressure is 41gf, the trigger stroke is 2.0mm, the total stroke is 3.8mm, and the design life is 100 million times. Compared with the TTC gold powder switch, the trigger stroke is the same, and the total stroke is 0.2mm shorter, but the trigger pressure is 4gf heavier, and the trigger feels a little heavier than the gold powder switch, but the speed is a little faster.

The terminal shrapnel adopts anti-oxidation and anti-blackening coating silver-plating process, and silver-plated spring. It is equipped with TTC condenser lens module, high-transparency button and high-transparency base to improve backlight flux and light transmission. The shaft is self-lubricated when it leaves the factory.

The 5-pin shaft is used. My customized kit uses an inverted shaft seat, which is compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin shafts. The installation is quite easy. The light concentrating effect of the TTC condenser lens module is quite good, with sufficient brightness and uniform lighting. TTC high-speed rail structure shaft body feels solid, with some mechanical damping feeling of compactness and smoothness

You can download the driver by searching the Hubatu pipe network. It is simple and easy to operate, and you can make related settings. There are 80 keys that support macro customization, and the Fn key cannot be customized. The greatest joy of mechanical keyboards is the customization of buttons, various ways of playing, various key combinations, and the setting of various macro commands. You can borrow other people's settings, improve on this basis, play casually, and reset if it breaks, it's that simple.

Upload the GIF and play it on the LCD screen in the upper right corner. There is no doubt that this is the most suitable for the chicken brother who has played basketball for three years.

Through the driver, RGB and other pass modes can be selected and related settings can be made. Up to 22 kinds of main backlight RGB lighting effect switching, RGB colors can be matched at will, and you can adjust your favorite mode individually;

At present, there are various inversions of mechanical keyboards, configuration upgrades, various high-tech applications, wireless three-mode, LCD screens, etc. Hubatu F75 is already a level higher, and a lot of effort has been made in the details. Han Jiangxue's data cable adopts the same color aviation plug-in cable, and the cable is very textured, which makes the keyboard more luxurious.

Wireless connection, built-in battery capacity of 4800mAh. While not as large as some keyboards, it's actually quite durable for this keyboard. With the LCD screen in the upper right corner, you can pay attention to the power at any time, so that you can charge it in time, and eliminate the trouble of losing the chain at critical moments.

On the one hand, the wire is one thing, and the Tiger Batu F75 also gave me a new understanding of other parts. In addition to the common key puller, there is also a cleaning kit. What makes people feel novel is the use of integrated storage, which is innovative and avoids clutter caused by too many things, which is inconvenient for later storage.

The storage box comes with a brush for dusting the keyboard, as well as a watering can and a key puller, a thing I don’t know how to call, which has added knowledge and knowledge to me.


A keyboard perfectly combines simplicity and multi-function, with first-class feel, and solves the contradiction between the feel and the sound of typing on the keyboard at the same time.

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