A new level of customization, bid farewell to the traditional keyboard feel and shape, and endow the keyboard with classical poetic charm

Today I received a new product from Hubatu in the second quarter of this year. To be honest, I still think this keyboard feels very good in the hand.

As a non-portable product, Hubatu F75 puts the feel and appearance first. Bid farewell to the traditional squareness, for friends who like the new feeling of the keyboard, you might as well give it a try.

For me, appearance is the first factor to consider when purchasing. Hubatu F75 adopts a design as round as possible. Hubatu F75 has multiple colors, hibiscus rouge (cherry color), paper drunken gold fan (light Brown), Yuexia Chanjuan (pink and white) and Hanjiangxue (light cyan), these four colors are relatively simple and elegant, with a certain poetic and picturesque flavor. The one I bought is Hanjiangxue.

Hubatu F75, Hanjiangxue is just like its name, elegant, cloud clear, cold fishing Jiangxue, the color is mainly smoke wave blue , the appearance of the blue color is still very good, the gradient color is visually soft, the color is not exciting, and it does not jump. I believe that those who like this keyboard are people with a certain degree of culture and art. The color matching and naming are relatively restrained.

As a high-end customized kit, the compact 70% arrangement of 75 keys, for many users, the advantage of 70% arrangement is that it can take up the smallest space as much as possible, and the frequently used characters and function keys show a reasonable layout. , while not reducing efficiency, try to ensure the user experience as much as possible.

The key cap adopts a gradient color design, and the color matching is still very good. The key cap adopts a practical OEM height and is made of PBT material. The key cap is relatively large, so for users who often code, the fit is still very good Yes, the characters are clear, and the visual experience is very good.

The keycap is matched with the exclusive customized Neptune switch, so that the whole feel is relatively soft and quiet, Trigger pressure of 41gf + trigger stroke 2.0mm + total stroke 3.8mm , The feel of the whole stroke is easy to use and soft to rebound. For those who often code, the hand will not get tired after a long time, and the whole stroke is coherent without abrupt feeling. The pressing pressure is small.

Support full-key hot-swappable, adopt TTC triangular hot-swappable shaft seat, support most three-legged and five-legged shafts in the market, for players who like tossing, they can change the shaft freely, so that customization can be done at will preferences.

The Neptune switch also has RGB lighting effects. For the keyboard, each company has spent a lot of effort on the lighting. Since the keycaps are opaque or semi-transparent, in order to make the RGB lighting effect is full , the shaft body adopts a light-transmitting base, and the dual-channel light-transmitting light of the TTC condenser lens module makes it possible to achieve even if it is not a transparent keycap. The effect of RGB light divergence is soft, and the effect is not inferior to those products with transparent keycaps.

As a new product just released, the design of wired + bluetooth + 2.4G three modes meets different needs of use. The switch on the right side can easily switch between different modes. , thus avoiding daily accidental touches. Support switching between Mac and Windows systems.

There is a 1.14-inch TFT display screen in the upper right corner, which supports power display, connection mode and other status, as well as time display. You can also load your favorite content through the driver, such as changing pictures or text. The display accuracy is relatively high, which is also I use it first. Of course, although the color screen display consumes power, who cares about that little power during use.

The volume knob on the right is adjusted with a large knob design and a vacuum plating process. After matching with the keyboard, it looks like a gem embedded in the keyboard.

The power switch and Type-C interface are located on the left side of the keyboard. In order to unify the style of the entire keyboard, the spring wire is also light blue, which makes the overall appearance consistent. Even in wired mode, the appearance of the entire keyboard is very high. .

The metal magnetic magnetic nameplate has a cartoon pattern of tigers and rabbits, and the 2.4G receiver is placed under the metal nameplate. The manufacturer is careful to make the keyboard look clean, unified and consistent in shape.

Hubatu F75 adopts the Gasket structure, so that the whole is relatively heavy. Gasket structure is the current mainstream solution, so that the frame of the entire keyboard is more stable when the keyboard is fast input. This design can effectively reduce the vibration of the keyboard due to typing.

As a customized keyboard, you can download the PC-side driver through the official website of the manufacturer. Through the driver, you can realize DIY control, and of course, you can also realize the control of lighting effects. The key is to support the download of a large number of content produced by various players, and you can also share your content. for the rest of the players.

4800mAh large-capacity lithium battery, it can be used for 16 hours with RGB lighting effect, and can be used for about 60 hours without RGB. Long standby time.

After using it for many days, for this keyboard as a whole, the overall feedback speed is very fast after typing for a long time, and the touch is soft. At the same time, we can also feel the fit of the OEM high-level keyboard, and the display screen is also convenient for us to view. The current display of keyboard power, for players who like 75 keys, this is also a relatively unique one.

As a non-common-mode keyboard, the unique shape and exclusive design color make this keyboard very individual, and the feel of the entire keyboard is also very good. For users like me who often write, the overall In fact, it is very decompressive in use, and it is very decompressive and not tiring after long-term use. The Gasket structure, with the high-speed rail switch customized by TTC, a leader in the industry, the color display screen, the knob, etc. endow it with all the strengths of the current keyboard industry, and try to meet the needs of customization whether it is the wire or the foot pad. . So that the entire keyboard is full of exquisite atmosphere.

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