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A new option for full-size hot-swappable customization, Pennefather V700DIY mechanical keyboard review

Finally, before the end of the May 1st holiday, I installed the main computer that I have been thinking about. At present, there is a lack of a suitable mechanical keyboard. Considering that there are so many mainstream keyboard manufacturers on the market, and the price, positioning and functions are also uneven, how to choose is also a headache for me.

After some searching, I found that Rapoo’s V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard is not bad. The cool illusion RGB backlight system supports hot swapping, and it is fun to replace the switch body by DIY. It can also "moisten the switch" on the keyboard to improve the sound performance and feel experience. At the same time, it is also Rapoo's first 104-key full-size customized keyboard. It is equipped with the KA-12 linear elastic white switch developed by Rapoo. With convenience, most importantly, the price is also cheap.

On the basis of combining my actual needs and the right price, I bought this Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit game mechanical keyboard fast silver switch version, and purchased 12 KA-12 linear keyboards developed by Rapoo. Play the white switch, let's take a look at the specific performance of this Rapoo keyboard set.

It is still the Rapoo family-style blue and black packaging design, simple and pure but elegant. On the back, the features of the product are introduced in multiple languages, which is very good for us to get started quickly.

After removing the packing box, the entire keyboard and accessories appeared in front of our eyes. In addition to the Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard, it is also equipped with a 1.5-meter-long Type-C data cable, an integrated key puller and an instruction manual.

The Rapoo V700DIY keyboard with a size of only 435mm×149mm×48mm has a net weight of 835g and adopts a 104-key full keyboard layout design. The entire keyboard looks very simple and elegant, and the blessing of the main color of silver and white allows the entire keyboard to easily blend with most environments. In addition to the product nameplate in the middle on the back, there are 5 strips of soft rubber non-slip foot pads, with independent heightening support feet on the left and right sides, which are not only stable in use but also able to meet the needs of different users.

The keyboard adopts a key line separation design, and the mainstream Type-C connection interface is easy for daily use and storage. After careful observation, we found that the wire uses a gold-plated connector with anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, which not only maintains long-lasting and stable transmission, but also is durable and has a longer service life.

The keyboard body adopts a frosted aluminum alloy panel with a suspension shaft design. The sharp corners are supported by a narrow frame, which looks more visually impactful against the backdrop of the integrated frosted process. The application of the suspension shaft greatly improves the overall appearance of the keyboard, and the typing is also very comfortable.

The keyboard has added multimedia keys and adjustment scroll wheels on the 104 standard key positions, which looks very similar to the fish fins we often see from a distance. From left to right, we learned about its specific functions, from left to right are the mode switch key, light switch key, scroll wheel mode switch key, mute key, keyboard light, light brightness/volume adjustment scroll wheel. The entire adjustment wheel has a clear scale and moderate damping, which is very convenient to use, and the special dorsal fin shape also makes the appearance of the keyboard more recognizable.

The milky white light-transmitting keycaps make people love it at first sight. Made of OEM high-quality PBT material with two-color injection molding process, the light transmission is uniform and does not diverge, and the surface layer is slightly frosted and feels comfortable and delicate.

The key switch body uses the hot-swappable linear fast silver switch developed by Rapoo. Its biggest feature is its sensitive trigger and strong rebound, which is very suitable for daily typing games. The tap is light and smooth, the response is fast and the noise is properly controlled. The service life of 50 million times on a single axis can easily cope with various scenarios.

The matching satellite shaft is a key stroke that is often used in fierce game battles, and it has been fine-tuned and lubricated before leaving the factory. The entire satellite shaft is crisp and neat under the extremely fast knocking, and there is no dullness or abnormal noise, which is very refreshing.

For a more refreshing game, take out the KA-12 Rapoo self-propelled white axis that we prepared before. Its shaft center is made of POM material with self-lubricating properties, which is stable and smooth, and has its own dust-proof design to prevent impurities and dust from intruding into the shaft body. It feels soft and smooth, and works well with the straight up and down linear scheme.

The KA-12 shaft body also adopts a high-transparency PC cover and a PA five-legged shaft seat design, which can bring users a better experience in terms of lighting performance and stability.

What is the meaning of the hot swap mentioned above? After dismantling, we finally found the answer. It turns out that the quick silver switch that comes with the keyboard can be replaced by DIY. Its hole position is compatible with mainstream pentapod switches. Five easy steps to achieve autonomous axle change.

The Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard definitely occupies a place in the RGB lighting effect, and the multi-function M key can be used to quickly switch between the two modes of office and game. With the support of the driver, it not only supports the adjustment of color, brightness, direction, etc., but also supports the customization of three groups of lighting effect modes, and the gameplay is rich in user free choice. After the trial, it is really cool, the brightness is moderate, the color is gorgeous, the dynamic lighting effect is smooth and the atmosphere is full, and the diffuse reflection on the silver-white aluminum alloy panel is more radiant and full of visual impact.

In order to better control this Rapoo V700DIY mechanical keyboard, I deliberately went to the Rapoo official website to download and install the driver software, so as to perform more refined soft operations on this keyboard. 104-key full-key programmable without conflict, can complete various custom setting operations such as key combination, lighting, macro editing, etc., and can also store custom settings locally or in the cloud.

The independent macro editor is completely god-like. It can not only complete combos with one click in the game, but also batch process with one click in the office, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Even more powerful is the firmware update here. Functionally update the keyboard through a dedicated driver to keep the entire keyboard online at all times.

As Rapoo's first customized hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard, V700DIY left a deep impression on me. Not only the appearance is online, but also the functions are complete and the playability is higher. The aluminum alloy frame with sandblasting and oxidation process is naturally seamless and CNC trimmed, which makes the whole keyboard more textured; the 104-key full keyboard comes with a factory-run linear axis body plus the original KA-12 linear spring white axis, which brings us more outstanding Excellent user experience, with its own driver to realize keyboard customization, making the control more flexible; the key and wire separation design, the full key without impact and precise trigger, the two-color injection keycap with good light transmission, etc., make the real domestic products not inferior to foreign manufacturers Brand, you can't put it down after using it; rich DIY options, personalized design, and super compatibility make the entire keyboard more classy, ​​and there is no reason to reject its actual value. In general, this Rapoo V700DIY hot-swappable RGB backlit gaming mechanical keyboard is still worth pondering. If you are also interested in customized keyboards, you might as well meet this 618 to experience it together!

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