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A new way of DIY keyboard: completely customized! Luofei Xiaoqiao: Create your own mechanical keyboard

As a new generation of social animals, the keyboard can be said to be an essential accessory for work. Whether it is typing and writing or e-sports games, a good keyboard will have the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. And with the aggravation of keyboard homogeneity, how to have a personalized keyboard that belongs to oneself just seems particularly important.

Since the beginning of its birth, the brand Lofree has captured many audiences with its super-high appearance, and I am one of them. Not long ago, I was introduced by a friend and bought the Lofree small warp keyboard. The difference is that it supports high customization, such as keycap layout, shaft body, keycap pattern, etc. This time I chose the 68-key layout + Jiadalong G yellow axis Pro + worker-themed keycaps.

The product is divided into three packages, namely the keycap, keyboard base and shaft body. After disassembling, the first feeling is that this is not a semi-finished product? As everyone knows, this is the fun of DIY players. The included accessories are very simple: a data cable, a shaft puller, three AAA batteries, and an instruction manual.

I used to type and write a lot of manuscripts, and I like the crisp sound and paragraph feeling of the green switch. This time I chose the Jiadalong G yellow switch, which is quieter and softer in the typing feel, suitable for office use. In addition, Xiaoqiao also supports "full key hot swapping", and friends who like customization can also change the shaft body at any time.

There are no special precautions when installing, just align the contact pins of the shaft body with the vacancy. It is worth mentioning that the four keys of Space, Shift, Enter, and Back all adopt the design of satellite axis, which is convenient for long-term use.

The keycap I chose is the theme of a worker, and the main color of white, blue and green is in line with the atmosphere of midsummer.

In addition, Luofei also provides a variety of keycap styles to choose from, and there must be a style you like. Search the mini-program "Luo Fei Build" on WeChat, and you can DIY your own keyboard in it.

This time I chose the 68-key version, because it was a full-featured keyboard before, and the 68-key version is more convenient to carry. The specific measurements are 310×109×51.5mm, and the layout is compact, but the commonly used buttons are reserved. The combination of number keys and Fn keys can also realize the functions of F1-F12, and daily use will not be affected.

The origin of Luofei Xiaoqiao is related to its shape. From the side view, its tilted design is rare in the field of mechanical keyboards. Such a design is firstly recognizable, and secondly, it is a more ergonomic design language, so that Reduce wrist pull when typing, thereby improving input efficiency.

And the protruding space on the back is not just a decoration, the battery compartment and the storage compartment of the 2.4G receiver are also designed inside, which can kill two birds with one stone.

A closer look at the ball cap is also quite interesting. First of all, it adopts the exclusive SA ball cap of Luofei. The final touch area reaches 90%, which is more suitable for Asian hands. The surface of the keycaps has been frosted, no matter which color it is, the feel and texture are very good.

The front of the keyboard has Luo Fei's English logo, which highlights the brand's attribution.

The adjustment knob is innovatively designed on the side of the battery compartment at the bottom, where you can switch the keyboard and adjust the Bluetooth and 2.4G links.

In terms of functionality, Xiaoqiao supports three connection methods: Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and wired. Adapt to multi-system devices, whether it is a desktop, notebook, tablet or mobile phone, it can be easily adapted. In addition, Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android systems can also be easily handled, and multiple devices can also be easily switched.

In terms of battery life, Lofree is powered by three AAA batteries. According to Lofree’s data, the battery life is about one month in normal use. However, I am not pursuing the so-called wireless desktop, and I may buy one later. A retro retractable data cable to wire the keyboard.

After using it for more than half a month, let me talk about the overall feeling. Firstly, the appearance value cannot be rejected, and the personalized customization can better show the attitude of the user; secondly, it is only multi-device connection and fast switching, a keyboard can improve production very well. Efficiency; the last is the typing feel that everyone pays attention to. It is flickable and soft, and the sound is well controlled. Even if you type quickly, it will not affect others. Like me writing a manuscript in the office, the colleagues sitting next to me will not feel very noisy.

Summary: Luofei Xiaoqiao inherits the family-style good looks, but personalized customization will enrich the user's choices. Even if you get tired of aesthetics in the end, you can get a new keyboard by replacing the switch body and keycap. , while saving costs, it is also unique, why not do it?

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