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A semi-customized national style keyboard suitable for beginners in peripherals—upstart GM1000 Crane Dance Yueming

Note: The feel of the keyboard is completely subjective, there is no peripheral that suits everyone, only the peripheral that suits you best.

I don't know if you have heard of the brand "Xingui". The first time I heard the name "Xingui", I was completely confused.

Later I found out that this is a peripheral manufacturer established in 1998 and now has a history of 24 years. It has a lot of research and development experience and user data in the field of peripherals.

According to the description on their official website, Upstart's main business is offline sales and Internet cafe supply. So - if you often go to Internet cafes, you should see a lot of upstart peripheral products.

In the past two years, they have also developed in the field of mechanical keyboards, and have been well received by many players due to the excellent workmanship and quality of their own factories.

Recently, I received the GM1000 Hewu Yueming sent by Xingui. This is a semi-customized keyboard with 100 keys in a compact arrangement and Chinese style keycaps.

Semi-customization is a very popular keyboard type now, and manufacturers add customized functions to finished keyboards. Let the semi-customized keyboard have the quality of a finished keyboard, and the playability and customization of a customized keyboard.

The semi-customized keyboard is also convenient for novice players who come into contact with the customized keyboard for the first time to learn customization-related knowledge.

In the future, if you want a keyboard that only belongs to you, modifying it on the basis of a semi-customized keyboard can also save a lot of budget and time.

First of all, a simple unpacking, the outer packaging design of Hewu Yueming is much better than other keyboards I have come into contact with.

On the right side of the package is the main information of the product and a bright moon, corresponding to the theme of this keyboard: Crane Dance and Moonlight.

The moonlight is on the right, and the crane dance is naturally on the left, surrounded by Chinese-style frames for embellishment.

The product nameplate in the lower left corner also adopts a Chinese-style plaque design, and the overall packaging design is full of national style.

I don't know how many points you give for this kind of packaging.

When you open the package, the keyboard is tightly protected by two foam pads, which can minimize damage to the keyboard caused by bumps in transportation.

In addition to the keyboard body and 2.4G receiver, Crane Dance Moonlight comes with accessories.

1 B to C cable

1 keyboard dust cover

4 Crane Dance Moonlight theme PBT five-sided sublimation keycaps (Shift, ESC, Enter, space)

4 Kaihua BOX white shaft spare shafts

1 shaft puller

1 basic operating manual

The advantage of the compact layout is that it is small in size. Although Tsurumi Yueming is a 100-key keyboard, it is almost the same size as the 87-key standard layout.

If this is your first time using a keyboard with this compact layout, it will take some getting used to. Because the F area and the position of the arrow keys have changed compared with the standard layout.

By default, the keyboard is installed with two-color injection molded PBT keycaps with the height of the original factory.

The package also comes with 4 additional crane dance theme keycaps, if you like the crane dance theme, you can replace it yourself.

In fact, I think the original solid-color keycaps are already very good-looking.

Black and dark blue are the colors of the night, the light yellow characters are like a bright moon in the black moon, and each keycap is a small piece of pure night sky.

The blue of the Crane Dance keycap is a grayish blue, which is lighter than the blue of the solid color keycap.

If you like the integrity of the keyboard, the original solid-color keycaps are more suitable for you.

However, the crane dance elements in the theme of Crane Dance and Moonlight only appear on the sublimation keycaps, and the solid color keycaps are more inclined to the theme of Moonlight.

As a semi-customized keyboard, the hot-swappable function is definitely indispensable. The five-hole shaft seat can be compatible with 99% of the shafts on the market. Xiaobai does not need to consider the compatibility of the shafts when he buys them at home.

The white cover can make the RGB lighting effect better, but the keycap of this keyboard is not transparent, and the actual lighting effect is inferior to that of products with transparent keycaps.

The original shaft body is Kaihua BOX white shaft, just go through the data of the shaft body briefly.

Total stroke: 3.6±0.3mm

Trigger stroke: 1.8±0.3mm

Pressure: 45±15g

You can feel that both the paragraph sound and the feel are very clear, but it is not as crisp as the Cherry blue switch, and there are fewer noises, only crisp clicks.

Disassemble the keycap to see the lubricating oil on the satellite shaft of the large key.

Upstart's big keys have always felt good, whether it is Shift or space, they are very tight and there is no loose feeling at all.

The shaking range of the space bar is also consistent with other conventional keys, and the workmanship of the peripheral manufacturers for more than 20 years is very trustworthy.

You can also see that the keyboard is made of sound-absorbing cotton in the space bar gap, which can greatly reduce the cavity sound of the keyboard.

Three-mode connection is standard at this price point, and Bluetooth supports fast switching among up to three devices, which is very useful for multi-device users like me.

It's a pity that the battery life performance is not outstanding. In the wireless mode, the light can be turned off for up to 100 hours of battery life, and it needs to be charged almost once a week.

There is a strong contrast between the glossy plastic on the side of the keyboard and the matte plastic on the upper frame, and the layering and refinement of the keyboard are immediately pulled up.

In addition to product information on the back, there is also a magnetic 2.4G receiver storage compartment.

The magnetic force of this storage compartment is very strong, and it can be sucked by gently putting it on, and it is also very convenient to take it down.

Drive is a bit lackluster.

Macro recording, key customization, lighting switching and other keyboard driver functions are available, and these functions are enough for a keyboard.

Although RGB does not support single-key customization, the default lighting presets give 20 music rhythms and 4 effects, so many lighting effects are enough.

After turning on the light, the battery life will shrink from 100 hours to 10 hours. If you like lights, I suggest using it as a wired keyboard.

The only downside is that this driver does not currently support storage in the status bar. If you want to use the music rhythm function, the driver must be resident in the task bar. Although this does not affect the use, it is quite uncomfortable to occupy an icon position all the time. Hope this feature can be updated in the future.

Now that the objective part is over, let’s talk about my personal subjective feelings about this keyboard.

I am not a custom player, and the number of keyboards I have used is relatively small.

The only ones I have used before are Cherry’s green switches, red switches, tea switches, and the tea switches and red switches of Internet cafes.

In terms of feel, I think the BOX white switch of this keyboard is more like a heavier blue switch, and the rebound is also very fast. It is the kind of heavy but not fleshy switch.

Before this, I have been using Cherry tea shaft code words.

After switching to BOX white this time, the paragraph feeling and the brown shaft are completely different experiences when coding. What makes me uncomfortable is that the BOX white is more tiring than the brown shaft after using it for a long time.

The keycaps are perfect, both the original and the 4 included are PBT.

The workmanship is also commendable, with hardly any burrs on the bottom of the keycaps.

You don’t have to worry about anything else. The workmanship of the keyboard can’t be faulted. As a peripheral manufacturer with a history of more than 20 years and its own factory, don’t worry about its experience in manufacturing and quality control.

Because I used the standard 87 keys before, the biggest impact on this keyboard is the adaptation to the 100-key layout.

When I first started using this keyboard, there were often false touches. Although it is much better now, it may take a week or two to get used to it.

Finally, make a small summary.

In the price range in the early 400s, the overall workmanship and large key feel of this keyboard are among the best.

If I insist on a shortcoming: that is, the driver cannot receive the status bar, and it is very uncomfortable for me to have an unused icon in the taskbar.

The only thing you need to worry about is whether you can fit into the compact layout of 100 keys.

If you are interested in this upstart GM1000-Crane Dance Moonlight, copy the link below to your browser and go to Jingdong to buy it.

Now JD.com has a flash sale event: both the BOX white switch and the Box red switch are only 429 yuan. If you are not in a hurry, you can wait for the historically low price of 399 yuan.

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