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A set of keyboards that return to ordinary life (Dell wired keyboard KB216+MS116)

It is a bit interesting to record buying this keyboard. The keyboards used by computers range from ordinary membrane keyboards to mechanical keyboards with RGB, and then back to ordinary keyboards. It seems to use it or go back to the most original ordinary keyboard.

Let me tell you why I went back to using a normal keyboard and living at home. At the beginning, I used a normal keyboard worth 10 yuan, and gradually felt that some various functions are quite interesting, so I wanted to change to a new one to experience it, so I changed it. mechanical keyboard.

In exchange for a mechanical keyboard with RGB, it is also the most expensive keyboard personally bought. There are several problems that make me not want to buy it for home use:

1. The light emitted by the keyboard at night is light pollution, and I feel uncomfortable, so the light is always turned off when I buy it. After all, any button can be pressed with closed eyes even when the computer is used now.

2. There are children at home who come to play, no matter what time of day, they always come to take a few pictures. It is fun to watch the lights flashing back and forth, and it hurts to see myself. I was afraid that it would be ruined all of a sudden.

3. The crackling sound of typing late at night, I am afraid that it will affect the rest of the family.

So if you want to replace the keyboard this time, you should choose an ordinary one. The price doesn’t need to be too expensive, there are two types in the shopping cart:

The first is Logitech's MK220 wireless keyboard and mouse package, which costs 85 yuan per year.

The second is the Dell wired keyboard KB216+MS116 keyboard and mouse package, which costs 53 yuan per year.

I choose a wireless key mouse because I want to connect it to the TV to play games occasionally. This is a demand, but children hate electronic products with batteries. There are a lot of dry batteries at home, and they are everywhere. It is better to buy rechargeable ones. So forget it, and finally chose the second one.

Add to cart for a long time

A wireless keyboard and mouse worth more than 20 yuan

This cheap wireless keyboard and mouse, which has been left in a drawer next to the TV for several years, recently failed.

same price different price

There are two stores in Dong Ge’s store: Dell JD.com’s self-operated official flagship store and Dell’s peripheral JD.com’s self-operated flagship store. Both are self-operated stores, but the prices are different. You need to pay attention when purchasing. The model is the same. .

This is the arrival site

The keyboard and mouse are packaged in plastic bags.

Remove the plastic bag

Take a look at the mouse packaging first.

The outermost layer is a white color box

Information on the back

side manufacturer address

Sealant is good

Open and there is an inner box

Inner and outer box

and a plastic bag


very ordinary feel

Keyboard color box packaging



sealing glue

Inner and outer box

just a keyboard


floor mat




Complete indicator lights

test it online

The following mouse was purchased earlier on Tmall. It is the same product with the same price, but one mouse is also free shipping, so I bought it for emergency use at that time, but the packaging is different. Let’s compare it.

The printing on the front of the two inner boxes is slightly different

Typesetting on the back is different

different stickers

Instructions are also different


If you want to use it, you should use the original mouse set. The mouse also has 1000DPI, and you don’t have to worry about WIFI interference when wired. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out. The price of ordinary keyboard and mouse is ordinary, but people who play games should not Choose this one. Normal use is enough. I wish you all a happy life!

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