A three-mode mechanical keyboard that can last for 360 days, Durga K610w

For me, codewords are the norm at work. I just stay in front of the computer for several hours and code thousands of words. In this case, if I want to increase productivity as much as possible, I need to have a good mechanical keyboard. Of course, as a pseudo-wenqing with high aesthetic requirements, it is natural that the aesthetic requirements cannot be lowered.

It just so happens that the Duga Gudao K610W matte mechanical keyboard meets all my needs with its super-high appearance and super-powerful performance! I have owned a blue echo before, and now I have a green island, the jungle green complements the new green plants on the table, it's just you! Move the blue echo to the office, great!

open a box

A layer of black and dark green matte color box, the outer packaging is very stable and slightly artistic, and the inner layer of white inner box protects the keyboard very well. High quality is the quality that Dujia has always insisted on.

As mentioned earlier, Duga K610W has two colors of island and echo. The island is mainly dark green, and keyboards such as carriage return and space are in white color. The embellishment effect is very good, and the overall style of the keyboard has been significantly improved. Value straight up! Echo is mainly fog blue, very fresh, and I also like it very much.

Equipped with a dust cover, for users who often travel or like to save keyboards, this small accessory is very practical, and it is very convenient for storage and dust protection. If you live by the road, you need such a dust cover even more.

A keycap screwdriver and shaft puller are provided as a gift, which can meet the needs of users for DIY. This keyboard supports hot-swapping. You can directly replace the shaft or keycap on a whim, bringing more fun points to players.

I put it on the workbench, the color matching is very coordinated, and the overall look is very stylish. There are not too many easy-to-use and good-looking mechanical keyboards, each of which has its own unique taste, which is why I always like to save various keyboards.

Moreover, the 610w adopts a 104-key arrangement, which can meet the daily needs of most users, especially users who are accustomed to using small keyboards like me. This key design will greatly improve work efficiency and is also suitable for left-right touch typing.

Duga K610w uses the original height PBT two-color keycaps, and the front characters are made of two-color closed-end molding process. The PBT material is very wear-resistant, and the service life can be effectively improved. There will be oiling, and the feel is also very positive.

The thickness and support are very good, and the entire keyboard is visually comfortable without cheap plastic feeling.

The keycap adopts a design that is sunken in the middle and raised on the left and right, which can better avoid being brought to other keycaps when tapping, fits the arc of the finger better, and feels very comfortable to the touch.

The back of Durga Gudao K610 is ergonomically designed with beautiful lines. Even if the support feet are not opened, it can protect the wrist well, and you will not be too tired when typing on the keyboard for a long time.

If you like a more inclined keyboard placement angle, this mechanical keyboard also has a three-break foot design, which can be adjusted according to your own habits. It is very user-friendly and meets the needs of different users.

The four sides and the feet are equipped with non-slip pads, which are stable on the table and easy to use.

The receiver adopts a double protection design. Not only is it designed with an anti-lost card slot, but it also comes with a protective cover. If the anti-lost card slot is loose, the receiver will be lost.

The superposition of edge layers and the design of different colors make the keyboard have a strong sense of three-dimensionality as a whole. Hand, very practical and attractive design.

The indicator light is located on the upper right of the keyboard. The twill design and the embellishment of the green floor match well with the entire keyboard. The small light can indicate the status of Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G wireless and Type C to USB wired connection, which is full of practicality .

Durga K610w supports wired + wireless + bluetooth three connection methods, there is no doubt about the price/performance ratio, mechanical keyboards at the same price rarely support all three modes.

The on/off key is on the upper left of the keyboard. In fact, I seldom turn on and off this key. It has a one-year battery life, and I don’t care about power consumption at all.

Durga K610W not only supports Windows system computers, Android, tablet or Apple mobile phones, it is also perfectly compatible with MacBook. What's more intimate is that the keyboard supports dual-platform operation at the same time. For the convenience of users, the official also prepared additional replacement keycaps, corresponding to the function keys in the IOS system: three Mac keycaps, including one Option keycap and two Command keycap.

In actual use, the Bluetooth device connection supports two groups. After the first connection, the subsequent switch to Bluetooth mode will automatically connect to the device. After a long time of use, the switching is also very smooth, responsive, and there is no interruption. Even the situation.

As for the key switch, Dujia K610w has red switches, tea switches, silver switches, and mute red switches to choose from. To put it simply: among the five types, the red axis has the lowest pressure in grams, only 40g. For friends who need to code for a long time like me, the red axis is very suitable, and the long-term code will not be too tiring , used to play games will also have another experience; the tea switch is the representative of the "universal switch", with a pressure of 60g, which is well-known among people in the outer circle and favored by many players, whether it is typing or playing games , can make people get an extremely comfortable experience for a long time; the silver axis pressure is 45g, known as the axis of speed, but because it is too sensitive, sometimes it is easier to touch other keys by mistake.

You can make choices based on your actual needs. If you are an office crowd, or if you have a lot of code words, you can choose the mute red switch of this keyboard like me. You are not afraid of disturbing others. If you are at home, you can occasionally play games. Also still very good.

Durga K610w supports driver software, allowing users to edit keyboard keys, macro settings and a variety of exclusive configuration files according to their usual habits. For designers and game lovers, I need to use some clips in my daily life. When using custom shortcuts, the work efficiency will be improved and the practicality will be full. The most important thing is that the keyboard has a built-in storage function. After setting, even if the device is replaced and connected, it does not need to be reset, which really makes me extremely dependent on it.

The most prominent thing about Durga K610W is its battery life, which fully demonstrates its status as a benchmark for wireless keyboards. It is worthy of being a keyboard that makes wireless a LOGO alone. According to the official introduction, when it is fully charged, it can work for 8 hours a day. The Durga K610W can last for 360 days in Bluetooth mode and 200 days in 2.4G wireless mode. This means that charging for three hours can last a whole year. In fact, my Echo was really used last year and has not been charged yet. With this super battery life design, I really don’t have to worry about it. Even if I take it out, I don’t have to worry about forgetting the cable.

Since I became a loyal user of the Durga keyboard, I have never encountered problems such as failure, disconnection, and insensitivity of the keys. Focused work is interrupted. Dujia has achieved the ultimate in terms of feel, appearance, sensitivity, and materials, and it is not inferior to friends who use some high-priced gaming keyboards in all aspects.

Durga keyboards always exceed my favorite expectations. Since I have saved five Durga keyboards, each with its own characteristics, the long battery life of Durga K610w far exceeds expectations when it is actually used. Satisfied, and I chose the silent red switch, even if there are people reading books around me, I will not feel disturbed. What amazed me the most is this custom design. Having said so much, if you want to try changing the keyboard, You might as well give Durga K610w a chance, I believe it will make you marvel that the original mechanical keyboard is better than imagined.

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