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A variety of combination playing methods, Luofei Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard will be customized to the end

When it comes to customization, most people will immediately think of keyboards. Nowadays, there are indeed more and more mechanical keyboards that advertise customization on the market. However, in my mind, the brand that can truly customize the keyboard to the end is Lofree.

Why do you say that? Because Lofree has also specially designed a WeChat applet for customized keyboards - Lofree Build. The interface design of the Lofree building applet is very intuitive. It is clear at a glance how to choose from different series and different themes. I chose the optional version of the TOUCH small warp switch body this time, and then combined and matched the body, switch body and keycap according to my own preferences. The fuselage chooses Xiaoqiao 68 cement gray, the switch body chooses Jiadalong G yellow switch, and the keycap is the theme of Don’t forget the starry sky. Although I have played a lot of mechanical keyboards, it is the first time that I choose based on my own aesthetics and preferences.

The 3 optional components of the keyboard are packaged independently, and there are many necessary accessories, including the key puller necessary for installing the keycap. In addition, I also counted the number of shafts, there are 71 in total, and there are 3 extra spares, very good!

Before installing the keyboard, let's take a look at Xiaoqiao's body. It has two options of 68 keys and 100 keys. This time I chose the cement gray model with 68 keys. In fact, I was worried that the real product would not look as good as the pictures on the Internet, but after receiving it, I really liked it, with a kind of metallic cool style. Looking at the workmanship, it is worthy of praise. You can touch it with your hands and it won't snap. It really deserves to be made by a big factory, and the quality control is strict.

As for the themed keycaps, Lofree provides more choices, and I believe it will continue to increase in the future, so you can always choose one that appeals to you. Xiaoqiao uses PBT sublimation keycaps, both the characters and patterns are very clear, and it has the advantages of durable wear-resisting, non-greasing, and long-term use without fading.

Because I usually input text more often, I chose the quieter Jiadalong G Yellow Axis Pro. The total stroke of this shaft is 4.0±0.4mm, the action stroke is 2.0±0.6mm, the trigger pressure is 50±15gf, and a new anti-oxidation gold contact is used inside the shaft, and the trigger life can reach 80 million times. It is a popular axis that takes into account both office and games.

Jiadalong G Yellow Switch Pro is a two-pin switch that supports hot-swappable switches. When installing, pay attention to aligning the two pins with the holes and inserting them. Although it is the first time to install the shaft body, it is much easier than imagined. However, it is a bit difficult to pull out the shaft, and you need to use the small tool of the shaft puller, so once again, as a friendly reminder, you must straighten the pins of the shaft before installing it.

After installing the shaft body, the last step is to install the keycap. This is not difficult at all, but some keycaps have patterns, so it will be relatively time-consuming. I accidentally messed up the keycaps at the beginning, so it took me a while. I suggest that the manufacturer's accessories include a keyboard sequence diagram, so that it is much easier to refer to the installation. Users can also either leave the keycaps undisturbed or take a photo with their phone before installing.

At the moment when everything is installed, I feel quite comfortable admiring my "work". I think this is the fun that customization can bring me. Xiaoqiao 68 adopts no punch design, the body size is 310 x 109 x 51.1 mm, and the weight is about 720 grams. It is a three-mode mechanical keyboard that supports three connection methods: wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth.

Online appearance has always been a highlight of Lofree products, and Xiaoqiao 68 is naturally very nice. It gives people a small and fresh impression of literature and art as a whole, embellished with an embossed brand LOGO on the front and right side of the fuselage.

Viewed from the side, the keyboard is tilted in a certain arc. The battery compartment on the bottom of the fuselage is equivalent to its elevated tripod. The arrangement of the keycaps is stepped. Use the keyboard more efficiently without wrist fatigue.

Xiaoqiao 68 is powered by 3 AAA size batteries. Depending on the actual usage, the battery life is about 3-4 weeks, which can meet the needs of most people.

There is also a storage compartment next to the battery compartment, which is used to store the 2.4G wireless receiver, which can be taken out when needed, and put back on the contrary, so that you don’t have to worry about losing this small accessory.

There is a power knob dial on the upper right and lower side of the keyboard. There are 3 levels of adjustment, namely OFF, ON and 2.4G/BT. You can switch between wired mode and wireless mode by turning the knob.

On the side of the knob is the Type-C interface. After connecting the cable, you can use the wired mode, but I still prefer the wireless mode in most cases.

Because Xiaoqiao 68 adopts Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it has good compatibility. It can connect with up to 3 groups of Bluetooth devices. It can easily switch back and forth between wireless connected devices through the FN button and the corresponding button, eliminating the need for repeated disconnection of Bluetooth devices. Even trouble.

From the actual use point of view, the performance of Xiaoqiao 68 is quite in line with my expectations. Thanks to the addition of silicone sandwich pads in the internal structure of the keyboard, it can effectively reduce the cavity sound when pressing the keys, and it is relatively quiet. ; and Jiadalong G Yellow Axis Pro can bring an excellent silky feel, coupled with the fast trigger speed, so it is quite suitable for daily office work or game combat. The last thing I want to say is: Although customized mechanical keyboards are still a minority, as long as the price is right, I believe most people are still willing to try it, and Lofree provides us with such a platform. This time I plan to customize a small 100-key keyboard for a friend.

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