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About the fact that I bought a keyboard for nothing in a certain place

A while ago on zdm, I saw a post about picking up garbage in a spare parts warehouse in Dongduobao Island. I just planned to change the keyboard, and I happened to go to see a FE 87 RGB version of a certain stone (that is, the full-key hot-swappable version) was in the auction, so I thought about trying it casually, and finally got it with a bid of more than 50

After a few days of waiting for the mail from Guangzhou, the appearance and condition of the hands are still good. But it is obvious that it has been dismantled and repaired, and even a screw on the shell has been replaced. Even if the color is wrong, it has already been twisted. (Actually, I discovered it later when I took it apart and looked at it myself). I didn't take pictures at the time, and now I don't post pictures until it's been disassembled and repaired. Personally, the texture and feel are better than the old GK50Z, but it is an entry-level low-end keyboard, so don’t ask for too much.

However, when I tested it later, I found that the c key and the v key could not be triggered. ? (Could it be that this was repaired by a programmer after it was worn out? ) Because I heard that the quality of the original axles in their home seems to be not good, I thought the axle was broken, so I took another axle and tried it, but it didn’t work. . . So I thought about sending it back to see if it can be repaired. After all, the spare parts warehouse still has a half-year warranty. Submit the after-sales application, and then there will be a customer service call to communicate with the customary self-operated after-sales service of Dongdong. Probably because people think that it is troublesome to send this thing back and forth for repair, so they directly said that the full amount will be refunded and there is no need to return the product. Naturally, I agreed. So far, it's just a story of a bad keyboard who got paid for nothing. But then I thought, since it was all prostitutes, and I had a soldering iron in hand, I might as well try to repair it, and it wouldn’t hurt if it broke, so I took it apart to see what the problem was. When the pcb is disassembled and turned over, what you see is the traces of water ingress and corrosion, and there are many sediments at the bottom of the shell. . . . If it wasn't for free whoring, would it be a little bit of a loss if you think about it this way. . . However, there seems to be no problem with the rust on the pcb, just wipe it off.

It has been wiped once by me, but there is still a lot of sediment left in the

I tested the two problematic keys with a multimeter. I thought it was the shaft seat that was welded in the middle and removed a shaft seat, but it was not. . . In the end, it is just roughly judged that there is a problem with the positive direction (just call it that, just know what I mean), but I don't know where the problem is. What I thought at the time was to fly a wire from a nearby key to solve it. The actual test can also be triggered correctly, but it seems that I can’t press it at the same time. So I bought a circle of ok wire and a replacement shaft seat, and when the thing arrived, I flew two wires and finished. (Although there is a Dupont cable on hand, it seems that you can’t use the flying cable if you want to save money, but it’s too hard, so it’s better to buy a coil)

But one day later, I had nothing to do, so I checked it again. It seemed that the problem was with the triode connected to the c and v keys. After specific observation, it was found that the positive pin of the triode was broken. Observe the silk screen a3. Search (you can also search 1ss181), two yuan and five free shipping for 50 pieces, then place an order and wait for the delivery.

The triode where the fault is located. The photo may not be very obvious to see the broken pin, and the rosin around the pad is also dirty.

The next step is the arrival of the goods and welding. I have to say that the relatively large shaft seat is okay, and the small components of this kind of patch are really difficult to solder (if it is solder paste + heat gun, will it be much easier?), we are not specialized in repairing this Yes, the experience is limited to the devices that have tried to solder the jack of the mouse micro-movement before. When there is one pin left, the hand holding the soldering iron is still shaking. . In the end, although the welding is ugly, it can be used anyway. . . At that time, I thought it was over, but when the shaft was installed, the shaft seat was too close, and the shaft pins directly dried the shaft seat with the pad. , but fortunately, although the line is pulled out, it is not broken, so you don't need to fly the line (There seems to be a problem with the logistics of the coil I bought, and it has not arrived for a week.) Be careful to stick the pad back with hot melt adhesive and reinforce the shaft seat. There is no problem in the test, then you're done, and you have successfully obtained a piece of free prostitution. A bad keyboard becomes a working keyboard for nothing

It's not pretty, but it works anyway. Anyway, after installing it, I can't see these places.

In terms of profit, this keyboard should be considered an entry-level one. Even if it is new, it is not very expensive, but it is still second-hand, so it is not worth much at all. But if you can get something for nothing by picking up garbage, and it can be used normally after a little tinkering, it’s okay to be happy . But I still have to say that picking up trash is risky.

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