About the fact that I spent 170 yuan (kit + keycap + shaft body) to build a cheap ass A3 keyboard

In November last year, I spent 171.3 yuan to assemble a cheap donkey A3, including the cheap donkey A3 kit, 100 ash wood V3 shafts, and the keycaps were removed from vgn811. Personally, I think the price is still good. Very good!

At the beginning, I had a vgn811 in my hand, but because the use scenarios are at home and at work, and I need two keyboards, I thought about adding another keyboard; I am still very satisfied with the 75 configuration, so I continued to choose the 75 configuration keyboard .

For the configuration of 75, because I have already experienced the screen, I want to choose a kit with knobs this time. When I bought it, the xj80 of Xiongjiang’s peripherals was also released, with a color screen ➕ knob, but at that time I didn’t dare to try it because it was new (the first batch of this kind of customization often has many small problems to be improved), but There is also the K75 like KZZi, but because I have already used it and have little interest, I still choose the A3, which has been out for a long time. Of course, there was another reason for such a low price at the time. Compared with other 75 configurations, generally speaking, it is quite good to be able to buy a kit with good quality at a price of less than 150.

Tell me how you got this price. First of all, the price of the kit is 251.16. At that time, Pinduoduo’s cheap donkey store was offering a discount of 299-50. There was a 299-50 coupon on pdd’s official event page. The products inside are worth more than 300 yuan. Finally, the retro gray (without RGB) is 156+, and the black orange (with RGB) is 176+. Because my vgn811 is already a light-colored kit, so this time I chose the black orange with RGB model.

After I got it, because of the packaging problem, the customer service refunded me 20 yuan; I also sent 10 wallaby shafts, 2.25 a piece, and the final kit price was about 134. (I placed another order and sold it to someone else. I earned part of the price difference and gave away 10 kangaroo shafts. Counting this part of my own kit cost price is less than 100).

In addition, with the tens of billions of subsidy, 37 pieces of 100 ash wood V3 (really high cost performance) shafts and keycaps removed with VGN811, the cost price after assembly is 134 + 34 = 171 now.

First of all, the satellite axis bought from this keyboard needs to be adjusted, and it is difficult to adjust. If you have a spare, you can directly replace the satellite axis. Secondly, many people say that the splint needs to be removed for the battery board at the back. I haven’t removed it here, but I can’t experience it if I don’t use it carefully. It is true that the position of the battery board will be a little harder.

As far as the comparison between the A3 and VGN811 is concerned, the A3 will be more elastic and softer overall, while the 811 wins because of its better appearance. The overall weight of the A3 is also relatively light, and the knobs are actually not very practical. The main thing is that it is more convenient to adjust the mute.

At present, I have replaced the A3 with a rich wine red ➕ double-segment spring, and a set of late cherry two-color keycaps. I am still very satisfied with this kit.

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