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Accessories are too expensive to replace the original Microsoft Surface alternative gameplay Rapoo Bluetooth keyboard XK200S

As the orthodox of small portable Win-based tablet computers, Microsoft’s surface series computers have been adhering to the product positioning of high configuration, high performance, and high profile, and have been working quietly. The eighth-generation Surface pro is also inadvertently released by many people. Friends with strong strength may have already placed an order to start. It is a bit early for me to start Surface Pro. The core of the Pro4 generation is the i5 6300 processor. It sounds like an ancient productivity tool.

Today I am going to replace the original Surface keyboard that has been bald for a long time. I shared the content of self-modification and repairing the keyboard in the early days. This is the worst thing for many users. Tinkering around doesn't bring peace of mind. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on Rapoo’s surface accessories. It’s compatible with the 34567 generation of the PRO series. I took advantage of the 618 to start decisively.

As we all know, the original keyboard of the Surface is a magnetic contact accessory, and the Rapoo accessory keyboard uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version, and there will be no conflict with other Bluetooth devices when it is adapted and used. It is simply a replacement accessory. , very outstanding presence? It is also the latest upgraded version that supports Type-C charging. After a period of use, I would like to share the good news.

The blue-green packaging of Rapoo is eye-catching, and it is still the top product of the brand VI. We will slowly expand the explanation content here.

The reason why I insist on using Surface is that I like to write while rolling on the bed occasionally. Although the computer is a bit old, it is still a great device for word processing and occasional entertainment. An obtrusive keyboard does affect my creativity. There is no fancy configuration out of the box, the keyboard, charging cable, and the manual are nothing more.

It can be seen that the Rapoo KX200S has no sense of dissonance with the original accessories, it is simply carved out of the same mold. The size and specification are exactly the same as the PRO computer.

There is no printing on the cover, and it is also made of suede. It feels the same production process, the same high-end atmosphere.

The keys feel amazing too. With the same quality and appearance, one hundred yuan accessories can also be so excellent.

The keyboard adaptation instructions printed on the transparent sticker on the keyboard can be easily replaced through Bluetooth adaptation. The workmanship and materials in the details are all presented in the attitude of who can give up.

The charging interface position of Type-C on the right side of the keyboard. It is no problem to charge for 2 hours and work for two or three days. Let you move bricks and do things without fear.

Where the Rapoo XK200 keyboard is connected to the magnetic suction, the 1:1 reduction points out.

The keyboard touchpad is equally comfortable and easy to use, with a high-precision touchpad that supports 4-finger operation and gesture operation. The same fiber PU fabric has ample texture and weight. The grinding of the edges is also refined everywhere.

The keyboard comes with 3 brightness adjustments, 7 different RGB lights, tentacle control, and simple tapping to complete the look you want.

It's kind of hard to put it down. Appearance, RGB one-stop. Why not use Pennefather XK200S, I believe light is the best expression.

The opening position of 1:1 makes you fall in love with its operation moment in a second.

One stick, self-priming, the fire of the surface series, all aspects have been considered

Almost the same experience as the original accessories, multi-angle available, enjoy the same feeling as PRO accessories.

Multi-angle usage scenarios, simple adaptation mode. Replace the original accessories. Part-time jobs don't work too well.

The Pennefather Bluetooth keyboard XK200S makes the Surface computer like a duck in water. Cheap and easy to use accessories, who can say it is not good enough. Spend the least amount of money and do the biggest thing. Rapoo deserves to be the conscience of the industry, allowing more Surface users to buy affordable accessories, thanks for bringing such a great product.

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