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Adorable high-value peripherals at a glance: Luofei's new Xiaoqiao cute cat-themed keyboard starts to share

The protagonist I share today is Lofree, a well-known trendy peripheral brand known for its personalized design concept. Not long ago, its new product launch event once again maxed out my circle of friends, except for the blind In addition to the cool crystal keyboard "1% preference", it also launched a new small warped Bluetooth mechanical keyboard that can freely choose the theme keycap, shaft body and arrangement.

To put it simply, users can use Lofree’s official mini-program “Lofree Build” to personalize the keyboard’s color scheme, arrangement, shaft, and various themed keycaps according to their own style preferences. Currently, there are Tofu There are two kinds of shell colors, gray and cement gray, 68 keys and 100 keys, two configurations, Jiadalong G yellow, Jiadalong G red, Jiadalong CJ fence, TTC gold powder, Kaihua BOX white and Kaihua jellyfish, etc. The shaft body and the themed keycaps are even more abundant. In addition to the cute cat-themed keycaps that the author chose for the little fairy at home, there are more than 20 other personalized themes with different styles to choose from. The author is thinking about the future More themed keycaps will continue to be added.

It is worth mentioning that Luo Fei officially launched the co-creation plan at the recent press conference, which means to encourage more designers to join in the design and creation of keycaps. Careful friends will find that all the theme keycaps have an extra 20 yuan designer tipping fee to encourage more excellent original keycap works to be released. I am optimistic about this development concept of design co-creation, I believe Only in this way can the personalization of desktop peripherals be continuously satisfied.

Back to the main character, since the author chose the key cap optional version of the standard Jiadalong G red switch instead of the switch body keycap optional version, what I received was the keyboard with the switch body installed and the key cap separately. Box (guess that the optional version of the switch body keycap will have three boxes? You also need to install the switch body yourself). Because the keycaps are already arranged in the order of position in the box, after disassembly, they can be transported to the keyboard according to the gourd painting and installed, which is very simple and friendly for novice users.

Regarding this set of cute cat-themed keycaps in kawaii pink style, it is absolutely cute and cute. Not only is the pink and tender color scheme quite pleasing to girls, but also various cat-related cartoons created by professional designers The pattern is also full of details, I believe that the majority of shit shoveling officer friends will be cute at a glance. And careful friends will find that all the numbers and alphabetic symbols also adopt cartoon-style elements, which truly achieve an interesting visual impression that complements the theme picture.

Of course, the material of the keycaps is not without surprises using high-quality PBT sublimation keycaps, which can not only avoid the embarrassing oiling of the keycaps caused by sweat stains on the hands, but also outperform the ABS keycaps in terms of durable wear. The touch of the buttons is very delicate and comfortable.

And the standard Jiadalong G red switch, its straight up and down linear output is very light and smooth, whether it is playing games or typing, the feel performance is excellent. Of course, if you want to experience the feel of other switches, you can also purchase the switch later by yourself. Compared with the switch of this small keyboard, the switch of the switch is a full-key hot-swappable switch design, so there is no need to worry about the trouble of soldering. , fully enjoy the fun brought by customization.

As for the main body of the keyboard, the 100-key version is much smaller than the mainstream full-size keyboards on the market. It not only retains the numeric keypad area, but also takes into account the compact and narrow frame design. It can be seen from its three-dimensional size of 367mm * 129mm * 54.5mm One spot.

At the same time, this keyboard is perfectly compatible with Win/Mac/IOS/Android several mainstream operating systems in addition to the full-key design, supports three connection modes, and can be connected to up to 5 devices at the same time. By the way, compared with the first-generation small warp keyboard released earlier, the latest version has added a silicone sandwich pad under the positioning plate to improve the performance of noise reduction and shock absorption.

In terms of wireless power supply, the new Xiaoqiao keyboard is still powered by three AAA batteries, but it is based on the blessing of automatic energy-saving technology, which makes the power consumption very low. We all know the most power-saving connection method It is Bluetooth, and 2.4G is relatively power-hungry, so according to different connection methods and personal usage habits, under normal circumstances, the battery life of 3 batteries can reach 3-6 months. In addition, what is more considerate is that when the 2.4G receiver is not in use, it can be stored in the card slot next to the battery compartment, which can effectively avoid the problem of loss.

Written at the end, I have to say that when everyone is used to traditional mechanical keyboards that are either black or white, it is true that Lofree’s Xiaoqiao series keyboards that are full of personality and support custom selection according to personal preferences make people instantly feel at ease. Bright, compared to the high threshold of customization for keyboard enthusiasts, there is no doubt that the Xiaobai self-service package provided by Lofree is easier for the public to accept, especially suitable for the preferences of the eclectic majority of beauty-loving children. , I wonder if you in front of the screen also want to buy such an exclusive keyboard? Then act quickly!

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