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After using the mechanical keyboard JZ750 Moon Shadow Yellow made in Beijing

It has been almost a month since I got the keyboard, and I wrote the article with my mobile phone in half a month, but because of the network switch, the entire article disappeared, and then the lazy cancer broke out, and it has been delayed until the good start. I will never admit that it is because of tonight Pay the balance so send out the review before the new keyboard arrives


I don’t know which little cute (bushi) had an idea, so the style was named Desert Wind Smoke, but the color matching uses the bald shimmer keycap style.

The black and yellow color scheme, the letter area and the color of the upper cover are white to yellow, which has the feeling of an old-fashioned big-head computer, of course, the texture is more delicate.

I want to see the workmanship of Shuikou and suddenly remembered that the keycap has been sold from Xianyu for 35 yuan a few days ago, um...then skip this link.

Bay-Mahu OEM

Don't ask me why it's named that, I don't know either. I didn’t know about Mahu before. To be honest, the first time I got it was quite cheap (at least half of it fell on the name of the OEM).

Dual-stage feet, 3000mAh battery, Gasket structure, these are the basic operations. But what is the most outrageous? There is no 2.4G storage compartment, which is worthy of a reverse praise.

No storage compartment is equivalent to cutting off 2.4G, God knows when I will lose that thing.

The knob is a point that must be praised. The reason why I bought this keyboard is because it has a knob and the price is cheap. The price is 250+ in early October (does it mean that I have to wait for the bald 75V8 for half a year? ), the knob should be the keyboard trend in the future, you can adjust the sound, backlight, press to mute, and other keyboards can also customize the driver.


Comes with a braided data cable, shaft puller and key puller, screwdriver and hex wrench for disassembly, 2.4G transmitter, and two small parts to fix the positioning plate.

Moon Shadow Yellow Axis

The brand-new Jingzao Moon Shadow Yellow Axis, light pressure, cost-effective choice - as we all know that Jingzao does not produce products, it can be called the largest OEM in China.

So if you want a particularly stable feel, forget it. The pressure of the Moon Shadow Yellow axis is 47+-10. I personally feel that it is a little heavier and the sound is relatively muffled.

After dismantling the letter area and replacing it with the Dareu sky switch V1 bought by Xianyu, the sky switch is crisper and the feel is greatly improved.

I took a picture at that time, but I can't find the picture, so let's take a look at the light effect picture.


The backlight of the JZ750 is white, but after changing the axis, the scattered light turns blue, which is actually quite nice.

Dareu keycaps

I bought a set of sky-blue keycaps when I collected the sky switches. I think Dareu’s themed keycaps are pretty good-looking.

In addition, there is no 2.4G storage compartment is a big problem, but!

customized! Can it be customized by only changing the shaft body and changing the keycap? ?

Magnetic absorption

I directly add two NdFeB magnets to change it to magnetic absorption!

At first it was intended to be installed on the front side, but the combined thickness of the upper and lower shells weakened the magnetic force, and finally the blank area next to the arrow keys was selected.

It can be held by a large swing, and the effect should be better when it is packed and carried.

no dust cover

no RGB backlight

No number area (inconvenient to enter a large number of numbers in the office)

In view of the above factors

Of course, I have to buy another keyboard~!

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