Ai Shishi's 98-key new color matching keyboard does not know whether it will kill women, but it will definitely kill men!

In the first few days, I somehow received an Ai Stone FE Pro98 mechanical keyboard with RGB backlight. At that time, I was still thinking, which boss understands me so well? Although my appearance is a bit rough, I understand that I like this kind of fresh color keyboard. Then I took it apart excitedly, but after a few days, I was pulled into a group without any warning. Oh, it turned out that my boss gave it to me.

It happened to be used for a few days, and by the way, I would like to share with you my experience~

Everyone has seen the appearance and color matching. It has a very high appearance value. It is made of black, white, and blue keyboards, forming a very fresh style and very recognizable. The name is also very nice: Yanshui Stone, isn’t it very poetic and picturesque? There are also two colors of cherry cloud crystal and volcanic rock, which make me very excited. In terms of color matching, Ai Shitou understands aesthetics~

The small size also has a large number of keys, 98 keyboard arrangement, basically all of them are available, but it saves more space than ordinary keyboards, and saves desktop space compared to 105 keyboards, nice!

Thanks to the built-in three layers of sound-absorbing cotton, it can effectively reduce the resonance sound of typing on the keyboard. The sound of typing on the keyboard is very crisp and feels good. Even fast code words can bounce back smoothly and quickly. I feel a sense of accomplishment~

Support three-mode connection, 2.4g wireless, low-latency 5.0 Bluetooth mode, wired connection, Microsoft Apple Android Hongmeng devices are available, which greatly expands the application scenarios of the keyboard, and also makes the wireless desktop cleaner~

The battery life is also very good, with a built-in 3800mAh capacity lithium battery, if it is used normally, there is no problem for a month and a half.

The RGB light effect that moves with the sound, has 1680W color RGB light effect, and the visual effect is better. With the backlight turned on, playing a few games at this time is really cool and very atmospheric~

The hot-swappable shaft seat is used to adapt to most shafts in the world, and you can easily replace the shaft you like

By the way, there is also a magnetic metal nameplate on this keyboard, and students can DIY a personalized nameplate to replace it. cool~

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