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Akatsuki Story Chapter 119:75 Arrangement volume knob, five-axis joystick or dry battery wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard Hands-on experience: HELLO GANSS HS 7

Hello everyone, I am Xiaofeiying!

As a digital enthusiast, I also like to explore and explore in many parallel fields to make life a little more fun.

When I first saw this mechanical keyboard of GANSS HS 75T, I was actually attracted by the knob buttons. The mechanical keyboard with 75 configuration basically meets most of the daily needs, and at the same time does not occupy the position of the desktop, so I took advantage of the preview As a sales activity, I placed an order for the HS 75T mechanical keyboard with a wallaby switch for 399 yuan.

What's more outrageous is that because of the Shenzhen epidemic, the keycap factory temporarily stopped production, so we had to send the keyboard without keycaps first, and then wait for the keycaps to resume production before sending them. Later, it was said that the OEM keycaps can be faster, and the original keycaps are slower. I chose the original factory, so I waited for more than half a month with a keyboard without keycaps. The keycap shown in the picture is another canned express.

Open the package of HS 75T, and you can see the green wallaby switch body at a glance. If you want to change the keycap yourself, it saves you the effort of pulling out the keycap.

Accessory keycaps and shaft tools are included, as well as replacement parts for the volume knob.

The price of the wallaby switch is 100 yuan more expensive than other switches. It has a large-scale tactile feeling in advance. It uses a double-stage gold-plated spring. The trigger pressure is about 43gf, which is slightly higher than the TTC gold powder switch. The code will feel good. However, there is no fence structure for the wallaby axis, and there may be a slight shake after the keycap is installed.

The hot-swappable knob in the upper right corner also supports custom replacement. The infinite knob can adjust the volume and press to mute. I used to prefer the dedicated volume button on the multimedia keyboard, which is very convenient for blind operation.

The black knob keycap can be easily removed, and you can see a knob with a groove underneath, which can replace the transparent keycap to increase light transmittance. To be honest, the appearance of these two keycaps is average, but I haven't found a good replacement yet.

At first I thought it would be difficult to remove the lower shaft, but after trying a few times to give up, I suddenly saw a gap on the edge, so I took it off with a little ingenuity. The bottom is actually a five-axis hole, so it can be normal Install the shaft body, the difference is that there is a five-hole interface on the left.

So the metal points of this volume knob are mainly the five pins on the side. I have never seen this kind of shaft before. Remember to be careful not to bend these five pins when restoring.

The design of the five-axis joystick below is very interesting. It can be regarded as a highlight of GANSS. At present, it can realize the type switching and speed conversion of RGB lighting. It is not known whether it can customize functions in the later stage, such as color adjustment and other operations.

The satellite axis of the big key seems to be not smooth.

The shaft supports hot swapping, and the bottom is also a five-hole slot, which is compatible with all shafts.

Another highlight of this HS 75T is the dry battery design on the back. There are two battery compartments on the left and right. A total of 4 AA batteries can be installed. In fact, only one side can be installed to drive. The advantage of four dry batteries is that the standby time is very long (no Turn on the backlight), easy to replace the battery, don't worry about the life of the built-in battery, the disadvantage is that charging is not so convenient. Another biggest notch is that this keyboard obviously supports RGB, but it can only be turned on by a USB wired connection. It is estimated that the wireless cannot turn on RGB for fear of fast power consumption, even if it is for the user to choose.

The foot pad on the back of the keyboard supports two-stage adjustment, which is also standard. The USB receiver is supported under the right foot pad. This detail is not bad.

The buttons and interfaces are placed behind the back of the keyboard. The third gear represents 2.4G wireless connection, wired connection, and Bluetooth connection. The Type-C interface on the far right is the direct connection device. Because it is a dry battery, it does not support charging, only supports Provides power to the RGB backplane.

After reading the switch body, it was painful to install the keycaps. A jar was thrown over, and there was no arrangement. I had to install it on the product page. I really should wait for the factory to resume work before delivering together.

The color scheme I bought is ten brocade. To put it bluntly, it is a combination of black and pink. It is a bit like Olivia’s color scheme, but it is very different from the pink color of Akko’s previous MDA keycaps. This is a gold-pink color with low saturation.

Some buttons are given dual color options, such as the space bar.

However, when the keycaps are flipped to the back, they can see the rough side, and the spouts are not polished. It feels like the keycaps were made in a hurry after the factory was restored, and all the spouts of the keycaps have not been polished. I comforted myself that I couldn't touch it after it was well, so I had to use it first.

The process of arranging the keycaps and installing them is about 20 minutes. I helped GANSS save the labor cost of keycap installation, so I should give me a discount...

After finishing the keycaps, there are 62 extra keycaps. I don’t know if the original HS 75T with keycaps will also come with these keycaps.

The black powder color scheme looks good, but the texture is still a little bit worse than the spherical keycaps of Akko MDA.

However, someone who bought HS 75T on the Internet said two questions. I seem to have been tricked, that is, F10 and the number 8. It is obvious that the font is thinner than others. I don’t know if it is the pot of the font or the printing. The pot is not a big problem, you can only see it if you look carefully.

In addition, the volume button knob feels good, but there will be a slight creak when pressed, and the five-axis button feels good.

To experience RGB, you must use a data cable. It comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable, but an adapter is provided, so almost any device is compatible.

People who have played with RGB keyboards are probably familiar with the types of lights. There are solid colors, breathing lights, candles, fades, pulses, etc., and they are all equivalent to switching keycaps. Translucency Not too bad, not too harsh. It is more fun to use the five-axis buttons to quickly adjust the RGB operation, but it is a pity that wiring is required. According to my habit, it must be used wirelessly, and I will experience the lights at the beginning of the game.

Play a few animations to feel it.

After I experienced this GANSS HS 75T, I quickly gave it to my wife as a gift. It was also stuffed hard, so as not to say that I wasted money. The 75 keyboard is mainly prepared for some small desktop space. The black pink and her anywhere3 pink mouse are a perfect match, so I finally accepted it.

Advantages: 75 configuration is a popular choice recently. After all, not everyone needs a small numeric keypad; the volume knob button is very practical, especially for blind operation; the five-axis joystick is a creative experience, and its practicability needs to be developed; dry battery design It can prolong the practical life of the keyboard, and the battery life is also high; the code words of the wallaby switch feel very good, and the price-performance ratio is good at 399 yuan.

Disadvantages: the delivery is too slow, the production of keycaps has not been polished too much, there are spouts and printing defects, several colors of HS 75T are not particularly advanced, ten samples are slightly better; RGB mode must have a wired connection to use , the practicability is reduced; there is no gasket structure, and the shaft itself is not silent, slightly loud, but the sound is good.

In fact, the pre-sale price of 399 yuan basically covered up those shortcomings. GANSS HS 75T is a relatively affordable player at this price. Friends who are interested in small configurations can try it, but don’t install the keycaps yourself. If the rod can be developed and continued as a bright spot, it will probably be more playable.

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