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Akko 5075S lying in the shopping cart for a while, buy or not?

I looked at the shopping website. I have been in contact with mechanical keyboards since 2015. The first mechanical keyboard was Razer’s Black Widow competitive version. (qian) Road, it has been 7 years now. From the time when I only knew Razer and Logitech, from then I only knew that Cherry is the best, and now the domestic peripheral manufacturers are contending, and the domestic switches are blooming. Some groups Long custom shafts are even more numerous. I have also gone from ignorant and half-knowledge to now being able to express some immature opinions on today's keyboards.

I believe that some friends in the key circle know that before the popular 98 series, basically every domestic peripheral manufacturer has its own 98 series or 98-like, 96-like keyboards. However, because of a certain patent, the popularity of 98 is now After going down, the popularity of 75 configurations came up, and I, who was half (zhen) retired (mei) and pitted (qian), chose Akko's single-mode 5075S this time.

Let’s start with a simple unpacking. Friends who have bought Akko know that Akko’s packaging is the most cost-effective (referring to bubble wrap.

Front view of the keyboard

The SF Express guy has a strong hand, and he can deflate the box through three layers of bubble wrap.

Legend of some shortcuts

The keyboard is factory-installed with an aluminum positioning plate. Now the key ring is pursuing the ultimate soft bounce. The aluminum positioning seems so out of place, but the mass production manufacturer still needs to be stable. A PC material positioning plate will be included with the keyboard.

There are still some small feet on the PC positioning board

Now Akko's dust cover is no longer like the plastic sheet before 3098, but a relatively solid and thick plastic cover.

But the dust cover is still slightly larger than the keyboard

It may be because in order to allow players to upgrade the three-mode board in the future, the shells of the Akko single-mode 5075 and three-mode 5075 are the same material, and the single-mode version also has a three-mode switch button (serious nonsense

Single mode? Three models?

I believe that the person who owns the key ring is Leeuwenhoek. After I got the keyboard, I also used a magnifying glass to check the shell, positioning plate and keycaps, and finally I found the flaws! Claim (x) from Akko now!

Finally found a defective keycap

However, Akko’s after-sales service is really top-notch. I know a thing or two about the 5075B that was first released before, and the compensation is also in place. But if the factory quality control can be controlled well, then does it not need to be known for its good after-sales service?

Ah, I didn't code the name

The big key that Akko was criticized in the past is now ready to use, but everyone’s acceptance is different. If you want to pursue a better effect, you can replace it with other satellite axes. For ordinary players Said that this big key is qualified, and there is no lethal amount of grease in 3098.

There is a certain amount of lubricating grease in the factory, the right amount, not lethal

The ASA-height transparent keycaps are replaced with the golden knobs that come with the keyboard, which is quite nice.

Keyboard lighting below screen display lights is better than nothing

In a bright environment, the performance of the light bar is not particularly ideal.

The light bars on both sides are the biggest highlight of this keyboard!

In the case of only the screen light, the light of the keyboard is very bright, but it is not recommended to use the computer in such a dark environment, after all, we must protect our eyes.

The keyboard light is not bright enough, which is one of the complaints about Akko, but looking at the keyboard lights of domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers, there is only a difference between a little brighter and not so bright. If you want to play with the lights, you still have to look at the PCB of some team leaders , with a high-transparency acrylic shell, it can brighten your eyes.

The previous words are always complained about cheap feeling, the key ring is really a kind of cycle

I have come to the point that most poked me, the light strips on both sides, but the light strips have actually been played badly, many customized kits will use the light strips for decoration design, this time Akko has kept up.

The lighting effect can be changed by driving

Based on the 5075S in my hand, I think it is not an exaggeration to score 80 points, and it is basically a keyboard that can be used immediately.

Of course, if you want a soft and elastic feel, you can replace the PC positioning board. You can check the relevant tutorials on station b. I believe there should be a lot of videos. As for the satellite axis, there is no noise in this one in my hand. , if I have to say it, the backspace key feels a little loose, it may be the reason why the grease is not in place, remove it and re-grease it and it will be ok, or you can replace other satellite shafts by yourself, the related video is in There are also a lot of searches on station b.

In addition, it is an old-fashioned topic. Whether it is better to buy a three-mode keyboard or a single-mode keyboard, this question can only be asked yourself, do you have a need for a three-mode keyboard? Talking about products regardless of demand is a rogue, for example:

Do you need to change usage scenarios with this keyboard frequently?

Don't like having too many wires on your desk?

Is there no battery life anxiety?

If the answer to one of the above three questions is "yes", then the three-mode wireless keyboard is your best choice.

As a little transparency in the key ring, I just express some of my own thoughts here, if there is something wrong, please advise. Like the current popular Gasket structure, which is characterized by soft bounce; or the thick and moist shaft body can get the sound of mahjong and raindrops. Some teachers even said that "a keyboard with a good sound is a good keyboard", which leads us to a keyboard now. The judging criteria became "whether you play softly" or "do you have a mahjong sound", and then the conclusion is: if you don't play softly and have no mahjong sound, you are a hot chicken; then the evaluation of the keyboard is all typing sounds. However, everyone pursues different things and directions. We should be brave enough to pursue what we want. On the other hand, we should also respect other people’s ideas, not only key rings, but also in different fields. There should not be only one voice.

For example, the expiry of the Cherry MX switch patent and the rapid development of domestic switches are a good example. If the key ring has always been only the existence of Cherry switches, will this circle lose its color a lot?

Rational discussion is not advisable.

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