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Alloy frame + 84-key layout, Rapoo’s wireless mechanical keyboard is easy to match with Mac

I have a MacBook Pro at home, the main purpose is office codewords. But friends who have used a Mac should know that the keyboard it comes with is very short, and the typing feels very bad. Therefore, it is the choice of many friends to equip this MacBook Pro with a mechanical keyboard that is not expensive but has a better typing feel.

It seems that Rapoo’s V700-8A mechanical keyboard is very attractive to me. It looks good and has many functions. The key point is that the price is around 300, which is really a good deal. Therefore, I didn't hesitate much when I lacked a keyboard, so I placed an order decisively. Then, let me talk to you about the real experience of using this keyboard.

Appearance: 84-key compact design, alloy frame blessing, good-looking appearance

The reason why I bought the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard is not only cheap, but also one of the important reasons.

The frame made of alloy is very exquisite in workmanship and materials, and looks very high-end, without any cheap visual experience. In addition, it also adopts an 84-key key layout, and the entire keyboard is also very small, and it also occupies a large space on the desktop. When it starts to work, the LOGO on the middle frame will light up, which feels very cool.

In terms of color matching, my mechanical keyboard has three colors to choose from: Lonely Brave, Mecha Purple, and No Man's Land. After debating for a while, I still chose the color scheme of Mech Purple. It is the most lively and youngest color among these colors. The other two color schemes are a little dark and too calm for me. like. So, do you think my mech purple looks good?

Friends who like mechanical keyboards should know that different key switches on mechanical keyboards can bring us different feel.

I am very satisfied with the daily performance of this red-axis mechanical keyboard. First of all, its sound is very small. When typing, it will not make a loud rattling sound like other mechanical keyboards. It is a relatively quiet type. If you dislike the noise of the mechanical keyboard and want to experience the deep key travel of the mechanical keyboard, then first recommend this red switch.

Moreover, the keys of the entire keyboard are also ergonomically designed, with silicone feet and non-slip pads on the back, which can flexibly adjust the use angle during daily use, and at the same time, it will not slip easily.

Experience: Up to 5 devices can be connected, and the lights can be adjusted

Although the price of the Rapoo V700-8A keyboard is not particularly expensive, its functions are still very strong and comprehensive.

First, it can connect up to 5 devices, including 4 Bluetooth devices and one wired device. Therefore, notebooks, mobile phones, and tablets can all be easily connected, and you can freely switch among these devices only by using shortcut keys. Typing on tablets and mobile phones will be more convenient and faster with the blessing of the keyboard.

It is worth mentioning that when using Bluetooth mode, its delay is also very low. When typing and using Final Cut Pro to edit videos, all operations are very fast and the response is very fast, and there is basically no delay.

Moreover, this keyboard also adopts a key conflict-free design. According to the manufacturer, it can support full-key 84-key arbitrary key input at the same time in wired mode, and each key can accurately respond and execute. In wireless mode, it can also input any key and 6 keys at the same time, which is more than enough for my usage scenario.

The reason why I would equip a Mac with a mechanical keyboard is mainly because it has a deep enough key stroke and a better feel when typing. The Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard has a variety of key switches such as black switches, green switches, brown switches, and red switches. Because my wife complained that the keyboard was very noisy when I was typing, so this time, I directly chose the quieter red switch.

To be honest, it feels really good when typing, the keys have a deep travel, and the rebound is very fast. After typing for a long time, it feels much more comfortable than the keys that come with my Mac. Moreover, its key shaft also adopts noise reduction processing, the sound when typing will be relatively quiet, and you will no longer be afraid of disturbing your wife and children when you work at night.

In addition to the typing feel I like very much, this keyboard of Rapoo also has very cool lighting effects. We can switch and adjust the lighting mode and flashing effect through the physical buttons on the keyboard. It feels very cool. Putting such a keyboard on the desktop also adds a lot of color to my desktop. I like it very much.

Moreover, if we install Rapoo's exclusive driver, we can also make more personalized settings and adjustments to the keyboard's backlight directly through this software. Not only that, it also supports recording and editing macro functions, which can easily realize one-click zoom-in when playing games, which can easily meet the game needs of gamers.

Since I am using a MacBook Pro, this computer supports very few games, so I will not show you its game scene here.

Finally, let's take a look at its endurance performance. The Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh battery and a Type C charging interface, which supports charging while using it. Coupled with Rapoo's low-power wireless technology, the manufacturer says its battery life can last as long as 1 week to 2 months. It has been about a week since I received it, and the button lights are usually turned on, and I haven't charged it once yet.

Finally, to summarize

To be honest, I am very satisfied with the performance of the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard. It has a small body, quiet keys, and a deep and comfortable typing feel. It feels much more comfortable than the keys that come with my Mac. Moreover, it can also connect up to 5 devices, and it can be easily done for notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones at one time, and we can hardly feel the delay when connecting with Bluetooth. With the addition of customizable lighting effects, this keyboard feels really cool to put on a desktop.

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