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Alternative OR Innovation: X-Bows Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Experience

In the last century when computer products were not very popular, peripherals such as keyboards and mice were also very precious things. As professional equipment, computers are more used by specialized operators. Due to the need for long-term heavy work, there have been many special ergonomic keyboard and mouse peripherals. For example, there are small keyboards specially designed for stenographers' Wubi input, for example, vertical mice for designers, and the like. With the rapid popularization of digital products, the standardization requirements of keyboards and mice are higher, and specially designed keyboards are rare.

Recently, a friend recommended the X-Bows ergonomic mechanical keyboard. With the mentality of hunting for freshness and novelty, I bought one. This keyboard is a bold attempt. On the basis of the mechanical keyboard that has recently begun to accelerate its popularity, an ergonomic special-shaped design is added to form this innovative keyboard. Next, I will share with you the relevant situation.

The packaging of X-Bows ergonomic mechanical keyboard is simple, with instruction manual, TYPE-C data cable and a key puller. In addition, a silicone bowl holder is optional. The manual introduces the function of the Fn combination key of this ergonomic keyboard set up. For the convenience of myself and netizens, I publish this paragraph in the article here.

On the whole, the mold quality of the overall keyboard and keycaps of the keyboard should be very high. The workmanship of the product is quite good, the base is strong, the frame is regular, the keycaps and details have no burrs and defects, and the frames and seams are also very fine.

The X-Bows keyboard has a total of 86 keys, a weight of 653 grams, and a three-dimensional size of 345.7*128.0*38.4mm, which is relatively small. It is also very convenient to carry when going out.

The appearance of the keyboard is obviously different from that of ordinary keyboards. The standardized keycap layout and key spacing design are not adopted. Instead, on the basis of maintaining the overall key layout, a special-shaped layout is carried out according to ergonomic principles, and the key position presents an inverted "V". type. Different from ordinary keyboards, the X-Bows ergonomic mechanical keyboard first separates the letter area into left and right halves, and forms a certain angle to better fit the natural angle of the forearm, and inserts ENTER CTRL SHIFT and other function keys between the two halves.

At the same time, the keyboard can also be equipped with a silicone keyboard tray to achieve all-round care for the wrist and fingers. The keyboard rest also has a sense of design, with the brand logo in the middle, using a hexagonal texture, which perfectly matches the keyboard and increases the comfort of the palm rest.

In the middle of the back of the keyboard is the product logo, below is the nameplate information of the product, and there is a non-slip design at the bottom of the foot pad. The keyboard inclination provides two angles of adjustment, horizontal and 6-degree inclination. It is convenient for the user to select the keyboard according to his/her preference.

Viewed from the side, it can be seen that there is no fence around the bottom plate of the keyboard, and the beveled edge treatment is used, so there is no dead corner where dirt can hide, which is helpful for the keyboard to be taken care of and kept clean.

Let's take a look at the shaft and keycap of the keyboard. The bug chose the black axis this time. Black switch, black switch (Linear Action is a popular keyboard, with strong rebound force and straight up and down touch button feeling, with the fastest input pleasure like flowing clouds and flowing water, just like pressing the cap of an automatic ballpoint pen, it feels like pressing the spring The black switch is very suitable for gamers and friends who have been in contact with the keyboard for a long time in daily typing operations.

This keyboard uses a domestic compatible switch, using Jiadalong KS-9 mechanical switch body, the total stroke of the mechanical switch is 4mm, and the trigger pressure is 45g. In terms of workmanship and touch, the quality is quite good.

The keycap of this keyboard is made of ABS two-color injection molding process, and the text is very clear. At the same time, it can be seen that due to the special shaped design, many "big keys" have been added to the keyboard, such as Alt, space bar, etc., and the design of auxiliary keys has been added to improve the stability of the keys and ensure the feel.

Four keys, Backspace, enter, ctrl, and Shift, are added in the corner area of ​​the left and right keypads from top to bottom, as well as a space bar with a separate design. This is because when the human hand is placed naturally, the thumb and little finger are mostly responsible for the auxiliary keys. When in use, both left and right hands can operate, and there is no need to move long distances to find these keys, which greatly increases the input speed. At the same time, in order to maintain standardization and consistency, the X-Bows ergonomic mechanical keyboard has not changed much in the number keys and function key areas.

The X-Bows keyboard body and data cable adopt a separate design. The data cable uses pure copper core + nylon braided wire, which is easy to carry and store, and the quality of the cable is also good.

X-Bows ergonomic mechanical keyboard preset lighting effect adopts elegant white backlight, provides 16 lighting effect mode adjustments, and can quickly switch cool lighting effects through Fn+ direction keys.

Among the lighting effects, there are more classic lighting effects such as ripples, flashes, waves, and marquees. Next, briefly demonstrate concentration. The lighting effect not only increases the cool effect of the product, but also plays the role of indication and lighting. For mobile office users, it can better adapt to the use of keyboards in different scenarios.

The left and right sides of the main key area are designed separately, and there is a "V"-shaped angle between each row of keys, so that the left and right hands can be stretched naturally when typing, and there is no need to lift the wrist to operate, which can relieve the fatigue of the hand joints to the greatest extent. And wrist damage can also be minimized.

At the same time, the keyboard is also designed with Backspace on the right side, and the corresponding enter key below, so as to take into account the needs of standard keyboard operation habits and ergonomic keyboard fast input, and meet the input habits of different users.

According to the actual experience, the spacing of the keyboard is relatively large. It takes an adaptation process when you start to use it, and you need to find the corresponding button slowly. The little finger corresponds to the "QAZ" button, and it is arranged vertically. A list of questions will be extremely uncomfortable for first-time users. Overall, it takes a certain amount of time for intensive training and adaptation. And once you get used to it, the input speed will be significantly increased, and of course it is estimated that "it will never go back".

Overall, the X-Bows ergonomic mechanical keyboard has made a bold and controversial innovation attempt, some people will think it is more alternative, some people will think it is very user-friendly. In terms of actual experience, it takes a process to adapt to this keyboard, but the keyboard is relatively reliable in terms of design concept, workmanship, and quality. It is an option to try for friends who like to try new things, and have a lot of text input, or friends who need care for their fingers and wrists.

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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