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Although late, but one step in place Corsair K70 pro mini wireless three-mode wireless keyboard

K70 series, as the face-level product of Corsair, has launched dozens of versions from its birth to now. Its competitive and recognizable appearance and cool RGB lighting have always been loved by players. Its excellent quality and pure e-sports The lineage once became the graduation keyboard in the minds of gamers.

In recent years, the Corsair peripheral series has begun to fully develop, and new products have been launched one after another. The update of which is naturally the K70 series. It made up for the small problems on the previous keyboard, improved the performance of the keyboard, started to exert high refresh rate, and the extremely high power consumption caused by the two points of the keyboard's iconic light hindered the process of wirelessization of the K70 series.

Finally, the Corsair K70 pro mini wireless arrived late, but even though this keyboard belongs to the K70, the suffix of mini means that it is special in size. On the whole, this keyboard is more like Corsair’s wireless keyboard. For experimental products in the field, the biggest attempt lies in the addition of wireless connection and hot-swappable structure. Yes, you heard correctly, Corsair has also started to do hot-swappable.

From the front, this K70 pro mini wireless is unremarkable. It is estimated that it will disappoint Corsair fans. The most traditional 61-key layout is indeed a bit outdated at present, and it is also lacking in practicality. 61 keys are really difficult. In most cases, it is used for a long time, but if you are a hardcore gamer, this kind of trouble will be less, and the traditional FPS or moba keyboard can basically do it.

In terms of appearance, I took out the previous K65 RGB Mini and briefly compared them. The two are like brothers, especially with the same keycap, and the similarity is extremely high from the top view angle.

If you pick up the two keyboards and take a closer look, you can still find that there is still a big difference, the most obvious of which is the structure of the submerged keycap and the floating keycap. The K65 RGB Mini one-piece lower cover has a bulky feel, and it is thinner and more personalized.

This K70 pro mini wireless once again embodies Corsair's dedication to lighting. In addition to the iconic keycap lighting, this time it is very bold to add a 360-degree surround light strip without dead ends, which can achieve a full-envelopment effect of the light strip, which also benefits from the Due to the small size of the keyboard, if you really come with a 104-key size, the power consumption will not allow the keyboard to last for diabetes.

Although this wrap-around light strip is not the first of its kind by Corsair, as a well-known "light factory" in the key ring, this light strip of the K70 pro mini wireless still becomes the C position on the desktop with its excellent lighting quality, and it is also suitable for many small keyboards. Can stand out with this light.

The four sides of the K70 pro mini wireless adopt different angles of cut surfaces, and the inclination angle makes the keyboard look more compact and capable. bring.

As a member of the K70 family, the K70 pro mini wireless is limited by its size and cannot have the individual and competitive appearance of the full-key K70, but it still attracts enough attention with its unique light strip.

Type-C interface and switch, you can see that the surface texture of the keyboard is quite good.

The receiver storage hole on the top right, this must be praised.

The lines at the bottom of the keyboard are even more beautiful. What is more unique is that the keyboard is non-slip. It is composed of a long strip at the bottom and two circles rubbing against the feet. It protrudes slightly from the body, which can bring excellent anti-slip effect.

In terms of connection mode, it provides the current mainstream three modes, among which the 8000Hz super-polling rate of AXON super-speed processor technology is more terrifying or even outrageous. Before that, Corsair has been making efforts in e-sports performance, based on the traditional 1000Hz refresh rate. The ultimate improvement.

Maybe everyone has no idea about such a high refresh rate, let me tell you something I have encountered before. The Corsair K65 mini above, after I set it to 8000Hz refresh rate, the keyboard suddenly became unusable. It took me a long time to find that the ordinary USB interface of the computer is completely different at this refresh rate, and must be plugged into the chassis It can only be used on the motherboard interface at the back, so it can be seen that the stroke occupancy rate of this refresh rate.

When it comes to the impact on battery life, the ultra-high refresh rate is still insignificant in front of the keyboard light. The battery life with the light off and on is 200 hours and 32 hours respectively. It is conceivable that the power consumption of the keyboard light is terrifying.

Compared with the addition of three-mode wireless, the introduction of the hot-swappable structure of the Corsair K70 pro mini wireless is even more surprising. Although hot-swapping has been in full swing on domestic keyboards, it is really a big girl in Corsair keyboards. Car head back.

This time the Pirates are still equipped with cherry MX RGB switches. I don’t need to emphasize how classic this switch is. Classics are classics, but the quality of the switch body, workmanship materials, and especially the feel have been completely surpassed by various customized switches. Due to Corsair’s not mature feel training skills, the feel of this keyboard is obviously not very optimistic. .

At least there is still a gap compared to keyboards of the same price, and the addition of the hot-swappable structure leaves room for upgrading the feel of the keyboard. If you replace a set of satellite switches or a set of customized switches yourself, the feel will be significantly improved. .

If you change the shaft of this keyboard, it should be noted that the PCB board is not compatible with the relatively small five-legged shaft. If you have to install the five-legged shaft, you need to cut the legs yourself.

In terms of keycaps, it is equipped with the traditional PBT keycaps of Corsair. Except for the slightly rough texture, there is nothing else.

From the back view of the keycap, you can see that the light transmission of the keycap is quite good.

It should be noted that K70 pro mini wireless, like K65 mini, has combination key characters on the side of almost all keycaps, that is, the functions realized through Fn combination keys, except for the missing function keys on the keyboard, such as the F area editing area, and lights Adjustment, wireless mode switching, multimedia control, and even mouse simulation, the functions are extremely rich, which is also to make up for the inherent shortcomings of the small keyboard in the number of keys.

I generally don’t like to shoot the outer packaging of peripheral products, but Corsair is often an exception. In addition to the more family-style design of the packaging, the first important factor is that I am more willing to spend on the packaging. Combined with the small size, this The packaging of K70 pro mini wireless is extraordinarily delicate.

The space is limited, and there are still quite a few details about the K70 pro mini wireless keyboard, such as RGB lighting effects, Corsair iCUE drivers, the playability of the Fn combination keys, and so on.

It is certain that this K70 pro mini wireless Corsair keyboard is the wireless starting point, and more wireless versions of Corsair keyboards are bound to usher in the future to cater to the current wave of wireless.

High performance and wireless have always been a game. Corsair has been focusing on occupying the high ground of keyboard performance and consolidating its influence in the gaming circle. It also gave hope to all the wireless parties, including me naturally.

The battery life of 32 hours with the lights on is really not enough, but 200 hours with the lights off is quite good, and it will not be a problem to use it for a few months.

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