Although the Pad is small, it can carry the big beam, Darmoshark K3 Pro three-mode digital keyboard sharing

When Darmoshark launched the K3 in 2021, many enthusiasts felt that it was a pity that there was no wireless function. As the saying goes, there must be echoes if you never forget, and the three-mode version of the K3 Pro is coming! In terms of mold, appearance, appearance and performance, K3 Pro has made an all-round upgrade. It can also be connected to the driver in 2.4G wireless mode, so that it has richer playability.

The outer packaging of Darmoshark K3 Pro abandons the traditional cover mode of previous family products, and adopts a simple hard carton as the outer packaging. The keyboard body is wrapped in a pearl cotton bag. Although the grade has declined, the protection ability is still sufficient. .

The accessories include: dual-purpose shaft/key puller, Type-C port data cable, connector converter (can be used with the data cable to form a USB extension cable), instruction manual and a step-by-step diagram for replacing the shaft body.

K3 Pro is a small keyboard with 19 keys + knob, 17 conventional numeric keys, 2 function keys, and a multi-function knob. Compared with K3, the infrequently used Esc and Tab are canceled. At present, the color is only white, and there is only one default custom-made shaft for option. The body size is about: 132×87×43mm, and the weight is about 288 grams (without receiver).

The front of the knob is hollowed out in a cross shape, and the side is designed with regular and fine anti-slip patterns.

The rotary encoder is from Kaihua, and the light-emitting area is in the middle.

The three indicators from left to right are: Num Lock, charging indicator and mode indicator.

A set of MDA height ball caps made of PBT material is standard. The three personalized keys are made by thermal sublimation technology, and the other key caps are two-color injection molding, all of which are designed with closed large characters.

The seam of the upper and lower covers wraps around the small keyboard, and the Type-C interface is set in the middle of the rear side.

The standard shaft body is a linear shaft customized by Huannuo. The trigger pressure is 45±5 grams, the bottoming pressure is 55 grams, the trigger stroke is 2.0mm, the total stroke is 4.0mm, and the click life is 50 million times. The overall feel is similar to Cherry red shafts. There are protective walls on the left and right sides of the shaft, which is very stable. The factory comes with lubrication, and the smoothness is also very good without noise. Including the large key position of the satellite axis, the overall feel is quite good.

The full key adopts a hot-swappable design, compatible with tripod shafts and five-pod shafts, and there is a shaft underlayment and sandwich cotton between the PCB and the positioning board. In addition, there is a silicone pad for filling in the bottom shell to reduce the cavity sound, so that the entire keypad has a better key percussion sound.

The keyboard has a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, which can be used continuously for about 8 hours when the light is turned on, and can reach 100 hours of continuous use after the light is turned off.

The K3 Pro has three levels of sleep status by default: without operation for 10 seconds, the backlight will automatically turn off and enter the first level of sleep; Change the sleep strategy in the driver according to your usage habits.

There is no foot support at the bottom, but the protrusion of the bottom case makes the entire keypad present a 15-degree inclination angle. With MDA height keycaps, it is quite easy to use. In addition, there is a three-mode switching switch and a magnetic wireless receiver storage compartment at the bottom, but the three gears of the switch are not marked. It is recommended to read the manual for the first time to find out the corresponding modes of different gears and the indicators in different modes. corresponding color.

The more commonly used in the global settings should be the opening of the Tap layer, as well as the setting of dormancy and dormancy time.

Button customization In addition to the default button layer, you can also set the FN1, FN2 and Tap layers, and the buttons including the knob can be set to a very rich content. After setting, it can be saved in the onboard memory, so as to give this small keyboard more functions and playability.

In the light setting page, you can set various backlight modes, brightness, speed, color and other parameters more directly and accurately. The gameplay should be quite satisfactory. As for macro editing, I won’t say much, and you can get reasonable steps by trying a few more times according to actual usage requirements.

Although the keycap itself is opaque, the white positioning board has a significant addition to the reflection of the light. The overall light brightness is relatively soft, and the brightness is not too high. It is mainly transmitted from the gap between the keycaps. The dynamic color The changes are still smooth and natural, and the effect presented when used together with K6 is even better.

As usual, let’s talk about this mouse pad as the background. It comes from Tiger Talisman, and its name is: Grandmaster Ling. The combination of the Uzi submachine gun and the peony flower pattern brings a strong sense of visual impact, and the official of Hufu also explained the design inspiration of the pattern in detail: "The Uzi submachine gun represents strength and killing, and is known as the "Desert Killer"; The peony represents hope and peace, and may all players be strong and protect all love with strength." At the same time, this pattern reminds me of the classic anti-war photo - guns and flowers. It grabbed my heart firmly the first time I saw it. The size of Grandmaster Ling is: 480x400x4mm. The surface is made of high-density twill weave. It is not the kind of super-smooth fine surface pad. Although the smoothness is very good, the overall mouse pad is slightly more controllable. In addition, similar to Grandmaster Ling, there are Grandmaster Mo and Grandmaster Long, both of which are the same series of mouse pad products with the same size, material and pattern, but with different colors.

Darmoshark K3 Pro is an all-round upgrade for K3. Not only is it directly upgraded from wired to three-mode, but also the internal filling and configuration are directly full. Without the constraints of wires, not only the freedom of use scenarios is extremely high, but the performance and appearance are also very good. In particular, the blessing of the driver and the four-layer button customization really make it not just a digital area, but also endow it with more gameplay and possibilities. What's even more commendable is that although the K3 Pro has been upgraded in all aspects, the starting price is still controlled within 200 yuan, which is indeed a model of increasing the volume without increasing the price.

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