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Amilo and Kaihua jointly released the customized axis body "Zhen" series, and the eucalyptus theme keyboard was launched with a starting price of 669 yuan

A few days ago, the peripheral manufacturer Amilo and Kaihua jointly released the "Zhen" series of switches. The series debuted two switches, the Red Switch and the Sound Switch, and they were first installed on the new product—Mnilio-Eucalyptus-themed keyboard. superior. The official said that the Zhen series switches are not currently available for retail sale, and the Amilo minilo-eucalyptus-themed mechanical keyboard equipped with the Zhen series switches has been put on the e-commerce platform for pre-sale. The price starts from 699 yuan. If you are interested, you may wish to pay attention.

According to the official introduction, the Zhenhong axis is a linear axis body, using POM axis seat, the bottoming sound is more pleasant, with 45gf trigger pressure, 3.6mm total stroke, 20mm longer spring, strong rebound, slightly moist at the factory, and rejects the spring sound , smooth and smooth, the feel experience is similar to the traditional red switch, but more comfortable. Secondly, the Zhenxiang switch is a paragraph switch, with 70gf paragraph pressure, 46gf trigger pressure, and 3.6mm total travel. It adopts POM shaft seat, optimizes the sound of hitting, and lengthens the 19.5mm spring to optimize the rebound and enhance the paragraph feel.

Back to the product, the Amilo minilo-eucalyptus-themed mechanical keyboard is inspired by the succulent gray-toned plant color of Eucalyptus. It adopts a compact 65% size, while retaining independent direction keys and setting Abundant combinations of shortcut keys.

The electrostatic capacitor dual-mode version supports Bluetooth 5.0 and wired dual-mode connection, and has a built-in 3400 mAh lithium battery, which can be used for 20 days at high intensity in a wireless state. . The Zhen series shafts support hot-swappable and quick-change shafts, and players can match their own feel according to their preferences.

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