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Amo Smart Magnetic iPad Pro Keyboard - Magic Keyboard Replacement

iPad Pro is really productivity before buying, iQiyi after buying , After buying it, it is used to watch dramas or something. Recently, inspiration has turned pro into productivity, and the official keyboard price is really, you know, I’m afraid that if the car rolls over and doesn’t turn into productivity in the end, it will be a blood loss.

So I looked for a civilian model, and Aunt Zhang’s 2000+ days of old users must not be turned back by Apple. Try the civilian model first!

So I chose Amo's keyboard

The package contains a body keyboard, an instruction manual, and a rather surprising screen protector, which is well received. Although the screen protector is not expensive, it is better than nothing. But I found out that this keyboard is a type-c interface. Is there a charging cable? Although it is not missing, it is still better than nothing, hahahahaha

The following is the first step to turn iPadpro into productivity. Link to Bluetooth, the process of linking to Bluetooth is very smooth, turn on the power, press the '~' key, you can search for the keyboard AMORK-KH1911

The two angles can be adjusted by you. In fact, I still want the free adjustment of the Magic Keyboard, but what kind of bicycle do you need at this civilian price?

And the power of this magnetic attraction is very strong, beyond my imagination, and the safety is good. I directly hold the keyboard and hang the por without falling down. If you take it out and use it, you don’t have to worry about the pro falling from the top. up

And it also supports opening the cover to brighten the screen, which is not bad. After installing the keyboard, the thickness is so thick. I personally think it’s okay. Put the picture above to let everyone feel it, and the camera hole is also very suitable. Praise

The most important thing is the typing feel. There is also a Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard at hand. I feel that the Aimo keyboard is a little shorter than the K380 keystroke, but it is still more comfortable to type on. It is better than the butterfly keyboard of the MacBook Pro 18 at hand. It's much more comfortable, what is the keyboard, really?

And I don’t feel tired after typing for a long time. I use this keyboard to chat on WeChat. , There is no delay in typing, just like a native keyboard.

As for the battery life, according to the official name, charging for two hours, standby for two months or typing for 100 hours, this feeling is definitely enough.

At this price and this experience, I think it’s okay. After all, it can be used as an instant noodle cover, bah bah bah, and the protective case can also be used as a keyboard for light office work. What kind of bicycle do you need?

As for the disadvantages, it would be nice to have a touchpad at this price. Occasionally, I have to touch the screen of the iPad, which feels a little uncomfortable.

ps: As for the situation that some people said that it is better to charge before charging, I have never encountered this situation. I tried the type-c cable that comes with Apple, and there is no problem with a Thunderbolt 3 cable.

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