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An irresistible and high-value keyboard - Black Jazz Cheese

Speaking of mechanical keyboards, I have also touched dozens of keyboards in the past few years. Whether it is the popular cherry switches or the popular domestic switches in recent years, I have experienced a lot. There are also keyboards that support hot-swappable switches. Quite a few, I have also experienced various keyboards with ABS material shells, whether they support wired connections or three-mode keyboards, but I have never experienced the legendary aluminum lumps.

The biggest reason why I can’t experience it is that it’s expensive, until I met the cheese keyboard of the Ajazz Black Jue Light Krypton series. It allowed me to own the first aluminum lump in my life at a relatively affordable price. The price in the early 1000s and the cute shape , I think this may become the first aluminum tuo for many young people, or it may be a keyboard that can make young ladies fall into the pit.

The old rule is to open the box first

This is the first time I use an aluminum keyboard, I never expected that a keyboard weighs nearly 1.5kg! , This is still a 67-key keyboard, so Altuotuo is really not recommended to carry it with you in terms of weight.

The last time I used Heijue’s keyboard was a furry with a yellow body. I didn’t expect to use Heijue again after many years. It is a cheese with a color scheme mainly yellow. Hold on to this cute keyboard.

The packaging is simple but elegant, and the entire keyboard is well wrapped in foam. After all, this is the first aluminum lump for young people, so of course it must be well protected.

In terms of accessories, there are only instructions and an aviation plug cable. It would be perfect to have a cheese-themed shaft puller and cleaning cloth.

The keyboard is made of electrophoretic aluminum alloy as a whole, mainly yellow with some white embellishments, and the surface is precision punched by CNC technology, with different sizes and depths. The cheese of about 1400g is heavy to hold on the top, which has a sense of weight.

The mechanical keyboard of Heijue Light Krypton AC067 RGB cheese version uses common PBT keycaps. The processing cost of PBT keycaps is relatively high, the material strength is relatively good, the shrinkage rate of injection molding is small, the wear resistance is increased, and oiling is not easy to occur. , you can use it with confidence. (When replacing the keycaps in the future, try to choose the MDA height)

The characters are made of sublimation technology, combined with the keycap made of PBT material, which greatly increases the service life of the keyboard.

The personalized keycaps of the three cheese bodies of Esc, Pause and Enter are very cute, and they are simply the finishing touch of this keyboard.

The keycap of Heijue AC067 cheese keyboard adopts the MDA height design, the contact area is large but the height difference reduces the probability of false triggering to a certain extent, coupled with Kaihua’s 45g cheese custom linear axis, straight up and down, comfortable to the touch, and smooth to type.

As a customized keyboard, Cheese uses a more expensive Gasket structure, which is different from the common ship hull structure. The Gasket structure keyboard has Poron pads around the positioning plate as a cushioning layer for the bottom shell and the top shell. , so that the PC positioning plate is fixed against the pressure of the upper and lower shells, and the advantages of this are soft bounce and low sound. Combined with Kaihua’s cheese shaft, it can reduce the sound triggered by the shaft body while retaining a certain percussion feel, and will not disturb It is very suitable for office codewords to the people around you (it feels much more comfortable than the mute red, and the sound is even smaller than the red axis!)

The noise is low, the vibration is light, and the hand feel is even and almost consistent. This is the feeling that this black grizzled cheese with sound-absorbing bottom cotton and poron sandwich cotton has given me during this period of time.

Many people may have their own preferred shafts, such as silver shafts, tea shafts, or even pursue the paragraph feeling of green shafts.

Don't worry! As a customized keyboard—cheese, the hot-swap function will naturally not be absent. It is compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin switches. You can choose your favorite switch according to your preferences, and even disassemble the internal positioning board of the keyboard. can be replaced.

In the process of using Cheese, the biggest regret is that the keyboard has not been able to use the mainstream three-mode, and can only use wired connections. Fortunately, the standard aviation plug-in cable is very interesting. It has the same color as Cheese, which embellishes the desktop to a certain extent. space.

The built-in 18 RGB lighting effects in 1680 colors have not fallen behind. If the cute appearance of Cheese can’t impress you, can’t this RGB lighting effect catch you? The lights will also dance to the rhythm of the drums of the music, which is very interesting.

As a customized aluminum Tuotuo, the bottom design of the Black Jazz Cheese is also remarkable, with a cute cheese printed in the center, perfectly matching the main design language of this keyboard

The four anti-skid pads at the bottom plus the weight of nearly 1.5kg make the anti-skid effect on the desktop very good.

8 hexagon socket screws are fixed, which is easy to disassemble. Of course, if you have strong hands-on ability, you can replace the sandwich cotton with your favorite, and the positioning board is no problem. After all, customized keyboards are naturally easy to DIY.

I don’t know if seeing this salty and sweet Black Jazz cheese makes you want to come up to rua. It’s cute, the sound is nice, and the feel is great. Maybe it can really improve your mood every day, whether you’re a mac user or If you are a win party, the Heijue AC067 RGB Cheese Edition may become your first aluminum stick.

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