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Another classic! Durga K330w Plus mint candy experience: small, but can't fault the keyboard

As for the keyboard, I am personally picky. After all, as a person who cannot work without the keyboard every day, I really care about the feel and appearance of the keyboard. I have come into contact with many keyboards of the Dujia brand. Although their product line is not updated very fast, each model is quite bright.

I bought a K330w ice cream color from their home before, and this compact keypad is very appetizing to me. After using it for a period of time, I am addicted to the mint color, but it is not enough to simply change the keycaps, because it is perfect to be matched with the kit. So this time I simply upgraded to K330w Plus, and chose the mint color. I used the green switch before, but this time I replaced it with the brown switch.

Compared with the K330w, the key upgrade of this Plus is that the shaft body has added hot-swapping, which of course also brings stronger playability.


According to the usual practice, when you get a new keyboard, you must have a serious unboxing. This time, Dujia's packaging has changed to a different style, using a black box body, with a very cool style of bronzing text.

After opening, the accessories are also very rich. In addition to the main body of the keyboard, it also includes a connecting cable, a transparent dust cover, a Type-C to USB conversion head, a key puller, a shaft puller, etc. Almost everything you can think of is provided, very comprehensive.

" Exterior "

The appearance of this keyboard can be summed up in two words: "small" and "refreshing". After all, it is a small keyboard with 60% arrangement, so it is natural to be small and compact. The overall key layout is relatively compact, which can save more space on the desktop. And the mint color I chose is really refreshing. It uses green and white to match, just like when I used to use a computer, I deliberately chose green pictures as wallpapers, thinking that it would protect my eyes. After looking at the screen for a long time, it feels very comfortable to glance at the keyboard.

The design language of the Durga K330w series also includes a sense of tough lines, so this keyboard has a square visual effect. Dujia didn't deliberately polish the corners, so if you want to hold it in your hand, you may feel a little disappointed, but fortunately, this is just a keyboard, not a baby that needs to be held in your hand every day.

Flipping to the bottom of this keyboard, you can see a large non-slip rubber pad, which can be easily placed on almost any desktop, and there is no need to worry about its stability. In addition, there is a two-stage foot support. I usually like to open the foot support when typing, so that the angle will be more comfortable and the typing efficiency will be higher.

This K330w Plus is still equipped with a 2.4G receiver storage compartment.

" use "

With this keyboard, the picture shows the wireless connection. I usually use 2.4G to connect to the win computer, and Bluetooth to connect to the Mac, so that switching between multiple devices will be more convenient, and the 2.4G delay is lower, so I use it occasionally for fun Games are fine too. Its compatibility is also very good, and Android, Mac, and windows can be used even if they are connected. If you use a Mac, you need to go to the settings to customize the option and command keys. It would be great if Dujia could send two replacement keycaps, which would be more friendly to users like me who need to use it on Mac.

Because it is a compact layout keyboard with 60% configuration, the key positions are definitely insufficient. Most of the keys have additional combination functions, such as F1~F12, such as the "~". Fortunately, I have used K330w for a while, so I am completely familiar with it.

The touch of the keycap is relatively smooth. After all, this is the high-quality PBT material keycap of the original factory. It is not easy to oil and has very strong wear resistance. With the two-color injection molding process, the handwriting will not be worn out after long-term use. . I think this set of official keycaps is of high quality, and it is very suitable for friends who pursue the feel.

Pull out the keycap, and you can see that the K330w Plus uses a whole piece of aluminum liner. On the one hand, the aluminum liner can bring a lighter overall weight, and on the other hand, it greatly enhances the strength of the keyboard. It will also be easier to clean the keycaps from dust.

I chose the tea switch this time. The K330w Plus is different from the previous Dujia products. I chose the customized shaft in cooperation with Jiadalong. It is said that Dujia deeply participated in the training, and the overall feeling It feels smooth. The tea shaft itself is a paragraph shaft, so typing is very exciting, which is what I like. In addition to the brown switch, the K330w Plus also has red switches, silver switches, mute red switches, and more.

Of course, there are more possibilities brought by hot-swapping the shaft body, and you can buy the shaft body by yourself and replace it. I also had a set of shafts before, but they were also brown shafts, so I will not change them for the time being. Follow up to see if I can find the green axis that makes my heart beat, and then replace it.

" dismantle "

The disassembly of this keyboard is relatively simple. You can see the screws for fixing when you remove the keycap. There are a total of six screws, which can be disassembled by unscrewing them quickly.

It is worth mentioning that a layer of sound-absorbing cotton is added inside the K330w Plus. In addition, there is a silicone shock-absorbing pad between the PCB board and the aluminum liner. Although it is only a small improvement, the effect it brings is very intuitive. Yes, it really reduces the generation of noise.

The capacity of this battery is 3600 mAh, which is not too small for such a small-sized keyboard. Dujia uses this battery to achieve 180 days of battery life in 2.4G mode, which is about half a year of battery life, and in Bluetooth mode, it has a battery life of 240 days. There is basically no battery life anxiety when using it.

" Summarize "

For people like me who like high-value small keyboards, there is almost nothing wrong with the K330w Plus, and it also has surprising battery life. And the customized shaft body that cooperates with Jiadalong also has an excellent feel. The key is that it also supports hot swapping, and the possibility of later stages is relatively large. Among the several colors, I still recommend choosing ice cream or mints, which are really "fresh".

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