Another short-term used keyboard - Heijue ak35i

Buying this keyboard is actually a moment of feverishness in the head. I suddenly saw it and bought it.

overall appearance.

That's it, it's as simple as it gets.

Some close-ups of the front, marking the gaming keyboard and mechanical switches.

The model number is in English, which has the same meaning as the picture above.

I just said how this English looks so familiar, it turns out it is the English of Assassin's Creed that I often see.


The inside is also very simple, unlike those high-end keyboards, you can tell that it is an entry-level model just by looking at the packaging.

Take off its clothes, it seems to be because of the color of the button when I bought it.

At a glance on the back, it is non-slip and elevated, which are in vain, and it doesn't matter on the back.

The indicator light is a little different from the general ones.

This is the unique feature of this keyboard, especially the volume knob, which feels good, which is rare in this price range. Some other multimedia shortcut buttons and a custom shortcut button.

Above are the shortcut buttons of the keyboard and the instructions for the lighting. To be honest, it is a bit complicated. It is best to integrate it into a software. After all, this paper may disappear at any time.

The overall appearance of the lights is still very good-looking. It was a short video that was accidentally brushed at that time.

local lighting effects

It feels better when viewed from a distance

close up.

The overall experience of using this keyboard is pretty good, but I didn’t use it for long at that time, because I love tossing the computer host, it seems that I gave it away, it’s a bit uneconomical to think about it, hey

With a price of more than 100, with these shortcuts, color matching and lighting, I personally think it is very good.

Above, thank you.

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