Another year of 417, how to buy CHERRY keyboard products in 2023, understand it in one article!

Hello everyone! I am Young Master Shen! It will be 417 soon. If you are a keyboard enthusiast, you must be familiar with this day. Because this day is the day when the CHERRY brand was established, from 1953 to 2023 this year, it happens to be the 70th anniversary. As a major keyboard + flagship switch supplier, CHERRY is well-known in the industry. If you want to buy a better mechanical keyboard, stick to the annual 417, and choose a CHERRY at a discount is a great choice. (Unknowingly, my CHERRY keyboard seems to have double digits...)

Before talking about specific products, let’s briefly review the development history of CHERRY. The business was founded by Mr. Cherry, Walter L. · Cherry (Walter Lorain Cherry) was founded in 1953 and moved to Germany in 1963 for development.

The earliest CHERRY was actually a switch manufacturer with a wide range of products, and the quality has always been CHERRY's proudest point.

With the development of the PC industry, mechanical keyboards have gradually become the main product of CHERRY. In 1973, due to the huge demand, CHERRY had its first keyboard production line, which was also an important milestone.

In 1983, the CHERRY G80-312/320 series mechanical keyboard equipped with the legendary CHERRY MX switch body was launched. With its excellent feel and super durability, this switch body and CHERRY achieved great success in one fell swoop, and also established CHEERY's industry position .

In this century, CHERRY has gradually become synonymous with mechanical keyboards. The four axes of green, red and black tea are not only the four major directions for consumers to buy, but also a template for other brands in the industry to learn from. However, CHERRY is not resting on its laurels, and new products and new shafts are constantly being launched. For example, the MX 2.0S I am currently using is equipped with the jade axis that has just been launched.

It feels light but powerful, and there are also models with RGB lighting effects available. This is also due to the fact that a large factory like CHERRY has an automated production line to operate a uniform and precise factory run, including the shaft center and small feet, which have been run through the shaft during the production process. In this way, we can use it immediately, without the problem of astringency at all, and it is very strong.

However, it may also be due to the long history of success. CHERRY's products are indeed very rich, which makes friends feel a little bit at a loss when purchasing. Therefore, based on my own experience of using a lot of CHERRY keyboards, as well as CHERRY's own product status, I will make some recommendations for friends with different needs and budgets.

The first is several entry-level cost-effective products, which retain CHERRY's signature high-end materials, ultra-durable accessories and quality control, while using wired connections and matte designs to control costs.

In this way, you can enjoy the worry-free and easy-to-use advantages of CHERRY at a relatively low price.

In terms of specific models, the first is MX 1.0/MX 1.1 TKL, which is a good entry-level product with no obvious shortcomings. You can also choose the RGB version for extra money.

If you want to go a step further, you can take a look at the MX 2.0S competitive version, which is expected to be priced at 399 yuan, with optional jade switches, and has stable signal processing that can meet the needs of e-sports competitions.

If you are tired of the traditional black and white look, then the KC200 series is just right for you. There is also a new jade axis version from CHERRY, which looks younger.

When the budget reaches 500+, it enters the mainstream range. Products at this price basically come with RGB lighting effects.

With the light-transmitting keycap, the look and feel is quite good.

I have used the MX 3.0S RGB for a long time before. It has no steel plate design and an aluminum alloy shell, and the texture and feel are all arranged.

MX 2.0S is available in matte, RGB, full-size, and competitive models. It's just a plastic case, which is not as good as a metal case, but it is light enough. And the plastic shell of CHERRY is not bad, much stronger than some particularly cheap plastic keyboards.

MX 3.0S series, TKL, matte, RGB optional, very rich.

On the Internet, when the budget reaches a few hundred, or more than 1000, it enters the range of flagship models. You can look at CHERRY's "arms box" series. Although most of these products are ultra-low wireless delays that have reached the level of e-sports, it does not mean that you cannot buy them if you don’t play games.

Just the sense of ritual of opening the box is incomparable to conventional keyboards.

These wireless keyboards all adopt CHERRY self-developed technology, and the wireless response time is less than 1ms. The actual test is that the trigger is as fast as the wired keyboard when playing games, which is quite strong.

In terms of specific models, the entry-level wireless keyboard is MX 2.0S, which is divided into normal version and competitive version. The main difference is that the competitive version uses the latest jade switch, which can make full use of the unique feel of this switch.

Further up is the classic MX 3.0S wireless version, and there is also an optional RGB version. The texture and feel are better than 2.0S. The anodized aluminum bottom case frame not only has a strong texture, but also further increases durability.

Next is the wired flagship, MX 8.0 regular version/RGB version, with "arms box" packaging, and the side engraved design is more advanced.

The overall design is also relatively compact, and the lighting effect is also very good. CHERRY keyboards of this level are basically at a level that can reduce fever.

Finally, there is the current CHERRY top model: MX 8.2 wireless version/XAGA version.

Especially the XAGA version, the keyboard design alone feels like a work of art.

At present, this Xaga obsidian version has silver switch and tea switch to choose from. Personally, I recommend cable to consider the Nebula color matching equipped with silver switch. With the three-mode connection method and PBT three-transparent keycap, it is very good in appearance and feel. choose.

Well, the above are some excellent CHERRY keyboard products that I personally think are worth considering. Every year, 417 is a big day for CHERRY, so the above popular keyboards also have good discounts. Considering that a large shopping festival like 618 is still a while ago, if you plan to buy a mechanical keyboard in the near future, 417 is indeed a good choice. good time.

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