AnU Good Things Article 116: Spring Mechanical Keyboard: Dujia HiKeys

Guangzhou, which was so hot that it was about to enter summer, suddenly dropped a few degrees, and it was still cool in the morning and evening. I went through the courier station on a weekday night and received Durga HiKeys. In the past, most of Dujia's keyboards were named after numbers, but now they use a concise greeting-style English name. When I saw the real device, I understood its name.

When I saw the real phone, I really felt that it was like a junior high school student, with a very green and youthful feel. My model is a dark blue and white linear-mute red axis, because I need to avoid noise as much as possible at home recently, so I choose this configuration.

The simple brand name, model, product type and two patterns, one large and one small, constitute all the contents of the front of the keyboard package. Apart from the instruction manual, warranty card, and charging cable, there is nothing else in the package. The simplicity of this is really the appearance of its youthfulness and unburdened appearance.

The keyboard adopts the 84 keyboard scheme, and there are two colors. In addition to my dark blue, there is also a silver-white one. The keycap is made of APS material. The overall design is softer. It weighs about 826.5 grams and measures 322*138*33.7mm , can be regarded as a compact design. As you can see in the picture, it really saves space on the desktop. According to the official statement, it saves about 25% of the space compared with the traditional keyboard (104-key style).

This is very suitable for friends with limited desktop space, especially for students in school. This design is very friendly to ordinary dormitory scenes.

The newly designed ergonomic key position curve of HiKeys can be seen here. The square and round keyboard has a very different touch. Each keyboard is like the Alpine candy that I ate before. , the feeling of extending downwards all around became my initial impression of this keyboard. After watching it for a long time, I will like it more and more.

HiKeys supports 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0 connection schemes. There is an indium-plated toggle switch on the front edge, which can quickly switch between two Bluetooth and one 2.4G connected devices. Switching allows me to work back and forth between three different devices. If the typing feel is highly consistent, the work efficiency can also be higher. By the way, this keyboard is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS and other operating systems at the same time. If you choose a friend who considers compatibility issues, at this point, this keyboard can be regarded as closed-eyed.

White ambient light, various lighting effect modes can be switched freely, and the mood can be freely switched. Using the combination of Fn+ various keys, the switch of the ambient light, 8 modes, brightness, and speed can be adjusted. In different scenarios, work, study, Entertainment can be matched to different lighting effects.

HiKeys have a built-in lithium battery. According to the official laboratory data, when the backlight is turned off, the battery life of Bluetooth is about 360 days, and the battery life of 2.4G is about 200 days. When the backlight is turned on, the battery life is about 7-90 days depending on the backlight mode. For students who use the keyboard frequently, with the backlight turned off, they can basically not charge much for a semester, right? Of course, this also requires everyone to develop good electricity maintenance habits.

This 2.4G receiving USB head, yes, that is, a certain two words cannot be released, so this is the way of expression, please forgive me, its storage method is very special, it is stored in a magnetic way, it is simple and can protect this at the same time USB head.

The support feet at a comfortable angle are embedded with rubber anti-slip material. When in use, the overall keyboard is more balanced, allowing you to sway more freely.

The first keyboard in March, the experience lies in whether we use it comfortably or not, the adaptability to various scenes and its youthful vigor, I think it is ok, as I said at the beginning, it is named as a greeting, HiKeys! Without thinking too much, the keyboard returns to the function of the keyboard. This is HiKeys!

The content is original by AnU based on the product experience and combined with the official public disclosure information, and shall not be used for other purposes or infringed without permission.

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