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AnU Good Things Chapter 97: Durga K330W Ice Cream: It’s a Different Mechanical Keyboard

I have used two Dujia keyboards before. The impression of Dujia is that it is very steel and very mechanical. The main user of the k330W I bought this time is my female designer. On the whole, it feels refreshing.

The Size that most girls should like is really small, which is completely the size of girls. It saves space on the table and won’t take up too much space for your creation. From my observation, it is also a Pure text creates a good companion. The color is also very pleasing, and the gradient becomes a bit magical. The first feeling of this relaxed color palette is comfort. The female designer at home likes it very much, especially the small touch and the cute and comfortable color palette.

The color scheme has four colors: cordon, ice cream, mint, and ion storm. We can choose keyboards of different colors according to our own preferences.

The front of the keycap adopts a two-color closed-end molding process, and the characters are not easy to wear, while the side engraved characters adopt a silk screen printing process. Small-sized keyboard, 61-key standard layout, and a weight of about 530 grams, it is very friendly for girls or boys with small hands.

The small feet are also cute, hahahaha.

This time, I chose the green switch on the switch body of Dujia K330. The feedback is very good, the sense of paragraph is very strong, the sound feedback is very good, the original height of the PBT two-color keycap is more durable and wear-resistant, and the fingertips are delicate. It can be used for a long time It is not easy to oil the surface, after all, everyone knows about oiling.

The battery equipped with ice cream can be fully charged in about 3 hours. When it is fully charged, it can work continuously for 8 hours a day. When using the Bluetooth wireless connection mode, it can be used for about 240 days. When using the 2.4G connection mode, the battery life is about 180 days. Speaking of it, the desire to charge the battery once every half a year, the power freedom can probably be realized.

Most of today's migrant workers operate several devices at the same time. There are many notebooks, desktops, and tablets. Everyone needs a keyboard for daily use of computers and tablets. This time, the K330W is on this issue. It is a good solution to the problem of multi-device connection to the keyboard. For example, my female designer usually chats or does some documents on the MacBook, and creates content on the Mac mini. Sometimes I also use it to connect the Honor tablet to the club. Update content, this keyboard does a good job switching in time.

Type-C To USB-A cable is sometimes connected to Mac mini, which ensures the speed of response, and MacBook and Honor tablet, I will use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect, there are exactly two, and 2.4G is generally used when connecting to a PC It will only be used when it is used. With it, the desktop is simpler and more convenient.

Duga K330W Ice Cream keyboard gives me the impression that it is energetic, young, and light. I like the light inspiration and nice sound when I tap, but it is still the previous point. The color of this ice cream is really suitable for girls. The female designer of the company gave a high evaluation to this. Needless to say, it is the same. It meets the needs of games, work and study and has a very good design, plus enough accessories, who can resist it?

Disclaimer: The content is original and filmed by AnU Andosan based on the actual use experience, and the data refers to the official public disclosure information, which is for reference only and shall not be used for other purposes without permission.

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