Any brand has good-looking keyboards, and the meaningful keyboard has to be Amilor Warriors Soaring


I remember my third year in high school, which was 2008. There were too many things in that year, and I still remember it deeply. One-third of my classmates applied for the military academy, and the rest of the students who failed the exam went directly to join the army, but I didn't succeed because of the scars on my body. Until now, I envy those classmates who joined the army.


Recently, I received a very meaningful keyboard [Varmilo] 108-key keyboard, with retro military green and khaki as the main colors, with a hardcore military camouflage background, and embellished with bright orange. The contrasting color design is very bold and beautiful, giving people a very familiar style. Everyone here should know that, yes, this is a mechanical keyboard with a strong military style.

In terms of appearance and color matching, I have already said it, see the previous paragraph. Each keycap is painted with different personalized patterns, which represent different meanings under the premise of high appearance. Even if such a cool keyboard is not used, it is also a beautiful scenery on the desktop! It is reported that this is jointly developed and designed by Amilo, a well-known keyboard designer in the customization circle.

There are two sizes of 87-key and 108-key. The one in my hand is 108-key. The 87-key small keyboard is smaller and saves space, and the 108-key large keyboard is more comprehensive. You can choose the keyboard that suits you according to your needs~

Let me praise the keycap material of Amilo. This is the V-Silk PBT sublimation keycap developed by Amilo. When it is tapped and used, the tactile feedback is very smooth and delicate. Unsightly oily shine, it really looks like new after a long time without slipping!

Because the Warrior Soaring series keyboards originally went to overseas markets, and the wars in some areas continued to affect Amilo’s overseas market sales, so Amilo promoted 50% off TTC fast gold switch/quick silver switch/gold powder switch keyboards in China, and other switches. It’s 65% off. I’ve been wanting it for a long time, and I quickly bought the TTC fast gold switch keyboard. After all, it costs hundreds of dollars to buy these hundred and ten switches. Now it’s a waste of money. really fragrant ~

This fast gold shaft body quickly triggers the response when the keyboard is hit, and it feels very comfortable. When coding uninterruptedly for a long time, a very pure and crisp sound will surround my ears. Mental pressure is worthy of Amilo! It's cool!

The semi-suspended appearance design allows you to see the shaft under the keyboard, which is much more convenient when removing dust. You don’t need to pull out the keycaps, so you don’t have to worry~

The keyboard is equipped with double-stage non-slip feet, which can be adapted to different user groups. When using the keyboard, the hands will not be tired and the wrist will be protected. The more popular words are "more in line with human mechanics". Ness~

I chose a wired keyboard, powered by the Type-C interface. There is also a Bluetooth + wired dual-mode keyboard, and the wired keyboard has faster feedback and is suitable for playing games. If there are not many computer interfaces, you can choose a dual-mode keyboard. Friends can start according to their needs when choosing. #艾米罗机械客户# #阿米罗翔翔# #Keyboard# #520数码礼件推荐#

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