Appearance and cost performance are both right, Maicong K980 mechanical keyboard evaluation

Hello everyone, welcome to Sizan.

Today I would like to share with you the experience of using the MCHOSE/Maicong K980 three-mode mechanical keyboard. The keyboard I used before is equipped with 84, but after using it for a long time, I feel that it is very troublesome when entering the verification code. After all, there is no number pad on the right, so I can only type on the main keyboard area that I am not used to, which makes the whole experience very awkward. , This time I just saw this Mac K980 has a promotional activity and started.

step from K980

In terms of appearance, this model of keyboard has several colors, and the color I bought is iced berry.

Beat Mai from K980

Keycaps use more expensive PBT material , more durable and the color of the keycap has a higher degree of reproduction, and there has been no oiling in these days of use.


There are two switch buttons at the bottom of the keyboard, which are power switch and WIN and MAC system switch respectively.

switch switch

The 2.4G receiver is designed in the middle of the bottom storage compartment , with magnetic attraction Not easy to lose. There are cable grooves in the left, right and upper directions at the power cord interface, which is a thoughtful design for users who want to keep the desktop clean.


Designed on both sides above the bottom Dual position kickstand , which are suitable for users who like small arcs and larger arcs respectively, reducing the discomfort caused by changing the keyboard.

Then we disassembled to see the internal sandwich design. After removing the upper cover, you can see that the one I bought is Kaihua BOX V2 Red Switch

After removing the top cover

Kaihua BOX shaft It has received good reviews since its release. V2 The upgrade adds a fixed column design, which is more stable, fast in response, less force is required, the feedback sound is clear and not noisy, the pressing process is smooth and smooth, and the feel is more linear and balanced.

red axis

big key Specially tuned satellite axis Grease is added to effectively suppress noise and improve the overall experience.

satellite axis

Electrophoresis positioning steel plate The whole is very thick, stably positioning the shaft body, and there is another layer underneath One-piece sandwich sound-absorbing silicone shaft pad , there is also a layer on the bottom cover Sound-absorbing silicone bottom pad , to further reduce the cavity sound caused by keyboard tapping.

Noise reduction design

Battery , we can see that the capacity is 3300 mAh, and the battery life has been guaranteed to a certain extent, but because I usually use it with wiring, it is not very useful. There are 4~5 days of battery life under the light state, and 16~18 days of battery life under the light off state. You can use this as a reference.


The version I purchased supports three connection modes, namely wired connection, 2.4G connection, and Bluetooth connection, which meet the needs of use in different environments. It also supports many kinds of RGB light effects, which can be adjusted according to your preferences. Support custom macro programming, multi-function media combination shortcut keys and other functions.

Good-looking color matching, multiple humanized designs, excellent workmanship, and outstanding cost performance. It is these reasons that I chose this mechanical keyboard as a sharp tool for my document editing. I will not feel sore after typing for a long time. The feeling, the sound feedback is just right, it will not disturb others, and the rhythm brought during typing is also comfortable to listen to.

Well, the above is my sharing of some experience of using the Macong K980. I hope it will be helpful for you to choose a keyboard. You are welcome to give a thumbs up and share it with friends in need. If you look forward to the follow-up update, you are also welcome. Follow us.

This is Sizan Digital, see you next time~

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