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Appearance and feel are both suitable! New experience of A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard, creating a cool and practical desk

Speaking of the keyboard, the mechanical keyboard is always one of the types that cannot be avoided, because each of its keys has a separate switch to control the closure, and has a strong input feel. It is popular among e-sports players and code workers. preference. Dareu A98 is the earliest mass-produced and customized mechanical keyboard. Its keyboard type and structure are very special. According to the needs of consumers in the market, it is added, subtracted and replaced on the original basis to create the user-preferred A98 waterproof keyboard. Version of the three-mode mechanical keyboard, follow me to experience the highlights of this keyboard to attract a large number of users.

When I first saw Dareu's A98 keyboard, it melted the girl's heart. It is made of PC material, showing a water-permeable keycap appearance. You can intuitively see the operation of the internal shaft body, which is as transparent and chic as crystal. Will the transparent and smooth keycap affect the efficiency of our input? The front of the keycap of A98 is equipped with frosted fog, so that the side is water-permeable and the front is fog-free without leaving fingerprints. When typing on the keyboard, you can feel the beauty of three-dimensional machinery.

At the same time, in order to improve the overall appearance index of Dareu A98 three-mode keyboard, it has RGB full-color backlight, bringing about 16.8 million color RGB spaces, and can switch a variety of preset lighting effects at will, creating an atmospheric keyboard style. In terms of practicality, the A98 has been scientifically laid out to create 98% of the keyboard layout, which not only retains the number keypad, but also saves desktop space.

The previous keyboards were prone to axis shaking when typing, and the pressing stability was poor. However, the A98 keyboard is equipped with a linear sky axis V3. When experiencing keyboard input, it presents a straight up and down linear feel with little axis vibration , plus a new fence-type shaft structure, which improves the stability of the keyboard when pressing, and keeps the shaft stable at all times. In addition, the smoothness of the feel is inseparable from its internal springs. In order to improve the overall smoothness, the A98 keyboard uses high-density gold-plated springs. The optimized interior of the keyboard provides a stable and smooth input feel.

Dareu A98 is the earliest mass-produced and customized keyboard. It adopts the real Gasket structure, and the feel and pressing performance of the keyboard are more outstanding with the help of gaskets. In order to eliminate noise, the Dareu A98 three-mode keyboard has built-in EPDM sound-absorbing rubber and high-toughness silicone bottom pad, which enjoys the characteristics of soft elasticity and toughness, and fits the gap between the positioning board and the circuit board to create a double noise-absorbing Effect. At the same time, it is also equipped with a PC positioning plate with a thickness of 1.5mm to reduce the noise generated by tapping the switch of the shaft body. When we do our daily work, even if we tap the keyboard hard, we don’t worry about affecting others, which helps to create a quiet and comfortable office scene.

Secondly, the reason why Dareu A98 is a three-mode keyboard is that it can be connected in three modes, and supports 2.4G+Bluetooth 5.1+wired connection channels. Three convenient connection methods allow us to switch between different devices at will, catering to various uses Scenarios, such as wireless 2.4G is more commonly used in daily office, while Bluetooth 5.1 is suitable for wireless devices, and e-sports players can use Type-C wired. At the same time, the compatibility of A98 is very good, it is suitable for various equipment systems, and you can experience unlimited usage scenarios.

In addition to its high-value water-permeable appearance and real Gasket structure, the Dareu A98 three-mode keyboard has a good hardware configuration. It is equipped with a 4000mAh lithium battery inside, which can last for more than a month when the ambient light is turned off. With the smart sleep function, it can effectively reduce the number of frequent keyboard switches and extend its battery life. In order to meet the requirements of different groups of people for keyboard switches, A98 also supports full-key hot-swapping, and 99% of the mechanical switches on the market are compatible. We can change different mechanical switches at will, and enjoy the daily use of personalized keyboards.

To sum up, after personally testing the Dareu A98 three-mode keyboard, it brings good input performance in terms of appearance, input feel, and connection mode. The transparent matte keyboard appearance, with a variety of preset lights embellishment, meets our pursuit of appearance value. At the same time, it uses the sky axis V3 with excellent hand feeling, enjoying a smooth and smooth input experience. Coupled with EPDM rubber and high-toughness silicone, the characteristics of soft elasticity and toughness have a double noise reduction effect. Such an excellent desktop product, you will definitely like it!

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