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Appearance, exquisiteness, beauty... I saw the Lofree keyboard and found that good words are not enough

Speaking of which, I've also used some keyboards. Some brands and some styles can be said to be beautiful, but they are also "cookie-cutter" beautiful, nothing more than joint names or more colors. Read it, liked it, and forgot it again. Until a few days ago, I happened to see Lofree Luofei’s Xiaoqiao in the circle of friends. My first reaction, who didn’t read much, was to sigh in surprise: Oh, it’s so beautiful!

So, I immediately searched for applets. The name of the applet is Luo Fei Ping Build. At this time, you can see a dazzling variety of keycaps. After that, you can feel the exquisiteness by sliding the page at will. What else do you need to say? purchase!

When choosing, it is indeed difficult. After all, there are too many choices and matching methods of shells and keycaps, and all of them are good-looking. In the end, I settled on a cement gray case and beach-style keycaps.

This kind of collocation may be relatively low-key in Xiaoqiao's various collocations, but you can also feel Xiaoqiao's personalized and exquisite temperament. At this time, Xiaoqiao is no longer just a keyboard, but an ornament and decoration on the desktop.

Let’s start when we receive the courier. Tear off the fully plastic-covered film (speaking of Huangmeitian, the fully-plastic film can also prevent moisture). Thick hard carton when you see it. Of course, the girdle and pattern of the carton are very exquisite, and the brand's temperament and style are fully displayed.

When unpacking the box, you can feel the meticulousness of the brand. Details such as the protective cover and shock-absorbing sponge pad can make us feel the brand's intentions. This also allows us as consumers to increase the brand's favorability. The storage of other items also reflects this fineness, such as manuals, data cables, batteries, etc. are also packaged separately. It can also be seen here that this product can be connected in both wired and wireless ways.

Looking closely at the switches, Xiao Qiao uses Jiadalong’s Yellow Switch Pro, a representative of domestic switches, which we can see in many customized keyboards. The natural feel is also very good. The total stroke of the yellow axis Pro is 4mm, the trigger stroke is 2mm, and the trigger pressure of the button is 50gf. The hand feel can be said to be smooth, and the sound when tapping is crisp, and at the same time the sound is not loud, so you don't have to worry about disturbing others when using it.

Unpacking the keycaps. Shaped clear plastic holds each keycap firmly in place. When we are installing, we can proceed in sequence. very convenient.

The cartoon-style beach feels beautiful and refreshing. It still brings coolness in this hot summer.

Close your eyes, the cleanness of the sand, the blue sea water, and the white waves give people a wonderful feeling of relaxation and joy....

PBT keycaps have many advantages, such as high heat resistance, excellent toughness, fatigue resistance, resistance to hot water, alkalis, acids, oils, etc., and have self-lubricating and low-friction effects. However, the price of materials is higher.

The fancy texture of the keycaps may have been transferred, which is a process that can withstand the test of time without peeling off the paint.

After the keycap is installed, if it needs to be replaced, we can use a key remover to remove it. This also brings the fun of DIY.

If you look closely at the positions of the large keys, you can find that these positions are all designed with satellite shafts. There is no spring sound when knocking, because the silicone sandwich pad inside the fuselage effectively controls the cavity sound.

As far as the keyboard layout is concerned, Xiaoqiao is 96% of the full-size keyboard layout, and some less commonly used function keys have been cancelled. There are a total of 100 keys for letter keys, number keys, and some function keys. It can be said that such a layout is both streamlined and easy to operate.

If you look closely at the details, it can also be said to be fine, such as the following logo.

Looking at the keyboard sideways, you will know why it is called "Xiaoqiao".

The keyboard is designed with a 9° curve slope. 9° is an ergonomic design that relieves symptoms such as finger and wrist fatigue and "tenosynovitis" caused by long-term codewriting, which will be avoided because of this design.

In terms of connection methods, Xiaoqiao supports three connection methods: wired, Bluetooth 5.0, and wireless 2.4G. The switching operation can be adjusted by adjusting this knob.

At the same time, Xiaoqiao supports the function of connecting multiple devices, and can quickly switch devices by pressing a button. It is also compatible with Android, Mac, Windows and other systems, meeting our needs in various scenarios.

Viewed from the back, the cylindrical position is a small raised bracket. There are strip rubber pads at the four corners. This allows it to be placed on a smooth desktop, and it can bring a stable and non-displacement experience when it is operated under force. This also makes it suitable for use in some intense games.

The inside of the cylinder is a hidden battery compartment, which is also the storage location for the 2.4G receiver.

Such a design can also bring about an anti-lost use effect. So it's a pretty clever design.

When I write a manuscript, I often write for several hours at a time. When using the small upturned keyboard, the overall feeling is a comfortable typing experience, and the input speed changes very smoothly. After long-term use, the fingers, wrists, and arms will not feel obvious fatigue. Therefore, typing for a long time and gaming for a long time are also good choices.

100 Another thing is that the existence of the numeric keypad can greatly improve work efficiency in my opinion. And the compact keypad design makes Xiaoqiao look so delicate.

After using it many times, I really like this keyboard:

First of all, the ergonomic design and PBT keycap and other designs bring a comfortable and durable experience. Comfort is also reflected in the feel, which is the experience brought by Jiadalong Pro shaft.

The three-mode wireless solution, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless allow us to connect as we want when using it, and supports Type-C wired connection. This facilitates the use needs of different groups of people in different scenarios.

It is also worth embellishing to support the hot-swapping replacement of the key shaft, and a backlight hole is reserved, which is convenient for subsequent upgrades and transformations.

Of course, no matter what kind of keycap configuration is high-value. In this era when beauty is justice, Xiaoqiao is full of justice.

There are also... great advantages, want to experience it? Just buy it!

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