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Appearance, practicality, and price are all in one, and this set of Rapoo’s wireless peripheral combination disk is right.

Foreword: With the restart of the project, our office will be transferred from indoor to seaside. Maybe I was careless when packing, the mouse and keyboard actually disappeared when I moved, so I repurchased this set of Rapoo’s fairy peripherals combination online, Rapoo E9350G wireless keyboard and Rapoo M700 wireless mouse. Let’s talk about it. The reason why I will repurchase this set of peripherals is that these two products are not only good-looking, people like it, but also have a very good hands-on experience. The most important thing is that the price is close to the people, so I can’t help but choose they. Next, I will share these two products with you, and those who are interested can pay attention to them.

Rapoo E9350G keyboard

The E9350G adopts a high-front and low-back design, which looks like a sharp knife from the side, so the Blade series deserves its name. The keyboard is designed with 99 keys, and the key arrangement is very compact, which makes the keyboard compact and easy to carry. The keyboard frame and bottom cover are made of aluminum alloy, and the elegant temperament is attractive at first sight. In addition, the four corners of the bottom cover of the keyboard are designed with foot pads to allow it to be placed stably on the table.

The E9350G uses chocolate block independent keycaps, so that each key is placed on the keyboard base as if chocolate blocks are floating on the water. The keycaps made of selected silica gel particles bring a frosted texture that is very comfortable. The key stroke is 1.5mm. It is very comfortable to write, and can have a sense of flowing water. Each button has a groove design to prevent the button from not responding. In addition, the life of each button is 500W times, which shows the conscience of the manufacturer.

The wiring port of the E9350G is located at the front, and a keyboard switch is designed next to it. The keyboard supports three connection methods of Bluetooth 5.0/Bluetooth 3.0/Wireless 2.4G, and is compatible with Windows and MAC OS series, making it more adaptable. In addition, the keyboard can be connected to up to 4 devices at the same time, which saves it the trouble of switching between devices, which can improve office efficiency.

The E9350G has a built-in 300mAh rechargeable lithium battery, and the battery life can reach 60-96 hours. This battery life is still very good.

Rapoo M700

The overall design of the M700 is compact and slim, suitable for travel and business trips. The mouse adopts a hand-symmetrical design, with just the right curve of the back, which can be comfortably grasped whether it is lying or gripping. The metal cover, under the irradiation of light, reflects the metallic luster to highlight the high-end. The solid metal roller brings double enjoyment of vision and feel, anti-skid and anti-sweat, and can easily cope with high and light manipulation. In addition, the left and right buttons of the mouse are soft and slightly moved, which will not disturb others when using it, creating a quiet working and learning environment.

The M700's Bluetooth connection key and switch are located at the bottom. The maximum DPI of the mouse is 1300, which is enough for daily office work; the built-in high-precision tracking engine not only makes its positioning accurate, but also makes it easy to use on various surfaces.

M700 also supports Bluetooth 5.0/Bluetooth 3.0/Wireless 2.4G three connection methods, allowing it to adapt to more types of devices; it can connect up to 3 devices at the same time, and can easily complete quick switching between devices.

The battery life of the M700 is still very powerful, and one AA battery can last for 9 months.


Rapoo E9350G wireless keyboard and Rapoo M700 wireless mouse are compact and high-end, so they will definitely attract the envy of colleagues when they are placed in the office. The functions of simultaneous connection and seamless switching of multiple devices will greatly improve office efficiency. The long battery life will also greatly reduce the cost of use. In addition, the price of a set of 300 is really easy to use and not expensive, don’t you think?

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