Apple 14 launched a yellow version? iPad, Mac will soon become colorful?

Apple's operation we never imagined, as Apple's sales player, this time Apple thought of a new way to cut leeks, and launched a yellow iPhone 14 series, is it surprising that it is particularly cool on the road?

In fact, colorful color matching has always been a symbolic feature of Apple. The iMac that was launched before is just that, and the colorful design has been launched, which makes consumers unexpected.

The official website is also very amazing. The title of the new iPhone 14 has been changed to full of skills, all kinds of colors and angles look good... I am afraid that others will not recognize you. This is the latest version of iPhone 14.

But having said that, this made me think whether the new iPad and Mac computer series will be the same in the future. After all, the basic iPad has achieved multi-color.

Speaking of this, I have to talk about the accessories series of iPad and Mac computers. In the future, they may no longer pursue minimalism, and will follow Apple to create an era of multi-color, such as keyboards, but I still think that pure white, pure white The black keyboard looks the best, but it's a pity that Apple's official magic keyboard can only be chosen in white, it would be nice if there was black.

Although there is no official one, there is a Satechi X2 membrane keyboard on the official website.

The reason why I choose this keyboard is very simple. The magic keyboard is a bit too expensive, so I will not consider it for the time being.

I didn’t know about Satechi before I bought it, but later I found out that it has an official cooperation with Apple. It was established in the United States in 2005, and there are products on Apple’s official website. The products that can be sold on Apple’s official website must be in some places. Approved by Apple.

It can be seen from Satechi's design concept that it is both functional and fashionable, the product is high-quality and beautiful, and the details are the most important part of the company.

If you have used Apple's magic keyboard with touch function, you must be familiar with the Satechi X2 Bluetooth backlit keyboard. Its slim design makes it look very simple and stylish, whether it is matched with a Mac computer or an iPad.

And its compact layout covers all the functions needed by Mac and iPad, such as MacOS function keys, Bluetooth keys, numeric keypad and backlight adjustment keys, making it very practical. For example, it has 3 Bluetooth keys, allowing it to quickly switch to other Apple devices, which is very convenient, allowing it to connect to mobile phones, iPads, and Mac computers.

So what is its experience like? After using it for a week, I found that its slim body is very convenient to carry, very light, and does not take up a lot of volume, but because it has a small keyboard key, it needs a longer backpack to carry it.

With multiple Bluetooth buttons, I can connect at least 3 devices. In addition to the iPad I often use, I can also connect to the iPhone, or even my Mi 11 Ultra, so that I can easily switch to any device for text input.

The most critical function of the keyboard is of course the code word input. Its feel is really close to the Magic Keyboard, but it feels a little more solid than the Magic Keyboard, and the rebound is faster. You don’t have to worry about the rebound being unable to keep up with the code words. , which greatly improves the efficiency of my codewords. And with the small keyboard, I can input numbers faster, which is very convenient.

It has two connection methods, one is the wired connection of the C-C port, which can be connected while charging, and the delay is the lowest and very stable. The other is the Bluetooth connection, the delay is basically negligible, and the code words are completely handy. However, sometimes the iPad will have a waiting time of 2-3 seconds when the screen is off, but it does not affect the use.

Another highlight is the 10-level adjustable backlight. Even under the brightest conditions, each English letter can be clearly seen in the dark. It is very practical. Sometimes I often need to code at night. I am afraid of waking up my parents when I turn on the light. , and the ten-level adjustable backlight can be adjusted according to the current environment.

This keyboard is a perfect match whether it is paired with an iPad or a Mac, and it is not inferior to Apple’s Magic Keyboard at all, but I am thinking about a question, will Satechi also launch a variety of colorful keyboards in the future haha? A little expectation!

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