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Are mechanical keyboards the same? This Lofree Luo Fei Xiaoqiao cement gray is a little different

Like many people, I started with a mechanical keyboard from the first time to countless times. Now there are so many mechanical keyboards on hand that it can be said that the leaders of the family have begun to control them, but I still have no ability to refuse excellent designs. For example, this time I have to buy Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard.

In fact, another reason why I passed the approval of the family leader this time is that I gave her a set of Lofree milk tea color dot keyboards before, and I was completely captured by its appearance, so there is no obstacle at all to get Lofree this time. . The first thing that came to mind when I saw its packaging design was: This is very Lofree. It is still the Lofree who pays attention to the quality of life.

The packaging accessories are relatively simple. In addition to the keyboard, manual, and Type-C data cable, there is also a metal iron frame that Lofree Luofei has started to standardize on recent mechanical keyboards.

This iron frame can be placed anywhere on the top of the keyboard, because the edge area of ​​the keyboard has a magnetic design. In fact, this small iron frame is still very firm. It can be placed on the original doll of Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao's exclusive series of blind boxes. , or you can put some of your favorite gadgets like me.

One of the reasons why I like this keyboard is that it should be the most compact 100 arrangement with small keyboards, which is basically a full keyboard arrangement, and can retain the small keyboards needed by many people. A good choice for users with certain needs.

Color matching is an important reason why I like it. The color matching of cement gray is not amazing at first glance, but after a long time, I will like it more and more. It is not a pure grayscale color, but has a chilling tendency. Such a low-key color scheme combined with the reserved design of the keypad makes it one of the few keyboards in Lofree that can be used in the office.

There is a detail worth mentioning. The Lofree LOGO engraved on the side of the keyboard has a good texture. Although it is made of frosted ABS material, it really gives me a sense of engraving on the cement block.

One of the design highlights of the Lofree series is that its ergonomic design is very distinctive. It adopts a 9-degree curved design, which not only takes into account the smoothness of the wrist movement curve, but also makes a quite recognizable design. . Whoever said that mechanical keyboards are the same, at least Lofree can often surprise us.

As a three-mode keyboard, I fumbled for the switching position when I received the goods. It turned out that it was hidden at the bottom of the wall, followed by off, wired connection, and wireless connection (2.4G/Bluetooth). In wireless mode, there is also an indicator light inside the toggle switch to tell you the current status and power indicator. Although the switch hidden at the bottom makes the front button area more concise and pure, I am worried that this design may affect the efficiency of my switch switching. After exploring a few times, I found that it is still easy to achieve blind operation, but if the battery is insufficient and other indications The status of the light may not be detected in time, but there is room for improvement.

As a keyboard with a restrained design, naturally there will not be too many lines and corners at the bottom. There is only a semi-circular long axis to support the keyboard, and there are 4 rubber feet up and down. The overall design is simple and refreshing.

Open the cover on this side, and you can see the 2.4G receiver inside. By the way, in wireless mode, it is powered by three AAA batteries. In the past, I always wanted a built-in lithium battery for removable digital peripherals, but after a long time, I found a problem, which is the attenuation of battery life. After all, there is still a certain threshold for disassembling and replacing lithium batteries. Relatively speaking, using your own rechargeable battery (The standard configuration is three dry batteries) method is a good way to make the mechanical keyboard have unlimited battery life.

The keycap is a set of retro ball caps with PBT sublimation process customized by Lofree. Compared with the OEM and original square keycaps with some aesthetic fatigue, the appearance of this kind of ball cap with curvature is really to my appetite. It should be due to the adjustment of the height and angle of the keys. It also feels better than expected. More importantly, even if you occasionally press the wrong key, it will not hurt your hand like a square keycap.

This space bar is the most recognizable among all the keycaps. In my opinion, the most eye-catching feature is not the 50°GARY on the left, but the ink splash effect on the right, which further elevates the design level. Putting the gray keyboard in the office can be said to be both low-key and individual.

I was more used to integrating all the indicator lights on the front of the keyboard before, and I was worried that this time the design of the front is so minimal that there are no indicator lights, will it cause inconvenience to use. But in fact, I found out that my worries were unnecessary. For example, in this small keyboard area, its Num key actually has an independent backlight, and it is still very intuitive to know the current state.

The case switching key is the same as my notebook, and there is also an independent indicator light on the keycap. It can be said that the actual use experience of this keyboard with narrow sides on all sides is not discounted at all.

This Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray mechanical keyboard uses Jiadalong's G yellow Pro switch body, and the large keys have a satellite switch design. The percussion is smooth and clean, with no empty key travel and spring sound. In particular, the bottoming feedback is quite stable. If you want a linear axis that takes into account office and entertainment as an entry point, this is indeed a good choice.

Radishes and vegetables have their own preferences. Although the yellow axis experience is good, it is not realistic to satisfy the various appetites of different people. Different from the previous Lofree, this time the shafts of the Xiaoqiao series support hot swapping, which takes into account both entry and advanced needs.

You can even match different switches on different key positions. For example, you can use different switches on large keys such as space bar and enter key to achieve a richer operating experience and provide players with more playability. .

The matching degree between the key and the shaft body is high and not loose. When the big key is tapped left and right, the balance performance is quite good, and there is almost no tilt phenomenon. It can be seen that the precision of the mold and equipment is high and the tolerance is small.

Let's take a closer look at the inside of the keycap of this space bar. You can see that its ribs are quite full. Even if you encounter some users with strong hands and high-intensity use, I believe it can guarantee a relatively stable percussion. Operating experience.

In fact, this is not the first time I have used Jiadalong's G yellow Pro switch body, but this one is indeed the one with the most solid and not thin knocking experience. When I opened the big key, I discovered the secret of its excellent hand feeling. Between the PCB main board and the shaft body, there are also positioning plates and silicone sandwich pads, which make this keyboard more stable than I used to. Knowing Lofree, it can be said that this keyboard has a very professional design in the key ring.

When I tap the keyboard quickly, the doll placed on the small iron frame of the keyboard does not shake at all. It can be seen that its solid structural design and workmanship. I also tried to press down hard on the center area of ​​the keyboard, and no deformation can be seen on the surface of the keyboard, stable, just one word.

I usually use it with a laptop at home, because the color and width of this keyboard are very suitable for this laptop. More importantly, my keyboard still has a keypad! Compact size can also be productive performance. In addition, in order not to occupy the USB port of the computer, I use the Bluetooth mode, the input feedback is sensitive, and there is no lag or delay.

Bluetooth mode supports switching between 3 devices. By Fn+1/Fn+2/Fn+3 to switch the Bluetooth connection device, you can easily switch between my desktop, notebook, and tablet. Although I still use the standard dry battery, I don’t know how much the actual battery life can be, but I will definitely change to three AAA rechargeable batteries in the future, so I don’t have to worry about battery life.

As one of the few Lofree Xiaoqiao series for male users, this seemingly low-key keyboard really surprised me. It balances design and function well. If you are new to mechanical keyboards, this keyboard is a good entry-level choice. If you are a key ring veteran, then this low-key and highly recognizable mechanical keyboard is a good choice. It can give you a different experience. It can be said that it is the price of mass production, and you can buy customized appearance and experience. Of course, it would be more perfect if the key puller and shaft puller can be attached directly.

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