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Artifact for gamers, supports 3 players and 3 shifting speeds: Bloody Ghost T98 mechanical optical axis keyboard experience

Friends who like to play games believe that they are no strangers to mechanical keyboards, but the keyboard life of ordinary mechanical switches is limited, and the feel of the switch body will change after using it for a long time. The key pressure is also relatively simple. In order to pursue a higher key feedback speed, the optical axis mechanical keyboard came into being. Recently, Shuangfeiyan’s e-sports brand Blood Hand Ghost produced a 3-player 3-speed optical axis gaming mechanical keyboard. The special feature of this keyboard is that it can freely switch between the three key strokes without changing the shaft, so as to meet the usage habits of different game types and players. The cost of additional purchase of the shaft is eliminated.

The Bloody Ghost T98 comes in a classic white package, with the product name printed on the front of the package: 3 Players T98, the Bloody brand LOGO and the LT optical axis used in this variable speed mechanical keyboard

The back of the package mainly introduces the characteristics of the LT optical axis used in this keyboard: it can meet the needs of 3 players for personalized experience, and only need to press the LT key to switch between the three key strokes and trigger pressure with one key.

Open the package, there are a lot of accessories inside, including the keyboard body, USB-C keyboard cable, steel wire key puller, keyboard dust cover, 25 sublimation personalized keycaps, manual and warranty card.

Bloody Ghost T98 is a mechanical keyboard that adopts the popular 98-arrangement US English layout and the newly developed LT optical axis. The advantage of the 98-arrangement is that it retains the independent direction keys and number keypad while reducing the length of the keyboard, which is suitable for different desktops. For users who are large and need a numeric keypad, the size of this keyboard is: 385mm×138mm×41mm. With the addition of the red LT key and the FN key to the right of the space, the entire keyboard has a total of 100 keys and supports full-key no punching. Currently, there are two color options: pixel black and pixel green.

There are three status indicators vertically distributed in the area on the right side of the red LT key: G (Game mode, FN+F8 is used to disable the Windows key), 1 (Number keyboard) and A (Case switching),

Appreciation of the Bloody Ghost T98 from various angles, the keyboard frame has been rounded

The words BLOODY FOR 3 GAMERS and BLOODY are printed on the lower right corner of the keyboard shell, indicating the gaming pedigree of this keyboard and the characteristics of 3 players and 3 speeds

There are 8 non-slip pads on the back of the keyboard, 4 of which are on the feet, and the silver nameplate is pasted in the middle, which reads: Bloody Hands T98 3 Player LT Optical Axis Keyboard, let the hand speed triple jump.

This keyboard adopts the key line separation design of the USB-C interface and supports three-way outgoing lines, which brings a lot of convenience to players with different habits. It is worth noting that both sides of the C-port connector of the original keyboard cable have a raised reinforcement design and are divided into positive and negative. The seemingly inconspicuous design can allow players to use the keyboard more stably in fierce game confrontation without causing problems. Embarrassing phenomena such as wire falling off.

The two-stage height-adjustable feet can provide users with three keyboard tilt angles, and players can choose a more suitable input experience according to their habits. The head of the foot support is wrapped with non-slip rubber, so that the keyboard can be placed on the table more stably;

The keycaps on this keyboard feature an OEM height, ergonomic gradient design

Keycap details: 2U SHIFT and 1U ALT, FN and CRTL are used on the right

The standard black keycap of the Bloody Hand Ghost T98 is made of two-color transparent ABS material, the surface is frosted, and it feels good to the touch. The attached personalized keycap is made of PBT material, dye-sublimation process, delicate touch, not easy to oil, and more durable. Although it is opaque, the sublimated characters and patterns will not fade.

In order to replace these 25 cool keycaps, you need to use the attached wire key puller

Use the official steel wire key puller to easily and non-destructively pull out the keycap

The exposed white cross axis is the LT optical axis. This axis is a linear mute axis, and the key life can reach 100 million times, which is very durable. The universal cross axis is compatible with all kinds of OEM keycaps on the market. The dust-proof wall scheme is adopted around the axis, which is waterproof and dust-proof, and the trigger is more stable at the same time. Transparent switch covers make the keyboard backlight look better and brighter.

Schematic diagram of the LT optical axis, which is a "black technology" axis that can switch the stroke of the button;

There are soft rubber on the rebound and bottoming position inside the switch body, which makes the LT optical switch very quiet when pressed. With the mute foam inside the keyboard, this keyboard is light and silent when pressed, whether it is for gaming or typing. disturb others' rest.

The space, left SHIFT and other large keys of this keyboard use well-tuned satellite axes, which rebound quickly and are not fleshy when pressed. There are two cylinders in the center of the original space bar as support, which is more stable when pressed;

The Dajian of the personalized keycap adopts the five-sided sublimation process, the details are in place, and the overall effect is very good after replacement, which is the finishing touch. There is also the word Since 1987 on the space, indicating the long history of the brand.

The effect after replacing the gray arrow keys

As a gaming keyboard, let me first introduce the function of the red LT key: it can switch the three key strokes and trigger pressure of the T98 with one key.

Switch the Blu-ray mode to 2.0mm key travel and 45gf trigger pressure, suitable for players with normal hand speed 1

Switch the yellow light mode to 1.5mm button travel and 42gf trigger pressure, suitable for player 2 with 1.5 times faster hand speed;

Switch the red light mode to 1.0mm button stroke and 39gf trigger pressure, which is suitable for players 3 who can increase their hand speed by 2 times. It is very convenient to switch freely between the red switch-silver switch-pink switch through the LT key;

The lighting effect is very beautiful, and the LT key is still clearly visible in the dark environment, which does not affect the quick switching during the game.

When playing ARPG games, if you want to achieve more complex game operations: such as combos, you can also download Key Control Book 2 from the official website. Each key of the T98 keyboard can be programmed with macros, which is very convenient and easy to use.

As an old LOL player, my hand speed is just right with 1.5mm key travel, and I use the LT key to switch to the yellow light mode. The key feedback is very fast during the game, and the keyboard supports full key without punching. The QWER combo is very smooth and easy. Song completed 4 kills. If you are a professional gamer or playing competitive games such as FPS and RTS, it is recommended to switch to the red light mode with shorter key travel and faster triggering.

For most players, the Blu-ray mode with 2.00mm key travel is enough to meet the needs of most games. A good horse with a good saddle is also very necessary to choose a high-performance gaming mouse. The picture above shows the V8M Pro gaming mouse of the bloody ghost.

The wheel, LOGO, side and bottom of this gaming mouse V8M Pro support RGB lighting adjustment; the mouse is ergonomically designed for the right hand, with a comfortable grip, and uses the original phase PWM3389 flagship optical engine, with a return rate of up to 2000Hz and a resolution of the highest support 16000pi, and supports free drive-free switching of four-speed return rate and silent height, no matter what game you play, you can easily handle it.

For a better input experience, you can open the foot support and adjust the inclination angle that suits you, so that you will be more comfortable when typing, and you will not be tired when typing and gaming for a long time;

T98’s matte touch keycaps are very handy. With the soft and smooth feel of the LT switch, the input is coherent and quiet. It is faster and more accurate than ordinary keyboard triggers. Professional gamers can better appreciate the nuances.

Remember to cover the keyboard with a dust cover after use, which can effectively improve the life of the keyboard.

As a gaming mechanical keyboard using the new LT optical axis, the Bloody Hand Ghost T98 is very satisfying both in terms of appearance and performance. While retaining the excellent feel of the mechanical keyboard, this optical axis keyboard also supports one-key switching of three levels of key travel and trigger pressure. It saves the player the trouble of choosing the shaft and changing the shaft frequently, which is very convenient and worry-free for pure gamers. Especially the soft and smooth feel of the LT optical axis, combined with the built-in sound-absorbing cotton of the keyboard, it is very quiet and will not disturb others during use. Daily games and typing will become a kind of enjoyment. If you need a mechanical keyboard that feels comfortable in the hand and is capable of both professional games and daily office work, T98 is a very good choice.

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