Axis change at will - Rapoo V700DIY RGB mechanical keyboard out of the box

In the era of keyboard inversion, the keyboard has RGB lighting as a selling point to show its personality, which can no longer satisfy modern players. The hot-swappable keyboard that can replace the shaft body at any time has begun to receive more and more people's pursuit. Of course, Rapoo followed closely Trend has launched the V700DIY, which also supports hot-swappable shaft replacement. Let’s take a look at how DIY it is.

▼The packaging adopts blue and black as the main color, with product photos and product descriptions on the back

▼The upper left corner of the packaging box is the switch body logo, indicating that this keyboard is a Rapoo Kuaiyin switch body

▼In addition to the keyboard body, the package also comes with a manual and a connecting cable. Since the selling point of the keyboard is the hot-swappable switch, the manufacturer also thoughtfully provided a puller for players to replace the switch by themselves.

▼Rapoo V700DIY adopts a standard full-size 104-key arrangement, and the upper cover adopts a CNC aluminum alloy cover plate made of frosted material. The appearance of the entire keyboard looks neat and elegant due to the narrow frame design.

▼The keyboard adopts a floating keycap design that is easy to handle.

▼The upper right corner of the keyboard is the brushed LOGO of Rapoo. There is a row of additional function keys on the logo. From left to right, they are M: office/game mode switching, V1: lighting effect switching, V2: lighting/volume control switching, V3: One-button mute, and the metal scroll wheel on the far right is used to adjust the volume or the brightness of the lighting effect according to the current setting of V2. The metal roller has moderate damping and a clear sense of scale, so you can rub it when you are bored. . . . .

▼ There are 5 non-slip feet on the back of the keyboard, but they are not equipped with drainage holes that are common on other keyboards

▼The keyboard uses a one-piece foot support made of silicone material at the top. After opening the foot support, the height of the keyboard is acceptable.

▼The keyboard adopts a key line separation design, and the top is a TYPE-C interface.

▼The keycaps of the keyboard are made of PBT two-color injection-molded keycaps with a slightly matte feel, and the interior of the keycaps is also designed with reinforcing ribs, which will not cause oiling after long-term use.

▼The biggest selling point of the V700DIY keyboard is that this keyboard adopts Rapoo’s own fast silver switch body that supports hot swapping. The switch body is a 5-pin switch body, which fully guarantees the firmness of the connection with the keyboard. Similar, they are all straight up and down linear axes without paragraphs, and the trigger is extremely sensitive. All the large keys use satellite shafts and have been lubricated and tuned before leaving the factory. With PBT keycaps, the feel of the keyboard is so good that you can't stop it, whether it is for office codes or games.

▼The shaft body can be easily pulled out with the attached shaft puller, which is convenient for players to replace the shaft body with other handles by themselves. Colleague Rapoo also provides the linear elastic white shaft developed by itself as a replacement option. It depends on the individual without looking at the paper data Feel, feel that the linear elastic white switch is more sensitive than the fast silver switch, and the sound after touching the bottom is thicker than the fast silver switch

▼After installing the driver, you can change the full keys of the keyboard, bind macros and other custom operations, which is very playable. The only regret is that the extra V1 V2 V3 and metal scroll wheel of the keyboard cannot define other functions by itself.

▼The keyboard supports a 1680W color RGB backlight solution. After connecting the driver, 19 preset lighting effects can be customized and adjusted, and even the lighting effects of individual keys can be customized. By the way, all configurations of the keyboard by the user can be saved in the onboard memory built into the keyboard. If the computer is replaced, it can be used normally without downloading the driver again.

As Rapoo’s first full-size mechanical keyboard with pluggable shafts, the self-replaceable shafts, solid PBT keycaps, and highly playable RGB backlight system make the Rapoo V700DIY keyboard worthwhile. DIY name. The simple appearance and excellent internal performance make this product fully capable of the dual identities of office and entertainment, and you can consider purchasing one as the main keyboard.

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