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Backlit axis with wrist rest 104-key design: DURGOD Dujia GK90 gaming mechanical keyboard experience

Foreword: For mechanical keyboards, there are big ones, small ones, small ones, wireless ones, wireless charging and slow connection, etc., wired and wired direct connections, and worry-free use. For computer game console users, it may A mechanical keyboard that is big enough, fast enough, and bright enough with RGB lights is what I really want. In this article, I will share with you the new DURGOD GK90 gaming mechanical keyboard that I recently purchased.

DURGOD Duga GK90 mechanical keyboard has two colors of black and white, and the one I shared is the white one. Its main feature is that the keyboard adopts a white-to-black design, white color matching, and comes standard with a dust cover, wrist rest, keycaps, and key shaft tools.

The wrist rest is independent, made of ice silk fabric, feels very soft, and the structure adopts magnetic design, which can be perfectly integrated with the keyboard.

Like the picture below:

The details adopt the three-dimensional structure of two-color splicing. To be honest, I don't like this complicated shape very much, but I prefer the design of his K310 and 320. But I like this light better. The left and right sides have an asymmetrical design. On the right side, there is a light strip + vertical strip light that outlines the outer line, and on the right side there is only a light strip that outlines the outer line.

There are status lights in the upper right corner, and a scroll wheel for media volume.

The arrangement of the keycaps is similar to that of the previous keyboards. Basically, the RGB lighting effect control keys are concentrated on the 13 keys in the middle area.

The media control keys are concentrated in the function keys of F1~F4.

The advantage of the split wrist rest is that you can use it if you want to use it, but you can store it if you think it takes up space. As a wired keyboard, its USB-A braided tangle-free cable is well made. And there are also double feet at the bottom of the keyboard that can adjust the pitch.

As for the keycaps, it may be to increase the layering of the keyboard, so although it is a white model, it is still a fully closed black and white two-color injection molded PBT keycap. The characteristic of the PBT material is that it feels slightly worse, and it will feel a little bit astringent when touched by the fingertips. But the advantage is that there is no need to worry about the oiling situation that often occurs in PVC keycaps. As for the letters, the two-color injection molding means that no matter how long it is used, the letters will not be worn out and cannot be seen clearly.

Another feature of the DURGOD Duga GK90 mechanical keyboard is that it uses a custom backlit switch. Some people may not know the optical axis, just look at the picture below to understand, there is no electrode copper needle on the key axis, that is, this is not like the common mechanical keyboard, which realizes key input through physical switch circuit connection.

The keyboard PCB board is equipped with infrared light transceivers on both sides of the corresponding space, and the signal output is realized by judging the light blocking.

Specifically, as shown in the figure below, the mechanical shaft actually blocks the optical signal when it is working. In this way, since there are no electrodes and no mechanical contact wear, it not only has a wider penalty, but also has a longer life span of 80 million times.

My Duga GK90 is equipped with a light red switch, which is lighter in pressure than a mechanical switch, but the total key stroke is about the same, both are 4mm, and the trigger key stroke is estimated to be 2mm.

The actual typing and playing games feel good, without a sense of paragraph, but the fingers are very stretched, and the sound is quieter than the traditional mechanical switch, even quieter than the traditional cherry silent red switch. And this ice silk wrist rest is really easy to use, so you don't have to worry about your wrist being uncomfortable after using the keyboard for a long time.

Duga GK90 can not only switch the lighting directly through the keyboard shortcut keys, but also realize the Nebula RGB lighting effect control and program macro definition for each key through DZE+Nebula, and supports up to 4 sets of programming configuration files.

But for me personally, I prefer cycle mode, starlight mode and solid color mode, as shown in the picture below.

In addition, since it is an RGB keyboard, basically the dynamic mode common to Durga keyboards is supported by this one. For example, the ripple mode, when the keyboard is not in use, the keyboard is completely black, and clicking any key will produce a colorful ripple effect, just like throwing a small stone on a calm lake, the lake will be full of colors.

Another commonly used dynamic mode is the sound linkage mode. When listening to songs, the keyboard will move with the melody and the sound level like the indicator light of the audio decoder, which is also very beautiful.

In short, the design style of this keyboard is quite distinctive, 104 keys with a small keyboard, backlit shaft, lighter pressure sensitivity, longer life, strong three-dimensional effect drawn by black lines, and eclectic design of asymmetrical lighting effects. It also comes with an ice silk wrist rest, which also makes the keyboard more comfortable to use.

As for whether the wired keyboard is considered a disadvantage, I personally don’t think so, because if it is connected to a game console without a built-in wireless network card, the wired keyboard connection is more worry-free and more stable.

Well, this is the end of this evaluation sharing. I am a brother of digital technology theory/habits. Welcome to interact and add comments!

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